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Try Apache Batik. You can also use phantomjs to render the svg. The advantage is that it renders it like a browser would since it's basically a headless WebKit. Once you download it you need phantomjs binary and the rasterizer.

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I learned that without the "-density" argument, the bitmap would be very pixelized. Change the -density value to match your need. ImageMagick's convert command, using some other parameters, is what did it for me. Here's my batch Bash script solution that divides the task across multiple processes to make use of all your cores!

Modify as needed. As commented previously ImageMagick does the trick. I just wanted to add a point for GraphicsMagick , an old fork of ImageMagick that has some improvements and much less dependency bloat when installed via fink. I used Inkscape command line interface to produce png files with a width of 80px. No external binaries required.

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By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Lorin Hochstein Lorin Hochstein 1, 4 22 I found a way if you have Google Chrome Or without installing anything: I have tested it only on OS X Unfortunately this clips images to a square. Ah, qlmanage -t gives the thumbnail used by Quick Look in Finder, etc. Clever idea. Unfortunately, these thumbnails can be buggy, especially when there's text involved.

This produces images with the svg file in the 1st quadrant. Doesn't auto crop. Trying to convert files from noun project - wish this worked. This solution fails to take transparency into account. The tool rsvg-convert in ahti's answer worked out before for me. Putting both width and height parameters after the -s option didn't work for me. Still crops it to a square. Very frustrating! I found that for me the best tool for the job is rsvg-convert. It can be found in brew with brew install librsvg and is used like this: The width is determined automatically.

Ahti Ahti 6 3. This is the only one that worked for me on Mavericks and commons. This failed for some of my SVGs, strangely. The qlmanage answer worked for all of them but put a white background, which I don't want.

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With rsvg-convert , the resulting. With qlmanage the image is cropped to a square. Still searching for a solution: P Something like the following would convert a. Jessie Jessie 1, 10 It sort of has a GUI, in display. It turned out that I needed to install librsvg2-bin as well.

If librsvg2-bin isn't installed like on OS X this will fail.

Couldn't find a way to get that installed on OS X. This won't work well if you want to resize the SVG as it generates blurry images. It doesn't convert all SVG files correctly either; at least qlmanage got all the parts of the image. Other than that, job well done!

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