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There are just a TON of pictures for the Sims 3 store. You can delete everything in there. There were several thousand pictures in there freeing up a couple of gigabytes of space.

How to Clean out your Custom Content with Sims 4 Studio

Click on the Security tab and edit button that should appear around the same area as the Remove button in the picture below. After, press on the user who will be playing The Sims 3 and check the Deny box for Write. Press on the Apply button before exiting the properties window.


The next step is to delete your screenshots. I know that personally, when something interesting happens in The Sims 3, I will take a screenshot. I will also take some for the Create-a-Sim posts and those who make TS3 stories will want to take a lot of images. You can back them up into Photobucket, Flickr or some other site like that and delete them afterwards. The next folder to clean up is the WorldCaches. The files contain important information when using a Mac which will cause some problems if you delete them. If you use Custom Content, you can uninstall them via the Sims 3 Launcher.

Just go into the Mods folder and simply remove any that you dislike. Speaking of mods, two that are simply amazing are Overwatch and Errortrap created by the modding genius Twallan.

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They have helped so much with clearing up random crap in your game. Clicking on the link will direct you to the information page of the mod where you can find some other famous mods such as Woohooer, MasterController and StoryProgression. This is also a good program that helps with making your game run smoothly via cleaning up folders: Save Cleaner. When you're done, save your sim in the gallery I usually just name the sims broken cc or bad cc or something like that and then close the sims.

Now it's time to open up the Sims 4 Tray Importer! Here you'll see all your sims, builds and houses from the gallery, but you're gonna want to focus on the household you just saved.

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Click the CC button, and you'll see all of the cc your sims are wearing. Then just mark all the files, right click and select show in folder. The program will find them in your mods folder and highlight all of them for you! All you have to do now is press delete, and boom your broken CC is gone!

When I did this yesterday, I got rid of over CC items, but I think it's good to do it every now and then, especially after downloading a lot of new CC. Anyways I hope this helped! Maybe you already knew about this way to easily delete bad CC, but then you could share this with someone who doesn't c;. I didn't think there was a easy way to do this! Thanks so much! Omg thank you so much. I knew some of my CC was broken, but I thought I just have to live with it because I didn't know how to get rid of it.

What is that? Those are probably uploads that either didn't get uploaded or downloaded properly. See more details here: Check the Custard tutorial for other errors that Custard shows.

Mod The Sims - MAC Mod Conflict Detector?

If you use the save as method on the Exchange, you will also see this error. Use Add to Game instead. Are there any bad patterns out there or are they always safe? There are a few older patterns that were not made with the EA Pattern Tool that don't seem to work properly anymore. Usually you see long loading times in CaSt, especially when you try to access the Misc patterns. There is also an issue if CAP patterns are converted into Package files. See this for details: If you stick to newer patterns, you should be fine. May This widget could not be displayed.

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Re: [HOW TO] Find and remove bad custom content (CC)

Sign In or Register. See details Show less. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Do you mean. Answer HQ English: The Sims: The Sims 3: Zombies Games Plants vs. Tapped Out The Simpsons: There are the following kinds of bad CC: When you double click on such a file a few things happen: User Files Explained You could, in theory, move the Package-files from DCBackup to the mods folder and use them like package files but a lot of Package-Files are bad for your game performance so if it weren't for the launcher, Sims3Packs are actually better to use than package-Files.

Please read these first for already reported issues: Here's instructions: How to provide your save game. Me too. Message 1 of 3 , Views. May - last edited May I can't find the Custom Content in my launcher. That you don't spread it any further with your uploads.

Deleting the files in your DCBackup folder has one purpose only: Spoiler Highlight to read Yes, you do. This is CC that is categorized for the wrong age groups. Check this list for known files that have this problem: BAD CC: Yes, you do. Spoiler Highlight to read If you see long sticks coming out of your house and they are not really invisible, yes, you do have bad CC. Same as the error above. If they are truly invisible it's mostly because you uninstalled bad cc and now they have no mesh anymore.

If you see long sticks coming out of your house and they are not really invisible, yes, you do have bad CC. Spoiler Highlight to read Most likely. Check the following list for known files: Spoiler Highlight to read This error has two reasons. The first one is bad mapping. That can also apply to part of the clothing showing on another part of the clothing like shoes on dress.

A list to a few of those can be found in my German blog: Unlike Sims 2, Sims 3 recolors normally come with the mesh. Check the site where you got the download from if the mesh is included or not.