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Major props to the world-class designer who does all the art of Relay FM, the mysterious forgottentowel , for upscaling some of these for modern screens. If you want to see detailed screenshots of every release of OS X, click here. The first two releases of Mac OS X shared the same wallpaper. The sweeping blue arcs and curves helped set the tone of the new Aqua interface.

Download 5K version. Jaguar took the same Aqua-inspired theme but added some depth and motion to things. In my head, the trails streaking across the screen were from a set of comets. While Panther inflicted Macs everywhere with Brushed Metal, its wallpaper stayed on brand, refreshing the original While that may or may not be true, it has my favorite Aqua-inspired wallpaper. Complete with a revised, unified user interface and shiny new Dock, This starscape is still one of my favorites.

Lion kept up the space theme, this time showing off the Andromeda galaxy. The space nerd in me likes the idea, but the execution of this one leaves dead-last on my list of favorites. Stipples Color: Custom Background 1: F1F1F1 Background 2: E1E1E1 Highlighted Background: Next problem: Go to "Decorations" tab and: We're almost done. Next step is to put a nice icon on baghira's Starter applet. For those who don't want to spend time with manual configuration, here are the config files. We're on the right way to Mac OS X style, but we have to find smart icons.

Luckily, you can find a wonderfull set on kde-look named OS-L. Enter this folder and launch the buildset script from a console type F4 from konqueror to open a console in the current directory:.

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Building of the set can take a long time several minutes on my centrino 1,6 Ghz. When finished, you get a full set in a tar. You can in theory select this set from kcontrol if you let it in this folder, but it failed on a Mandriva Linux several icons are not taken in account and, worst, the folder icon is an awfull enlargement of a 22x22 size! Therefore, the best is to move the set in the kde tree, which make it also avaible for all users. Take the tar. Select it. Hey, hey, pretty nice, isn't it? The set isn't all perfect. You'll have to make changes by hand to make it fit exactly your system.

Here is what I had to do to make my Mandriva find all its icons. You have to do it for each icon size xx beeing the size:. Here is a little script to do this automatically many thanks to Wim Vander Schelden for this script:.

Wallpapers, Finder, and OS X folder icons

We're almost done with the icons, but I recommend you another nice set for systray icons in particular: The osx-e website holds a nice Mac fonts set. Here's what you get:. There's an issue with the font size and icons don't fitting in the menubar:. Try setting "Menu" font size in kcontrol to "Lucida Mac 10". The menubar seems to adapts itself to the font size to display the whole text, but there is visibly no adaptation for icon size.

How to find and change Apple’s default wallpaper on macOS Sierra

Don't know why Baghira has a pretty sidebar for konqueror. Open konqueror and select the top most tab in the sidebar. A new tab appears on top of the sidebar, select it. Nice, isn't it? The tabs of the sidebar disappear. You can easily customize the lower part of baghira's sidebar by drag'n drop. Customize also the toolbar to make it more Mac like right clic on the beginning of one toolbar to popup a config menu.

I had problems to make the location bar stand on the same line as the main bar.

Mac OS X v10.3 Panther Default Wallpapers

To do it I had to do the following: Drag the window edges to fit your desired size and save the profile with "save window size in profile" option. Finaly, to be able to have Finder displayed in the title bar when you open konqueror, create a script see Baghira website for more information on that.

Mac OS X theme for WindowBlinds

A really simple script to go on:. Here's what you should get notice that I set the style to Brushed - this is a complex story to know where use Brushed or not, see the related style section here under: On my laptop, it's far too slow to be usefull for daily use I don't have a NVidia board. So I deactivated it maybe in a future KDE version it will be more powerfull.

Here’s almost every wallpaper Apple has ever made for Mac and iOS

And, it's still experimental, that means lot of bugs. More infos on that on the site. You need a real dock to make all that really look like Mac OS X. You can find several; personnaly, I use kxdocker , quite buggy but still one of the best. To install it, download the sources of the two packages: This one must absolutly be installed before kxdocker with latest kxdocker releases, resources package isn't mandatory anymore - although it provides usefull themes and icons.

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  • You get a shadow for the whole expanded kxdocker, which is rather awfull. To solve this problem, try this simple script. It is a fullscreen task manager, letting you see all your opened windows on one single view. It's not too hard to install just. Here it is in action:.

    Mac OS X v Panther Default Wallpapers - OS Wallpapers

    Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be maintained anymore last version goes back to May There isn't any common way to solve this problem, but for the ones that can be themed, there's a hope a OS X theme is avaible. An exemple of skinnable app is the mozilla suite. I use these themes: Brushed for Firefox and CrossOver for Thunderbird.

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    • What about the gtk-qt engine? Indeed, you could should use the gtk-qt engine to provide a global answer to this problem. At least, this is how it behaves on my system and on a lot of other users system, according to recurrent posts on the help forum. Thanks to Angel for this tip. At last, put a nice wallpaper and For those who don't want to spend time with manual configuration, you'll find the config files at the end of each section. Be sure to have completed the basic settings. Then apply all the steps of the Jaguar style , as the Panther style is almost the same.

      Now we can apply minor changes to Jaguar style to transform it in Panther an article here about Panther's new look and differences with Jaguar. First, switch the default style to Panther: Panther "General Design" tab - Buttons look like: Panther "General Design" tab - Toolbuttons look like: Panther "Decoration" tab - Default Mode is: Panther Then we can start the changes.

      The pinstripes in the menu and topscreen menubar backgrounds are nearly invisible in Panther, so put scanlines contrast to min in baghira's "General Design" config tab. Then go to "Menus" tab and change background 1 and background 2 colors to: Background 1: Fortunately, this is already set in baghira's Panther style. See "Decoration", Panther style tab: Also put a 6px border size for the same reasons as for Jaguar style.

      Third change: Here is the explanation Thomas gives in the Help section: In baghira's "Special Widgets" config tab, you can choose separately for Aqua and Brushed Metal designed Applications, if you wish the Tabs to appear as "Tab"s, as "Chooser"s or let baghira decide what to use by selecting "Clever" in the latter case, Tabs on Dialog will appear as Choosers and as Tabs elsewise. So put the options to: Aqua Tabs are: Tabs Brushed Tabs are: In Panther, Apple introduced a new application switcher see this article. I haven't yet found anything to reproduce it, but to stay in the style, you can change kxdocker theme to a full rounded corner docker: I've made a theme starting from the default theme, you can find it here.

      Here is the result:.