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I have been struggling with this for the past couple of days. Thank you very much!! You are the best! This worked perfectly on my Surface Pro 3. Thank you so much! The only step that needs a […]. You saved my eyesight — thnx alot. I was wondering if there is a way to do this for my Vegas Pro I shared your method in a post about this subject, thanks again. This works with CorelDraw X6, which is the most non-compliant of applications. And with PySol, too. Thank you very much for your clear instructions and for teching the comments, too.

Sir, you are a genius! Thank You. Many thanks for this valuable information. Even without creating a manifest file, just the described additional entry in the registry made the required change on the appearance. Thanks Dan, I owe you! Das tiefer […]. Is there any way to determine how much it scales everything? Wow You are a genius. Now I can use CS6 again. Pretty dumb that Lightroom 5 work fine without this but CS6 does not work without this fix.

Adobe tries to rule the work. You Sir are a dead set legend. Thanks so much for the help. How did you learn how to do this kind of thing? This fix worked great for photoshop, but I was having problems getting it to work on Illustrator. After several tries using the Illustrator. I finally found similar application files as shown in the photoshop example under the following for Adobe Illustrator: I placed the illustrator.

Now both Photoshop and Illustrator are viewable and much more easy to work with. I hope this helps others to use this very helpful solution. Thank you very very much. Thank you very very much! Thank you Dan, you are a hero. Thanks for this! Maybe it has something to do with the manifest looking globally and there are two Flash.

Which is perfect. Thank you so much for this hack, and for making it sooooooo easy to use. I appreciate your generosity. I removed the added reg item and restored it but no luck. Is there anyone who had the same problem and found any solution? Thanks for the trick. It works.

Thanks Man you are the Hero. I think the problem is the creating the manifest file part. It works for me on a dell m Photoshop, Illustrator and Autocad If you rename the file, watch out that it will not change from manifest into an executable file. Thanks for this great fix! BUT with Autocad I get the idea that the line thickness is not right after this fix? Anyone else experiencing this? Thank you, Thank you, Thank you …. I can actually see the tool bars in Adobe and Autodesk! Woo Hoo! I find it difficult to find words to describe your genius mind! Also works for the Remote Desktop client from a system with a 5K monitor — using the directory in which mstsc.

For some reason it seems to have stopped working. I wonder if Microsoft might have disabled this patch. I could clearly see the difference and in fact wrote a post about it on my site with a reference to this post for details. Great tutorial, this solved the scaling problem in my Lenovo Yoga 2 pro. The text in the menu is not completely sharp, but this is a minor issue compared to the scale problem.

Almost impossible to read as this. This is the second time I am correcting myself! I thought it stopped working but I had set the display to the finest setting. Then the process still works fine, my mistake in an earlier post a few items up from this one. Dan, Thanks a lot. However, Bentley Microstation V8i does not work well. In fact, I find partly covered texts in Task Menu, which is so irritating.

Any clues pl.? However, in order for it to work you must not use the smallest setting on the […]. A Jha I wonder if you have left the screen elements all the same size as I wrote above your comment? If you move it to the middle or to the right then it works. As I see it, it is a way of making these applications to honor the changed size of screen items which they otherwise ignore.

I have since written a follow up post to make this point clear: Having this problem with Adobe Audition. Any advice for how to accomplish this but in Audition? I would imagine the manifest code is different? Dan Antonelli, I have just upgraded my laptop to Windows 10 this morning and the process is not working for me anymore. The screen elements must be resized for these applications to ignore, then the patch works. I have very little experience with Windows 10, since this morning. I have booted the computer several times for different reasons.

I will also try changing the magnification, if anything works I will report again. Just wanted to let you know that after my SurfacePro3 updated to Windows 10, the fix for Photoshop CC stopped working. All I had to do to get it working again was to re-do the registry changes and it went right back to working wonderfully. Oh, my! I did not realize the upgrade to Windows 10 cleaned out the registry. I added that once more and it works for Photoshop!

I am a happy camper again!

How to install Adobe CS6 in MacOs 2017

I had been looking everywhere for this information. You provided thorough but easy-to-follow instructions, and I am truly thankful. Last night I finally installed part of my CS4 suite and was of course a bit shocked to see what Photoshop looked like on a I quickly applied the fix to Photoshop both x86 and 64 bit as well as Dreamweaver.

