Smartwave 3500 vs mac 360

I wouldn't go far in the inflatable. The Stabi is of course much more capable on the sea, and can go anywhere providing the wind is light. Towing the Stabi on the trailer is ok, I don't mind it, as its fairly light about kg ; and the width is low due to having the boat above very small wheels. Personally, at age 71, I cant carry much weight, and find manhandling the boat at launching sometimes hard - if the wind is blowing, or theres a strong current or its very shallow. The 4. One thing that sometimes bugs me - getting the boat stuck on the shore when going away with the trailer, and having difficulty getting it off.

Seems to me - those boats such as Mac and Smartwave , are fairly heavy, and would be a handful launching over a beach, due to the need to drive up and down on sand, getting stuck, shallow when the tides low, etc etc. Anyway - I have mused about an even smaller boat, probably as well as the bigger one, - such as a Nifty inflatable. A 3hp motor would weigh much less then my 8hp. The boat weighing 30kg could be dragged presumably on say kayak wheels.


It would fit inflated on a roof rack or in a ute. Has anyone been in the smart wave Just thought the smartwave wouldn't handle the 3 up. OneWayTraffic Members Profile. The 3. With 3 adults and fishing gear it would be a bit of a squeeze. I've got 3 kids all under 12 and I no longer take our family of five out. The trick to both boats is launching. Retrieving is a piece of cake on any firm sandy beach. Hook a rope and drag it up with the car.

I put a third wheel on my trailer for beach launching. Only used it the once before getting a new job and moving. Works a charm though. I may look at a Mac again in the future and I'd go for small square icy-tek, squabbed bins for seating as an option.

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With the flat floor, theres room for simple paddles, safety gear and to run fuel lines and electric cables. Sounds like you have a good handle on small boat handling and weight distribution, so will all come natural to you OKProwler.

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Btw8thrzmor Members Profile. Its really stable, even in chop, light as light. I considered a Mac but weight for weight the smart wave outperformed … its a pretty wee thing too, the only downside is console makes less room to walk around, and so a bit harder to set the net from. OneWayTraffic Members Profile. Welcome to the forums! I would concede to the smartwave having more room and maybe even a better ride but in boats this size themac with its pontoons. Don Members Profile. Mac owners and former owners.

Would you put the high sides on a new MAC? Do they offer any benefits for the extra weight?

perfect small boat for beach launching

Snappa Geoff the worlds best snapper fisherman has them on his Mac and he launches of a mean surf beach MacSkipper Members Profile. Don wrote: Absolutely here's mine setup from new - without high sides and nose cone would feel very exposed in what is a 12 footer. Could That Mac take a 40 hp meaning auto trim tilt. Front steer. Mine doesn't have them but I did get extensions welded on the top of the transom to stop the wave-slop that spills over in choppy conditions. Best thing I ever did.

However mine is a heavy 25hp Honda, tilt and trim, forward steer, and I have had to add weight to the fore hatch to counter balance it. I had trouble getting it up on the plane, so fitted a higher pitched prop and added 35kgs of lead in the nose. Forum Permissions You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this forum You can vote in polls in this forum.

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