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This limit is used to wrap lines during composition, as well as to justify text. In case that justification is not done correctly, or by mistake, it can be undone by pressing the CTRL-U command immediately after justification has been done. Search is done case insensitively , The search and replace command is not available by default, but must be enabled through the -b option in the command line. Moving inside the editor can be done using the keyboard by using the arrow keys. Keys such as Page Up, or Page Down, scroll the text up or down towards the beginning or end of the file, respectively.

The following command line options allow users to configure Pico before editing a file. This information can be obtained by starting Pico with the -h command.

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When Pico is invoked from Pine or Alpine some of the options below can be configured from their Setup Configuration Screen by either enabling a specific feature, or configuring a variable. Below is indicated the way to configure Pico from the command line, as well as how to configure it from Alpine. Possible starting arguments for the Pico editor are:. The options -dcs, -kcs and -syscs are not available in the Windows version of Pico. However, the Windows version of Pico also has four options -cnf, -cnb, -crf, -crb that are not available in unix versions of Pico; each option is defined as follows: Their possible values are black, red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan, and white or a 3 digit number, such as , , or From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Micro's keybindings are what you would expect from a simple-to-use editor.

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You can also rebind any of the bindings without problem in the bindings. Micro has full support for the mouse. This means you can click and drag to select text, double click select by word, and triple click to select by line. Run a real interactive shell from within micro. You could open up a split with code on one side and bash on the other -- all from within micro.

And much more! Check out the full list of features here as well as the built-in help system also viewable online here.

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View the GitHub project. Join the Gitter Chat. You'll need them to compile. Looks like we got some interesting problens here.

Oh well! I went to BASH. I no longer have any problems setting paths.

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I am beginning to believe that tcsch sucks. As I stated in my previous general message, I had a lot of trouble setting the paths to launch newly installed Unix apps. When I came back to tcsh, I discovered that everything worked perfectly.


For some reason I can't figure out the sourcing wouldn't work until I quit the shell and come back to it. A mystery perhaps, or little BSD deamons having fun, or simply my incompetence.: Now that's backwards I know. Blame it on the daemons again! I had no problems installing nano on both my OS X box and Linux box.

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One problem though - when viewing files - even standard unix e. Its rather distracting FYI - although it is not recommended to create aliases that mimic real cmds - I created an alias called "pico" that points to nano I am so used to using pico that its second nature to type it -this way even if I type it I get nano instead. This is a problem of translating formats and is easily solved. To fix it, type the following commands in the shell very carefully: Here's some excellent sources of info about Nano. Of course, the Nano man page is excellent too.

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Powered by the Parse. More Mac Sites: Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. Install nano, an enhanced pico text editor Oct 17, '02 Many of you will probably be aware of pico, the lightweight text-editor that comes with OS X. While there are very powerful text editors available, such as emacs and vi, pico still remains a great editor for simple text editing and beginning programmers, due to its intuitive interface. Nano is a GNU project that is an enhanced version of pico, which retains its easy-to-use interface with some very useful features- including find-and-replace, go to a specific line number both very useful for programming , justify text, continuous display of cursor position line number and character number , case-sensitive-search, tab-completion when saving or reading, etc.

Also, common functions are now mapped to the Fx function keys, F1 is help, F2 is quit, F7 and F8 scroll the page up and down, F9 and F10 cuts and pastes the current line, etc. The current unstable development versions allow color syntax highlighting and support for multiple file-buffers.

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Some features use the meta-key which doesn't exist on mac keyboards, so you will need to press the escape key then the desired letter when accessing some features, for example escape the 'c' for constant display of cursor position. I downloaded the 1. Looks like a nice pico replacement!

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This site is not responsible for what they say. Thanks Authored by: Glanz on Oct 17, '02 Also available through fink Authored by: Titanium Man on Oct 17, '02 Some possible arguments Authored by: I trimmed the posted "man" page due to length and Geeklog's poor formatting options. When someone asks about man pages in the future, there are numerous onlin resources available which do nothing more than catalog UNIX man pages. In this case, though, since it's a GNU project, you can use nano's own online manual pages to review the manual. Authored by: No paths for manual pages for user-installed stuff on my OS Thanks again.