I decided to give it a try before going further. DLL is missing from your computer. I went back into one of the Photoshop installations and renamed photoshop. Dan Antonelli, I have a different problem which has been plaguing me for quite some time. When I start Firefox with the Antonelli patch it works like a charm, everything is legible. But when Firefox starts after clicking on a link, say in an email message, it comes up with tiny characters totally ignoring the patch. What is different in the starting of the application when I click on the FF icon or on a link?

Can this be fixed, this is a curiosity question since I can start FF first and then click on a link which opens in the already running application. I used the two configurations, and I realized that in both cases it enlarges the UI.

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Is there a way to use that more pixels? I mean that instead of enlarging the UI, shrink it. So it would not look so blurred. I am trying to do the manifest hack on my Thinkpad 8 Tablet. I have Photoshop CS6 and yesterday, it failed on Win 8. When I deleted the manifest file, Photoshop worked.

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Install Photoshop CS6 trial 2. Change Value to 1 Decimal 4. Paste the text from Manifest. Save as photoshop. Copy to C: Whine, whine, whine. It works on my Yoga3 Pro for EndNote. Thanks Dan. Hi, I followed your instructions but the system says that I cannot this in the folder although I am the admin.

Also says that the file already exist [just before]. Can you help? Thank you in advance. This fixed Autodesk 3DS Max for me. Does this fix work on Windows 7? Look for my name and take a look at what I have written, mistakes and all. This is amazing. I followed the steps and was able to use it on all the Adobe CS6 programs as well as Eclipse and Netbeans. DLL to all folders one may expect to be needing it sustem32, Syswow64, Photoshop..

Any suggestion more than wellcome!

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Used the trick to fix my photoshop earlier this year, worked like a charm. Only problem that with windows 10 the amazeballs went down the train. Thanks again! Hi Dan! Hi, I tried this tip on my windows 8 lenovo Y5 high res laptop and although it did blow the menu bars up, when I choose a tool in PS, its microscopic. For instance, when I pick up the dropper tool, its really small I can barely see it.

Can someone help? Thanks for the tip i was able to fix PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat but Adobe reader still has the same issue. Any suggestions??? Hi, Dan. Thank you very much for the solution. It also worked on my MacBook Pro with Windows 10 64bit. I am using a monitor with x for CS6 running on W8. This fix worked originally for Illustrator x64 and Photoshop x64 but Photoshop quit working. The Illustrator is still working so the reg mod must be still good.

I created a manifest file for the Photoshop simply by changing the name of the working manifest file for the Illustrator, or changing Illustrator. Thanks, this just what I have been looking for since I got my Yoga Pro. Worked for Faststone Image Viewer on Windows Hi Dan, for me it simply does NOT work. I followed your intructions, re-checked everything times, but no way. Is there anything I have to take care of? I had difficulty making it work on W7 x64 and W8. I upgraded another and the the same story. Thanks a million for sharing the solution. I am not IT savvy but was happy for your clear guideline.

One more question though. How do I make it to also work for the accompanying Bridge? Please help me! Hey, I just wanted to thank you for posting this. I was so frustrated looking at the adobe forums and trying to troubleshoot this. Thanks again, though, you saved me a lot of money! Many thanks! Using an image program called FastStone image viewer. Horrible in high dpi laptop, wrote to developer no response, shame as it is an exceptional easy software for quick edits. You have saved me, companies need to realize to use windows default on resolutions, glad this came up on my browser search.

Has anybody else had this problem? This modification worked fine under Windows 8. Thanks ahead for any help! I have noticed that every time Windows 10 does a large update it will overwrite the Registry entry. This happens pretty often if you are in the insider program. To speed this process up, I created a. Hello Dan i received the following error: Dan have you come across this problem?

Is there a solution? It now works perfectly, thank you. Problem solved!! The manifest file specifies the version and processor of the Microsoft. CRT dll. In my case the manifest file offered here specified the wrong processor amd. Is there any possibility of getting this to work for Lightroom as well? It just runs absolutely as normal — not crashing nor upsizing the GUI. A quick update to my note above about the processor name in the manifest file.

Great piece of work, and thank you. Donation forthcoming. Great workaround to a problem Adobe should have fixed ages ago. Your advice has literally just set me on the trail to hopefully do very well in my 3rd year of architecture school. My parents just bought me a laptop with ultra hd so i could use software like 3ds max to their full potential, but all the icons were not showing correctly and the interfaces of the apps were all wrong.

