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But if the diagnose report tells you that macs fan hardware is good, then your issue is related with software. These Mac application also allow users to monitor macs fan speed by manually increasing or decreasing fan speed.

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Well this is how we tried to monitor macs fan speed on macbook devices. If you have alternate method to monitor macs fan speed or you have tried other mac fan control software. uses cookies.

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If you need an extra level of control over your Mac's cooling abilities, or simply want to see how hot your Mac is getting, Macs Fan Control may be the only app you need. Macs Fan Control is free. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About.

SMC Fan Control

He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. Updated February 05, Easy-to-use interface.

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You can select the temperature sensor to use when you decide to take control of a fan. You can set a static fan speed, or have the app use a sensor to control fan RPM.

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  5. It's free. App doesn't indicate which sensors are associated with which fans.

    This makes it possible to select a sensor to control a fan that has nothing to do with that specific fan. Lacks an automated notification system. There are two primary reasons for creating your own fan profile: You've replaced a component in your Mac drives or graphics cards come to mind , and in the process, the old temperature sensors were damaged or are no longer measuring temperature correctly.

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    You can use Macs Fan Control to set a fan speed limit to prevent a fan from revving up beyond what is needed. Your Mac is being used in a particularly noise-sensitive environment such as a recording studio , and while you can normally use the default fan control, there are a few short periods of time where you need to silence your Mac as much as possible by preventing the fans from spinning up beyond a preset limit.

    Oct 24, Oct 24, 8: Shaffer - Thanks for your reply, but no info on best operating iMac Fahrenheit temperatures. Apple Support contact had no info either. I will check with the computer repair shop. Oct 25, 1: The best cost effective third party fan control is the free version of Mac Fan Control.

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    You could try. Good luck on your search; actual practical use of the Mac Fan Control change its settings, use info. Oct 26, 1: That way its staying reasonably quiet but also cool. I won't say it's optimal but it's not sounding like a jet turbine either, so I'm good with it.