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The mobile-desktop synchronization makes it a complete package; I am constantly adding, changing and completing tasks from my phone as well as from my Mac. I also appreciate the fact that there is a free version of this app that doesn't have ads in it. I highly recommend Any. This is the easiest to use and the sync across the Mac and iPhone is excellent. Not only is there an app for the Mac it means I can have my up to date list whether checking phone or laptop. Just got Any. DO set up on my mac, iPhone, and Alexa. It seems to be working great.

I'll update you again after a few weeks of use.

But it looks like a winner! I use it to keep track of things I need to do during my day to day task and at university. I also use the sister app on my mac which syncs directly with the iOS app. Definitely recommend it! Built around task management features, this application lets you organize and execute all your to-dos in a simple, yet effective way. With a new and updated version, Things has tried to infuse a whole new set of amendments into its design, features, and overall look.

A Google-backed task management application for your Android device which fully integrates with all Google applications, Google Tasks is the last tool in our list of best to-do list apps. Google Tasks lets you add and manage tasks directly from your Gmail, without any need of opening a new window. The tool takes a crisp take on traditional to-do list apps by providing a simple UI design which makes task management quick and easy. With a huge array of options for managing tasks including time estimation and grouping, WeDo deserves an audition.

Personalize and make lists fun through themes and emojis, and share them with friends or family. You are bound to stay on track with its efficient reminders and notifications system. There is a particularly interesting feature for students. Students can arrange to receive due dates and reminders for every assignment prebuilt by sending WeDo their syllabus. If you are a Wunderlist user, listen up because WeDo has a special offer for you.

Import your tasks from Wunderlist and switch, and you get 1 month of WeDo Pro free. Hop on to Key Features to get hands on more information. Eisenhower is one of a kind tool that helps you prioritize tasks through a matrix.

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Much similar to the SWOT matrix , there are four quadrants of sheets. These comprise:.

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Through such clear and smart categorization of tasks, one can rarely get off track. You can set multiple task statuses and even reposition the tasks. By setting task as Focus Mode, you can focus on one task for 30 minutes without interruptions. These are just some of the noteworthy features. See the Key Features and Pricing section to know why this is one of the best to-do list apps. Looking at the interface of Bear , one has to admit it is a beautifully designed tool.

When you dig deeper, you realize that the pretty interface is just the tip of the iceberg. Bear encompasses a multitude of brilliant features especially for those who like to get things done in one go. With this app, you can write almost entire articles in notes with appropriate formatting and styling. You even get to set word count! How cool is that? In the end, you have an option to convert the notes to Word or PDF. Can it get simpler and swifter than that?

Plus, you get to personalize your app through different themes. With all these and more features, Bear is definitely worth a try. Keep and Share is one of the best to-do list apps due to an extensive and practical feature collection. It allows you to plan your day on the calendar through text, images and files. Write your notes directly or upload them and share with friends and family. You can even filter out your tasks through multiple statuses. Plus, you get to embed these files in your website, which you can set as downloadable.

A great feature is selective sharing so not everyone gets to know about your plans. You can have discussions as well as send group messages through a single button. All this and a lot more can be done via the Keep and Share calendar. Primarily a project management tool , Casual comprises a feature set similar to that of a to-do list app. Instead of burdening you with complex features and heavy modules, Casual makes work casual and efficient. Draw tasks to be done, along with their dependent tasks in easy and effective flowcharts. The flowcharts help you improve and steer your tasks along the way as required.

Plus, you can use created tasks and snippets of existing flowcharts to create new lists.

The Best To-Do List Apps for Android and iOS | Digital Trends

For working in teams, each member gets notifications about the task assigned to them. At a very affordable price range, you can practically use Casual personally and professionally. If you have a knack for colorful and fun sticky notes, you will really enjoy this to-do list app. More of a personal assistant than a take-full-control app, Antnotes notes are useful especially for reminders and staying productive.

Choose from multiple colors, sizes, translucency options and more to create notes that keep you updated without unnecessary distraction. Rich text editing lets you emphasize on important elements. You can also add text and images to existing notes. Accidentally closed a note? No problem. By default, Antnotes does not delete closed notes. Instead, you can easily search and archive notes.

Just download the app and store your information on your device. A big plus — it is shareable so you can work with up to six family members for joint events related to-do lists. Notion provides an all-in-one platform for managing your daily to-dos, as well as keeping a record of your important documents.

Top 25 Best To-Do List Apps 2019

No need to switch between multiple applications to keep track of things. This best to-do list app provides a flexible interface for creating to-do lists, taking notes, and managing data in the form of spreadsheets and databases. In this way, Notion provides multiple ways to connect with your data. The application comes with built-in templates for you to use and design an outline. This outline brings clarity in the workflow and helps team members understand the project requirements in a better way.

Checklist works on a basic principle of creating a checklist, associating tasks and subtasks, and setting reminders to keep track of progress. The application provides the flexibility of creating unlimited checklists and sharing with anyone to increase the overall productivity. A free to-do list app. Sign up for nTask today. Well, this marks the end of our top 23 best to do list apps.

The best simple list-making app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

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