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I put the password in and everything however its not working. Says i need to restart router all the time which i have done, makes no difference The wifi router is plugged into my home computer, does that affect it? So, its not letting me use the wifi but looks like it recognizes it. Simple Help. Haylon June 26, , 2: Anonymous February 23, , Mary Barnes February 25, , 9: This was awsome…thank you so much!

Munz Noor April 21, , 4: I am out of ideas… it should be so simple… Thanks. Sandra Davey December 9, , 4: These instructions were exactly what I needed.

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  • Clear, articulate, simple. Thank you so much.

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    Mike December 20, , 8: Worked great for me as I walked someone through it on the telephone! Mike January 24, , Christian Burbano April 26, , Frankie June 29, , 6: Muchisimas gracias por este aporte Paso a paso! Harini November 10, , 9: Comments It was really useful.. Clay July 16, , 8: Kyle January 16, , 3: What happens if you ask the browser to go to captive.

    How to connect your OS X Mac to a wireless network

    But appears you are having a more difficult time getting the wifi login pages to appear then I have personally experienced. Dec 25, 1: I also experienced this when I was running Sierra so I don't think it is specifically related to High Sierra. I now understand that our problem may be that our Macs are remembering the network and settings..

    When we go back and try to connect it is "holding" the settings from the last time but the router has already cleared us out. Resetting your computer clears the cache and now forces your computer to request a new ip address instead of trying to use the last ip and settings it had when on the network. That will force your computer to request a new ip address. Not sure why iOS devices seem better at handling public Wifi other than I guess more likely to come into contact more frequently than MacOs though. Page content loaded. Hello, thanks for the tip!

    iMac won't connect to internet anymore using wireless

    I tried this a lot of times and even pasted the login page to safari, not always working. Thanks though. Yes, I still have issues after restarting the Mac or switching between browsers. Maybe I should take it to an Apple store?

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    Dec 26, But if nothing suggested here is working then yes may be worth speaking to the folk at an Apple Store or support option. Dec 27, 8: Dec 27, Communities Contact Support.

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