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If you want your recordings for music production, digital DJing or critical listening, you probably want an Audio Interface to your setup to assure optimal sound quality transfer.

How to Convert Vinyl Records to CD on a Mac

You can read our Guide To Audio Interfaces here. Please note, recording software does not automate the creation of separate tracks. The first method to record a track is to record one track at a time and save them individually. The second method is to record a whole side of an album, then edit and save them as individual tracks.

Beginnner's Guide To Recording Vinyl Into Your Computer –

Editing audio in a recording program is easy to learn and that does not take much time. Play around with highlighting different sections of your recording represented by the waveform.

Record From Turntable on a Mac (OS X Sierra and Newer)

You can easily identify the beginning and ends of songs by reading the waveform. Highlight a section and you can delete it like you would a text document.

How to convert analogue music to digital on a Mac

If you prefer copying and pasting: If your computer has mic IN and line IN ports, do not use the mic port to record your audio. The equalisation settings are different from audio IN, and aren't suited to recording music. This can lead to poor quality digitised audio. You may find that the volume is quite low on the initial recording.

If that's the case, follow these steps to boost it. It's best to export files in lossless WAV quality, but Audacity can export to MP3 as well, which is a compressed format suitable for portable music players such as iPods and smartphones.

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  • Before You Begin: Getting Audacity.

Audacity doesn't include an MP3 encoder due to licensing restrictions, but you can download one called LAME through Audacity for personal use. Note that LAME isn't available for free in all territories. Restrictions are outlined in Audacity's legal disclosure. Skip to content Skip to footer navigation.

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Top of the content. JavaScript is disabled. By Peter Zaluzny peterzmedia. Vinyl revival. Last updated: Before you begin What you'll need equipment Connect your turntable to your computer Set up the software Audacity Convert your record to digital files Save the tracks to your computer Before you begin Clear a big working space that you can occupy for extended periods. What you'll need 1x turntable with stereo audio output or inbuilt stereo audio cable these are usually red and white.

How to Transfer LP Records to Your Mac

See step two under Connect your turntable to your computer. You can download it here. If your amp doesn't have a phono IN port, you may need to buy a phono preamp or turntable with an inbuilt preamp.

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  • Audio Hardware Needed to Record Vinyl?

Select "Create New Music Product. Close the virtual keyboard in the application, then go to the "Track" menu and select "Delete Track" to remove the Grand Piano track. Select "New Track" from the same menu and choose "Real Instrument" in the dialog box before clicking "Create. Drag the arrow atop the purple-colored recorded track back to the beginning of the track and click on the Play button or hit the spacebar to confirm the song has successfully been recording.

Double-click on the track to bring up the editing options at the bottom. Drag the cursor across all parts of the track you don't want--like silent parts before and after the music--and press the Delete button to cut them. Set the correct input setting in the conversion application using the drop-down menus for each setting so it will record from your turntable. This includes the input source which will usually be Line-In , the input device the Mac's built-in audio and the recording quality CD quality. Click on the application's main record button--which is usually a red circle--and play the record on the turntable.