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Marva - Marva Wright MP3. Materia - Blutch MP3. Maxwell Davies: Symphonies Nos. Memorias - Sandro MP3. Merikanto, A.: Mister Sandman: Montemarte - Toulouse MP3. Muy Bueno - Rodrigo MP3. Natural Juice - Fanga MP3. Ned Rorem: Nicolai Rimsky-Korssakow: Nirmala - Leo Waldy MP3. Now and Forever - Luciano MP3. Oran Mix Party, vol. However, there's some good songs on this album. I feel there's actually a few great songs on this album. For a few of those beautiful tracks "Nenae" and "Oratorio", I'm reminded of a few of the mellow tracks from Nuovo Idea's "Mr.

Those 2 are great songs with vocal harmonies and nice melodies that make lots of those italian songs from the 70's stand out. It's infectious. Sort of reminds me of the 'South American Getaway" that was the background music on Butch cassidy and the Sundance kid when they were in South America towards the end.

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You know the music where the vocal harmonies are going "Ba ba baaaa ba": I've heard this album several times and those 3 songs stand out. As per the others, "La Cometa" the opener has a "cool melody" but it gets old very quickly and runs out it's pleasure after 2 minutes and repeats itself for the next minutes. The other songs which is about the other half are either skippable or "mediocre" and forgettable. The last song is dreadful and I agree with the reviewer here that it sounds like the music from a cheesy 's game-show.

I'd give this about a 2. Worth a listen. You can go to amazon and listen to 30 second sound samples for each song on this album. Should give you a sample. I sure hope there are other "never-before-released" albums from 's in the vaults across Italy by many of these bands. Almost "techno" with drum machines and literally no melodies. Be very careful with those 2 albums. Buyer beware. I feel that's an unjustified joke because "La Cometa" is so much better in every sense of the word. Don't let that 2.

Also, youtube has 2 of the songs from "la cometa" in it's entirely including the ""Makumba Hotel" album. It's worth typing that into youtube and giving it a listen and then deciding if it's worth buying the album or at least just a few songs from the album. The title track "La Cometa" swirls in with a freewheeling attitude, and is reminiscent of "Ognuno Sa" from the debut.

Though the six-minute track is the longest on the album, it never really ventures too far from jammy blues so don't expect a mini-epic. The restrained "Nenae" is deliciously beautiful and my favorite from the first half. The backing vocalists particularly shine, as limited percussion and subtle bass play a more reserved role. Though we may never know the original running order or if the album was ever completed as originally conceived, a few more bumps in the road like this couldn't have hurt.

Monteduro's angelic backing vocals provide the necessary balance to Topel's somewhat uncharacteristic crooning. If you do nothing else today, go buy this song and tell me your day didn't just get a little better.

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I could certainly think of a worse way to spend six bucks - you can't even buy lunch for that. According to the insert in the Sony BMG jewel case edition, Henryk Topel shares compositional credit for the opener "Buongiorno Nel Bosco," but his voice is no where to be found.

Instead, the smooth yet somewhat gravely voice of Monteduro leads a placid arrangement featuring multiple acoustic guitars. What a lovely beginning. The song transitions to "La Favola del Guardiano del Bosco" and piano and drums join Monteduro for the first time, as provided by core members Frederico Troiani and Roberto Senzasono respectively. The song weaves from the theatrical, to buoyant folk, to jazzy pop seamlessly and effortlessly. The gorgeous "Mezzogiorno" showcases some of the most impressive vocal harmonies in all of Italian Prog.

By the end of this third song, it's apparent this album is something special, and while not a proper follow-up to Reale Accademia di Musica's classic debut, I consider it classic in its own right. A sweet arpeggio sets the foundation for "Le Figlie Dell'Erba," as Monteduro again proves his songwriting prowess and arrangement skill.

Music theory aside, the emotional impact of "Viaggio Libero" is undeniable. Still, there is a cohesiveness to the work as a whole. My love for Reale Accademia di Musica e Adriano Monteduro has developed over time, and what was once three-star filler has become one of my most cherished favorites.

Review by Mellotron Storm Prog Reviewer.