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If I need something there rarer and rarer , I use VMWare Fusion and a selection of images with needed software ready to go. Curiously Apple does not address the white screen problem at all on their page about screens you might see during boot. You would think it does not exist, but I have seen it too as well as the black screen.

I assume it is a software bug. I only started having this problem when I enabled FireVault. The rest of you with this problem white screen at start up requiring password , did you enable FireVault? I have OS Sierra. So i have tried alot. I am lost……help anyone. I always get, after a long period of wait, a flashing question mark.

No hardware problems interface circuitry and physical state of platters. The same happens with any external HD linked via the FireWire port. From the factory, since Lion All Intel format hard drives have three partitions from the factory: Armed with the disk number run this command in the terminal:. Many thanks for your response. Pretty claire. My question is: What will happen when I chose, for example, El Capitan to start from? The introduction of the SIP-factor on the installation procedure cause me a lot of fuss.

Many thanks in advance for your reply.

Best ways to fix a white screen on Mac

Hi, I just experienced the white screen on reboot. I tried all of the above and nothing worked until I rebooted in Verbose mode. Then shut down and it restarted OK. Macbook pro late I found on another website some info on the graphics card the likely problem: Shows only the integrated card in use. I am currently running El Capitan I did have to run internet restore 3 or 4 times before it would reboot normally also rebooted in Verbose mode , then I was able to download and install the app.

Also note that my macbook runs much cooler now and much less fan noise. Not sure this works as my macbook continues to suddenly go to a black screen lock and then on reboot it fails to load internet restore seems to work to get it to reboot, but i think you have to let the macbook completely cool down before rebooting.

I went home and started backing up my personal files to my iMac. This was gig heavy so left machines on overnight…. About 24 hours in the white screen on my MacBookPro had now been white screen of death for a whole week suddenly jumped to the thunderbolt logo target drive. Genius Bar have no explanation. Maybe I was lucky… but this gives hope to other people who think the logic board is dead. Upon reboot the Mac laptop worked exactly as before… maybe even quicker, as I had systematically backed up and removed data from the HDD.

Please try this and share. Having a similar issue, white screen with Apple logo while trying to reinstall Snow Leopard on an older Mac Pro. My mac went to a white screen after I got an error message that said it had failed to reinstall the mac os operating system during an update. I hit the restart button and everything turned to white. Not sure what to do. I did get my mac second hand, but the hard drive was replaced by the ssi I think that is the name for it type of drive.

Any help is much appreciated. I just got this Mac in October. Deeply grateful to you! I am no tech, but your white screen routine worked for my Mac Yosemite. Saved me a difficult and probably costly trek into town. White screen arose after I accidentally turned power off just as the imac was booting up.

Thankyou again. I inherited a Mac book pro , FireWire port one. The screen is white with lines, like a broken cable on the inside. Thing is Buddy took his hdd. So no screen, no os. How would I install os without seeing or can I mirror to external from boot. When turning on my iMac I occasionally get 3 drives come up. I have also tried all of the above solutions.

I can get onto my Windows side. Very frustrating, lease help me. I upgraded a Mac Mini mid from Yosemite to Sierra a couple of months ago. A few days after the upgrade, I got my first white screen. First, I see the Apple logo, then after seconds, I get the blank white screen.

But mine has a mouse cursor. I can move it around with the mouse. Rebooting got things back to normal, but about every fourth or fifth time I boot now, the white screen comes back.

Mac White Screen: How To Fix Your Mac That Won’t Turn On

The way I fix my white screen now is to unplug the video cable for a second, then plug it back in. So when I get a white screen, I just unplug the video and plug it back in. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Mac White Screen? Enter your email address below: Posted by: Ted says: December 10, at 5: December 10, at 6: Ed says: December 11, at December 13, at 1: December 16, at 6: Wm Magill says: Lubomir says: Paul says: Sjwrick says: December 13, at 8: Bill G says: Bruce says: December 10, at 9: December 10, at 8: M-RES says: March 8, at 6: Mark Simon says: December 10, at Luciano Silva says: There is no Apple logo on this display, nor will you see a progress bar showing where you are in the Mac boot process.

Reboot into Safe Mode One time-honored trick to recover from a white screen is to boot into Safe Mode. This is very easy to do: Keep holding down the shift key until the boot progress indicator shows up. This progress bar indicates that Safe Mode is running a directory and disk check on your Mac; this is like running First Aid from the Disk Utility. Safe Mode is a way to troubleshoot some system problems that can keep your Mac from booting normally.

Essentially, Safe Mode disables some macOS features, clears some caches, and prevents some third party kernel extensions from loading, all of which reduce the amount of work the Mac has to perform to get to the login screen. If you can boot a Mac successfully in Safe Mode, you either try to boot the Mac again to see if the next try is successful — perhaps just clearing some caches was what the doctor ordered. How can you make sure that your Mac booted into Safe Mode? System Information shows that this Mac has booted into Safe Mode.

If you know what apps were recently updated, try removing them from the list of login items and then reboot normally to see if the problem is fixed. To remove an item, just highlight it by clicking on the item name, then click the minus sign — button below the list. After removing a login item from the list and verifying that the system boots normally afterwards, you may wish to contact the developer with a bug report, or try removing and re-installing that app.

How to fix the MacBook white screen

NVRAM stores information in between boots of your Mac, things like the startup disk, video and display information, volume for the system startup chime and speaker, time zone information, default system fonts, and more. When resetting NVRAM, this data is all wiped from the Mac so you may need to readjust things like your screen resolution, mouse or trackpad tracking speeds, etc…. The Mac chimes once to signify that it has begun booting, then a second time to signify that the NVRAM has been reset. After this point, let up on the keys and let the Mac boot as usual. Resetting the SMC is another tool in your toolbox of white screen solutions.

The reset process is different for different Mac models, so be sure to read the section below that pertains to your Mac. The charging light on devices with MagSafe adapters may change colors, indicating that SMC has been reset. Reboot and Repair the Boot Disk The next item on your troubleshooting list should be rebooting and then trying to repair the boot disk by entering into Recovery Mode:. This can be the perfect time to upgrade that smaller, slower drive with a new one from MacSales.

Apple Macbook White Screen Problem [1/2]

Boot the Mac into Verbose Mode Booting a Mac into Verbose Mode is like booting a Linux machine without the fancy graphical user interface — you just see a lot of text scrolling by quickly, listing all of the various things that are happening during boot. If this happens, reboot the Mac while holding down the Option key on the keyboard. Click on that icon and press the return key, and the device should reboot normally.

Should that drive icon not appear, then you likely have a bad or failing SSD or hard drive and should replace it immediately. Name required. Email required. Leave this field empty.