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This is what Adobe suggests: Those Adobe folks are always so helpful.

Show Hidden Files in Mac OS X

How does this help with the Desktop issue? You will always be looking at the Desktop through Finder Thanks Adobe, perfect solution. In fact you can just boot your mac straight into shell, everything is much faster. I'm writing this using Lynx browser, it has taken me half an hour.

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Step-By-Step method Previous to Yosemite: Find a pure-white area in a folder, then press Shift-Command-Control-4, and drag out a square. Release the mouse when done, and the white area is now on your clipboard.

Open Preview and press Command-V. Click and hold on the Select button in Preview's toolbar, and Instant Alpha from the drop-down menu. Copy the selected area Command-C. Press Tab once in the Get Info window to highlight the default icon. Paste the transparent icon from your clipboard into the default icon Command-V. Per mliqu: In OS X Yosemite Press Shift-Command-Control-4, and drag out a square over any area.

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Release the mouse when done, and the area is now on your clipboard. Open Preview and press Command-N to open a window with your capture. Press Command-A to select all, then press Delete. Press Command-C to copy this empty grey square to clipboard. Select ". Select the icon in the top-left and Command-V to replace with transparency from clipboard. Not useful in list view, column view, or when keeping items sorted.

Also requires changes to every directory's layout.

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Works perfect if desktop is all you care about like me. Also, if you use the pattern of the desktop instead of transparency then you can push the text out of sight - making the entire icon disappear without a trace. Good method. Though, it seems temporary sometimes at least in Mavericks ; I see it often change back to an image icon e.

Praktische Erweiterung für den Finder von Mac OS X

There's an easier step-by-step in this answer: In my. Glorfindel 1, 4 12 This is great and simple - thanks! Version 1. Reported not working on El Capitan Warning: This seems like a good app. Matt Matt 1 3. Confirmed that in released macOS Sierra Check out this old wigit: Sean C Sean C 3. Example of no. There are also multiple ways to filter and sort your results to easily weed out false duplicates for low threshold scans. Supported languages: English, French.

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