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Back up and restore your iTunes Library

I am happy to plug this in whenever I wish to use my iTunes Library. With a large iTunes library, it would not be an easy case for you to transfer it to your new Mac. Transfer data between two computers can be pretty annoying. With diverse genres of content in your iTunes library, it would be nice if you can find a good tool to transfer it simply and quickly. And to help you out, in this article, we shall render you efficient methods on how to transfer iTunes library to new Mac. If you do have iPod classic, iPod nano or iPod shuffle, you can also use it as a hard drive in iTunes on Mac.

Besides manually moving your iTunes library to a new Mac, there is an easier and quicker way for you to achieve it — AnyTrans for iOS.

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To transfer an iTunes library to a new computer using this technique, you'll need an external hard drive with enough space to store your iTunes library. Begin by backing up your iTunes library onto the external hard drive. Restore the iTunes backup from the external drive to the new computer.

Transfer iTunes Library from Windows to Mac FAST!!!

Depending on the size of your iTunes library and the speed of the external hard drive, this can take some time, but it's effective and comprehensive. Backup utility programs can also be used to modify this process — such as only backing up new files. Once you have this backup, you can just copy it to your new computer or your old one, if you have a crash. This is not the same as storing and using your main iTunes library on an external hard drive , though that's a useful technique for very large libraries. This option only works in some older versions of iTunes. Newer iTunes versions have removed this feature.

This method will back up your full library with the exception of audio books from Audible. All you need are blank discs and some time. This may not be the most efficient way to back up, since you may already have hard copies of the CDs in your library.

How to Transfer iTunes Library to New Mac via AnyTrans for iOS

If you've just got a CD burner, you may want to consider choosing the option to only back up iTunes Store purchases or make incremental backups — backing up only new content since your last backup. On a Mac, the easiest way to transfer an iTunes library to a new computer is to use the Migration Assistant tool. This can be used when you're setting up a new computer, or after it's already done.

Migration Assistant attempts to recreate your old computer on the new one by moving data, settings, and other files.

How to Transfer an iTunes Library to a New Computer

If you don't choose it then, you use it later by finding Migration Assistant in your Applications folder, inside the Utilities folder. To do this, you'll need a Firewire or Thunderbolt cable depending on your Mac to connect the two computers. Once you've done that, restart the old computer and hold down the "T" key. You'll see it restart and display a Firewire or Thunderbolt icon on the screen.

Once you see this, run Migration Assistant on the new computer, and follow the onscreen instructions.

How to Transfer iTunes Library to New Mac via External Hard Drive or USB Drive

While it's not the speediest way to transfer your iTunes library, and won't transfer all types of media, Apple's iTunes Match is a solid option for moving music to a new computer. Your library is matched to your iCloud account, uploading the unmatched songs expect to spend an hour or two on this step, depending on how many songs need to be uploaded. Drag the iTunes folder from its location to an external drive. Your library and media files copy to the drive. Restore your library from a backup You can restore your iTunes library or iTunes Media folder from your external drive to your computer.

Locate your external drive. On the Desktop or Finder sidebar.

How to Transfer iTunes Library to New Mac in 2 Ways - iMobie

In My Computer. Drag the iTunes folder that you backed up earlier from your external drive to where you want it on your internal drive. We recommend that you put the iTunes folder back into its default location. Choose the iTunes folder that you dragged in step 3 from your internal drive.

Click Choose. Click Open. Choose the iTunes Library. Published Date: Mon Jan 07 Yes No.