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Setting up the Mac mini – an illustrated guide – Luis de la Rosa

Then you no longer need the keyboard and monitor. It helps when locating the machine without a monitor. The simplest way to do this is to make the whole second drive an LVM physical volume, and add it to our volume group. Look under the first column "VG": Alternatively you could choose to partition it in the same way as the first drive, and it might be possible to boot off this drive if the first one fails - but you'd almost certainly have lost your OS installation anyway.

By creating a "striped" volume, half of the extents will be on each disk; this increases performance by dividing the read and write load between the disks. Choosing a large stripe size ensures that smaller reads and writes hit only a single disk. Optionally, you could also reduce its size. If you don't intend to use hibernate functionality you can reduce it to say 4GB, as you never want your machine to go this far into swap anyway.

We purposely did not configure our network interfaces during installation so that the installation would go faster and we could configure out interfaces as we want now.

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You can see that neither eth0 or eth1 are configured by doing:. Trying pinging some external sites to verify that your network is working. Now that our base operating system is installed we need to pull down a list of current versions of available packages and then download and install the packages.

Remember this and see if you have a newer kernel version once we are finished with this exercise. To update apt and then packages that need updating do:. This could take some time as a considerable amount of information is going to be downloaded.

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While this is happening we will go on to the next set of configuration items for your workshop kit which includes configuring your switch and access point. When your machine finishes with the apt-get update and the apt-get dist-upgrade processes you will likely have a new kernel image.


This is one of the few times you need to reboot Linux to see change. To do this do:. To see the version of the Linux kernel that you are running.

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Is it different from what you had before running "apt-get update" and "apt-get dist-upgrade"? At this point your MacMini is ready and in its initial state. We'll be updating your MacMini environment using a tool called Ansible a bit later. Assuming your network interfaces are properly configured you can now remove the monitor and keyboard attached to your MacMini and connect to it using ssh instead. This will be configured using Ansible in our upcoming exercises. In addition for class exercises and infrastructure your Mac Mini is referred to as "s1" or "s1.

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