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Use iPad Pro as Your Mac Mini Display With Luna Display!

The file transfers to the iPad. Chanel began writing in as a webmaster for an independent film company. Chanel has been contributing to online publications since Skip to main content.

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Tips Eject the iPad from the Mac Mini before disconnecting the device to avoid losing any files. The iPad works with any Mac computer in exactly the same way that it works with the Mac Mini. References 1 Apple iOS: About File Sharing. About the Author J. Yimin Rong Yimin Rong 2, 1 17 Have you checked to see if iTunes recognizes your iPad?

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If you're plugging the cord directly into the ipad and directly into a USB port on your computer no middle-man devices in the process then it sounds like the cord just doesn't work. Try taking it to an Apple store and getting them to swap it for you. WrightsCS - How do I do that?

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WendiKidd - The cable still works to charge the device, but I can bring it back to see if maybe it's not working. On the left sidebar, choose the iPad you want to use for development, for example: I see the Mac Mini itself? Doesn't look anything like what you have.

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That screenshot was old, I've updated with a current one. Worked for me!

How to use your iPad Pro as a display for your Mac mini

Thank you! It's incredible to see it all actually perform the way you'd want it to, with no apparent lag, even though this type of iPad ability isn't officially sanctioned by Apple. I've owned an iPad since the third-generation model, the first with a Retina display.

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I upgraded to the iPad Air when that was available, and I tried upgrading to the most recent iPad Pro, but I sadly returned it less than 24 hours later because I felt it wasn't a good work computer for me. I love the iPad and would love to see it succeed as a work computer — this setup gives me hope. With any luck, Apple will encourage more of these types of creative uses for the iPad in the future.