I looked at this post over and over for about a day, and your final piece of advice about the compatibility settings really helped. Yes this fix has made PS CS6 usable for me thanks. Is this PS or an effect of the Manifest file, and can I alter it? You are a rockstar. Appreciate your knowledge and ability to share it. This worked great for my Autocad on Windows 8. It works well with adjusting the icons and text but freezes when I select any size of hatch. When i remove the manifest file autocad works fine.

Amy suggestions please? Thanks a million! Works brilliantly with Adobe Bridge on 4k monitor. Thanks you so much for your simple solution. Also worked with some bespoke software we have written. A lovely 4K screen that allows me to use all my software without the aid of a magnifying glass. Thanks for posting all of this. Answer must be Yes, if you want to use 32bit version of Bridge. I tried to use the x64 version of Bridge but the fix was not working though the 32bit version was. Hi, while this looks great, it does not work with the CS3 suite.

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I did as told, but the only result was that PS did not start; neither did Premiere Pro. Is your solution possible in Win 10 too? Hi, this worked flawlessly for photoshop and lightroom for me, but not working on premiere pro cc and after effects cc It did not work for me, but I noticed you placed it in your cs6. I am now doing the cc, not because I wanted to I might add, I loved the cs5. But Thank You very much for keeping your ear to the pavement and responding to the masses who are going blind from that adobe squint lol.

But seriously thank you. I really enjoyed a couple of the tuts that I saw that you did. Thank you Dan, it works great on my new 28 inch 4K monitor and windows I had a big problem with Bridge CC, very small and now it is normal. I can set regedit like above but cannot choose Decimal when I choose Decimal it still change back to Hexadecimal.

EXE it cannot open program. Thank you so much Dan. Any ideas? The text is still super small on most things. Thank you for your solution. I would appreciate it if you could tell me another way to make your solution work on that application. I am user of PS CC and I used to park all the sub-windows, like brush, properties, swatches, color to the second monitor. While the sizes of items on the primary screen do fit to 4K, the sizes of items on the external monitor become oversize. If I applied your solution of manifast, they become even larger. Is there any way to control them? Am I missing something or does this fix not effect the sub menus?

Thanks in advance fort all the help! Man you are my hero… Until Adobe pull their finger out there behind, this solution worked perfect for me… Very much appreciate the effort you went to to figure this out…. For Bridge the photoshop.

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I could not find a way to scale Bridge up within Adobe. Adobe is not the only company that walks behind, I use Nik software as a plugin and could not scale it up, not even with this wonderful solution. Hi, i try to as show above but it works only for PShop 32 bit version, not for I also copy the file for bridge 64 and works fine. Pls Help…. Thanks for the work you have done. Even my PS sub menus are now readable.

Thanks to everyone for the help and I hope this note helps someone else struggling with a new HD monitor. Hi, I installed the fix on window 8. Then saw the post from Rachel so decided to be brave and give it a go… uograde to windows I then followed the instructions to apply the fix as detailed above BUT, now… nothing is working and I am back to thee small screen.

Any insights? Please before I reverse back to window 8. And this worked for me. Under this menu you can change the size of text, icons, etc. That scaling in Windows 10 does not effect Bridge CC here comes the great solution from Dan or Photoshop for that matter. Well, I do respectfully disagree.

Seriously, I give up. Several buttons become unclickable in AfterEffects. Does anyone know if it will work with the cloud version of PS? If it does it would be worth while to subscribe. It made the trial copy of CS6 useable so I did buy the product. It seems strange that PS did not develop the product to get the scaleing automatic, it has been a reported problem for earlier versions of CS for ages. PS Lightroom 6 scales correctly without the fix. Great solution — worked perfectly for me! Excellent article! Thanks a lot. I applied it for a totally different application and I used the manifest file you put here and it worked!

Again, thanks for writing this. Thank You for this solution which is so helpful for a lot of people. Tried it for hours, several times:. As some others too, trying to start Photoshop I only get the message: When Removing the regedit entry Photoshop is working as usual with the small menue. OMG you are a life saver!

I just bought a new laptop with 8. Now I can actually see the application…and might be able to modify these steps for other apps that give me the same trouble that photoshop did. Thanks for this fix! Worked like a charm on my new Surface Pro 4. Adobe really needs to address this problem. High DPI displays have been out for years now. This is simply amazing. Thank you so much my photoshop now can be seen, however any ideas to why the Illustrator fix wont work? Viber is also working with this fix. It is perfect. I have been looking for solution for a year!

