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If you delete an app with shared files from your iOS device, you also delete those shared files from your device and your iCloud or iTunes backup. There might be other ways to delete files from an app. Read your app's user guide to find out more. What you need for File Sharing The latest version of iTunes. An iOS app that works with File Sharing. Click your device in iTunes. Get help if you can't find it. Drag and drop files from a folder or window onto the Documents list to copy them to your device.

Choose only files that will work with the app. Check the app's user guide to learn which kinds of files will work.

Everything you need to know about the new Files app on iOS 11

You can add a file to iCloud Drive and create your own folders, or just copy files to the top level of iCloud Drive. On iOS, either open the app that can view the file, or open the iCloud Drive app, tap the file, and then tap the Share button to see your options for opening the file.

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Some iOS apps can use iTunes File Sharing, a way of adding and managing files in iTunes so these apps can access them. Scroll down to the File Sharing section. When I click Sync at the bottom of the window, iTunes will copy that file as well as copy any other items selected to sync, such as music, apps, etc. You can also delete files by selecting them in the File Sharing dialog and pressing the Delete key.

Part 2: How to access iPhone files on Mac or PC with iCloud

This is the case even if the files have been copied to your iOS device. Other apps may show the files immediately. The app converts and transfers the files, and you can then access them in the Music or Videos app. This works across multiple locations, so you can keep dragging as you tap to visit many folders and tags, tapping files as you go, until you have everything you want. And once you.

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Be careful, though. Workaround include keeping a tag just for this, and dragging them onto it. Nothing will be moved, just tagged.

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  5. Or you can tap the home button and drop the files on an open space in your home screen. Fortunately, files are copied, not moved, so you can safely delete the erroneously-copied files and leave the originals untouched. File support is a little inconsistent so far. Some files can be viewed and even edited inside Files.

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    Others will open in their parent app once tapped. You can find out more about a file by long-pressing it to bring up a popover, similar to the ones that appear when you select text on iOS.

    There is a mysterious Sharing feature, which lets you share a file and edit it with other people. I shared a text file with our own Luke Dormehl, and it was added to his iCloud Drive, but he was unable to edit it.