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So simple. Easily filter through large tables. Automatically format cells based on numbers, text, dates, and durations with new conditional highlighting. And with an all-new calculation engine, Numbers is faster than ever before. With iCloud built in, your spreadsheets are kept up to date across all your devices.

How to upgrade to OS X El Capitan

This update contains stability and performance improvements. So glad you brought Categories back.

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Terribly inconvenienced by their absence since iCloud Drive came onboard. This last insult rendered my files unopenable except in Numbers 5, wherein the Categories and their subtotals were unceremoniously deleted.

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Also helped by your improved import of CSV formatted alphanumeric data. It is an excessive time-waster at best to accidentally overwrite a formula or to invalidate a necessary input to another cell; and 3 Pivot Table, that is to be able to switch Rows to Columns. uses cookies.

Very helpful in analyzing downloaded tables from various accounts. What I needed was an easy-to-use basic budget where I could get a general overview of my income and expenses as well as keep more detailed records of my expenditures and also make balance sheets for my daily expenses and bank and credit card accounts. It took a little bit of doing, as I am no genius and certainly no expert when it comes to accounting and using spreadsheets, but Numbers made it easy for me to organize the information I needed and to make the calculations required as well as transfer information from one sheet to another to keep information consistent over a number of spreadsheets.

I was also able to make beautiful pie charts of my expenses as well as color-code my columns and headers. Thank you! You might find it easiest to begin installation in the evening so that it can complete overnight, if needed. Please allow installation to complete without putting your Mac to sleep or closing its lid.

Your Mac might restart, show a progress bar, or show a blank screen several times as it installs both OS X and related updates to your Mac firmware.

Messenger for Mac

Open Menu Close Menu Apple. Get connected It takes time to download and install OS X, so make sure that you have a reliable Internet connection. Begin installation After downloading, the installer opens automatically. Allow installation to complete Please allow installation to complete without putting your Mac to sleep or closing its lid.