Viber scaling issues solved. For information: With CS6, the fix worked only after rebooting. The fix not only improved readability but also sorted wonky fonts and misplaced development windows. For RDP, the fix worked immediately, without rebooting. Thanks, donation follows. An error message pops up. It says: Try reinstalling to fix this problem. I can get the manifest file to work with other applications but not CorelX5.

The application was unable to start correctly 0xcb. Any ideas on how to fix this? Dan, thank you. I received my new dell xps 15 I-7 6th generation processor with 4k display several days ago. It is a beautiful system but I was about to either buy a replacement display panel that is FHD or buy a new system because the xps 15 as is had tiny ants UI on MT4 app. After hacking using your manifest file, the MT4 is now usable. Thank you, thank you. I fully endorse your explanation of the fix. There was a comment by someone among these posts that there was another site that posted a similar fix.

I visited that site. I tell you and anyone else who are fortunate enough to come to your site that you are the guru. I tell you and anyone else who is fortunate enough to come to your site that you are the guru. Thank you again. Anyone have any ideas on alternatives edits to make it work? Thanks for the fix, it worked great on one of my simulation applications.. Also, do I need to create a manifest file for all the applications in the installation folder of the app or just one manifest file for the main application?

Nicole — I am having the same issue but with Corel Draw. Got the same error message and it is a 32 bit app. Finally, in the same application folder are or four three more applications which will need the manifest file, I sent a note to Dan hoping he will answer. First of all thank you for your solution! When you say: I followed your screenshot the best I could, but do not see the files for an exe. What is the best fix for me? I did download and executed you registry file for Win You need to create the manifest file for each application. Remember that the contents of the manifest file is the same with any manifest file: Only the file name is unique.

Thanks for this amazing tutorial! I still have the problem that the cursor is still really small after this fix, almost imposible to work with when you are trying to use brushes that doesnt match the cursor size. Someone else is having this problem? Any help with this, I really need to use my Photoshop and there is no way for me to be able to do this at this time with as small as everything now looks. Please help me, I need to get to editing photos! Thank You! Does anyone have advice as to how to fix this? Edge is basically unusable with the ant sized interface. I have a Thinkpad X25o running Windows 7.

I happened to Adobe update on Dreamewaver and Photoshop the other day. I tried you fix today with bad results: Thank you so mich Dan! You are a life saver!

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It is really a shame that software developpers have not anticipated High DPI screens… Thanks to you, I can now enjoy my new xps15 with a 4K screen! I tried to do it several times in order to have viber fixed but with no success. Please help me out! Asus ZEN. Maria — worked for me for Viber — I had to exit the program from system tray and restart to take effect.

I have a MacBook Pro retina display. I installed Vmware to run Windows 10 so that I can use Metatrader 4 currency trading platform on it. Thank you Dan! The fix did not work on Photoshop Elements 9 for me, but I upgraded to Photoshop Elements 14 and it appears to be working beautifully. It is great to have a community of users who are so supportive. I just observed that Windows 10 November update, Windows 10 version , , will clean the registry and delete the PreferExternalManifest value. These guys aren't asking for it to be repaired for free. They admitted they broke it and they say they are offering to pay for the repair.

Several years ago I bought an LED television and mounted it on the wall. The wall mount failed an the TV fell and broke. Luckily I was able to use the insurance provided with my credit card that I used to purchase the television to replace it. The crazy problem that I had was the insurance requirement for a repair estimate. Nobody would give me an estimate. They would say it's obviously been dropped.

I would agree and just ask for an estimate, which they would continue to refuse. Reply 4 of I see a cracked screen How is it possible all the parts listed are actually damaged? Did it get hit by lightning? Obviously not. This story is embarrassing for Apple Reply 5 of Mac Pro sales were in the "low single digits"?

So they literally sold 3 or 4 of those devices? Channel wide? I find that hard to believe. Reply 6 of Reply 7 of Reply 8 of Click here to return to the page you were visiting. Sorry we could not verify that email address. Enter your email below and we'll send you another email. French rally against anti-Semitism; Macron visits cemetery Source: Tainted gas sold to Jacksonville-area drivers Source: Aaron Schock Source: Sign in using your wjax profile Need a profile? Welcome back. Use another account.

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