Mac air trackpad not clicking

Mac OS X Lion The diagnostics came up with an issue. The error message: Apple Hardware Test has detected an error. Finally i decided, that the problem is on the left side of the machine close to the where the battery ribbon cable plugs in. Because while booting the machine I decided to GENTLY press the cable connectors on the left side and the board itself, which suddenly brought the trackpad back to life.

Then when I stopped pressing, the trackpad stopped responding.

Mac Book Pro - Trackpad Not "Clicking" Issue

Now I'm not sure if any of the circuitry has bad solder joint or a ribbon cable had a broken wire or if a short circuit on the board occurred. I repeated the exercise of pressing the connectors etc in STEP 9 since the problem didn't go away and on the first occasion. This time the Trackpad and Keyboard continued to work. The complexity of circuit boards today and the amount of heat that is present around that side of the machine could indeed lead to circuits malfunctioning intermittently, which is why some of the solutions that others tried actually worked. In my case the last attempt of pressing the left side of the circuitry and cable connectors has been working for 24 hours.

But I do believe that the situation could and probably will happen again. But I hope it doesn't. I use my machine while traveling so it does get moved around quite a bit, which could cause something to move within the system that recreates the problem. As a side note: Bad solder joints are well noted to cause this type of intermittent problem, as when the Bad solder joint occurs, it means a part of a circuit will not be functioning as the joint becomes open circuit which can have a plethora of different outcomes, depending on which part of the circuit is affected.

Hopefully, this will help others with their issues. But remember never to add lots of heavy pressure when doing any of the above, otherwise the board could break so gentle is good. Since everything has been working, I decided to run Diagnostics again, and guess what? Test Results show: No Trouble found! So this now makes logical sense. The issue has been resolved at least temporarily, and the Diagnostics prove that.

After trying everything I could read about it I still had the problem. Then finally I found out my problem. I had access to the MacBook Air via an external keyboard and mouse. Same problem as above. My trackpad preferences did not see my onboard trackpad. Only a spinning wheel. My iMac preferences showed my MBA and was trying to share it. I think it had the monitor. I had two monitors showing in my upper menu. Totally fine. I assume I could have turned off bluetooth on the MacBook Air and it would have resolved the problem also.

I imagine that if I took the MacBook Air for a walk away from my iMac the problem would have gone away also. The MacBook Air was waiting for the iMac to take over. I had the problem at home with MBA. Took to seller and everything worked perfectly. Came back home and problem continued. Turned off Bluetooth as you suggested, and now, all is well. Difficult to believe one has to go on an online search to find independent answers to Apple's shortcomings.

MacBook Air trackpad click not responding?

Makes the idea of Apple customer service laughable. Bob Virzi. I had the exact same problem! Had to reboot using the power key, which was still working. I turned Bluetooth off and on again, and that restored my internal keyboard and trackpad functionality. I tried it because of the above comment on the MacBook Air thinking a Bluetooth mouse I had for my desktop was around. Thanks a lot for this man!

I splashed some water on my keyboard and wiped it off with a towel and must of somehow turned the bluetooth on and disabled my mouse and keyboard. This fixed the problem instantly. Henrik Kjellin. I opened it and saw fresh milk! In such a case, there is only one thing to do, the distilled water trick.

Then you put your Mac on a baking tray and rinse it with distilled water - humidity doesn't kill a computer, it's the salts, sugars and acids that does or in this case milk. Plug back in the battery, and it's as good as new! I'm writing on now: Per Jensen perjens. My Mac needed to be updated to latest OS-X. I updated and it still did not work.

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I tried many of the suggestions. Then shut-down the system and restarted normally, still working. For sure the OS-X update was the key, but if it was the safe mode start which gave the final fix I'm not sure why. Long story short on our used MacBook Air: Daughter said: I read where some folks had found press down hard on the case to fix things. So I removed the bottom cover, 3 screws to lift battery to expose trackpad. What I found was a small piece of waded up tissue size of dime smashed flat near the left side under battery, removed the piece of tissue.

I tightened all the screws seated all the ribbon cables now it did not work at all even pressing hard. Between battery and trackpad to act as a spacer. Perhaps applying more pressure to the trackpad was what was needed here. Everything works as intended now!

What someone did was use the tissue paper to add a bit of pressure. I don't recommend leaving the tissue paper here as it is flammable and it does get hot here.

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  8. Best to all it out and use some kaptan tape or better yet replace the trackpad and the cable. Dan, I may try this. I feel like the technicians that replaced my battery may have done something that is making my MacBook Pro unresponsive. That ribbon cable might be getting too hot. Rrien dxnkiqiibcc. Had the same issue - trackpad and keyboard not working on MacBook.

    Power button was.

    SOLVED: Why is my keyboard/trackpad not working? - MacBook Air 13" Mid - iFixit

    External trackpad and keyboard worked fine. Decided to try to open the back of the laptop to see if I could figure something out, but before I could cry about not having the right screwdriver, I saw a tiny piece of paper sticking out of the vent. Used a vacuum to suck it out and voila! Everything is working fine again! Yzan yzan. In my case, the problem was the cable connecting the touchpad to the motherboard. One of the wires in the cable was not conducting the electricity anymore. That crippled the communication between the motherboard and the touchpad.

    But because the keyboard is attached to the motherboard over the touchpad, the keyboard did not work as well. The only button that was still working was the power button. Likely because it does not communicate with the motherboard over the message bus which was crippled but over a distinct wire in the cable. I ordered a new flex cable on the internet. But the cable I got was for an older version of MacBook Air it looked the same, the size was the same, but it had fewer wires.

    Once I got the correct version of the cable, everything worked again. Shafiul Alam shafiul For me it started working when I enabled my guest log in and then logged in as guest. I logged out from guest user logged in as regular, all works fine now. Strange, but worked! Michael Newell mnewell. Because the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard is slightly raised and the MacBook Pro keyboard is slightly sunken, the keyboard can rest above the keys without interference.

    This may not work for all models and there are several different types of keyboards from Apple. But, it does allow you to utilize the trackpad and laptop in a fashion similar to how it was designed. Juan Manuel LF juanm Of course dependent on the design of your MacBook and could affect any other MacBook, as I was able to verify with a friend.

    I recently bought a Bose Revolve portable speaker, my setup was as shown below the speaker is the grey cylinder at the left of the computer , I had just moved the Bose there since I had just finished charging it. So, just came back to this page to register that, in case it saves someones soul some suffering… move the computer from where you have it to see if maybe there is some strange magnetic field or something that is messing with the sensors, haha, have a good one.

    After spending all day trying everything suggested again and again trackpad and keyboard are back! When I connected external mouse and keyboard all worked, however when I opened up settings for trackpad it showed searching for Bluetooth with no options. SMC light changed on power connector but no luck. I tried switching the Bluetooth off but then no trackpad recognised in settings at all.

    Last resort hairdryer on cold setting and gave it a thorough blast all around trackpad and keyboard, SMC reset and bingo! Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index. The only key that works on the keyboard is the power button. View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers. Is this a good question? Yes No. Voted Undo. Score Hello I am completely stuck.

    The All-New. The high performance electronics repair kit. Browse Our Store. Most Helpful Newest Oldest. Chosen Solution. Was this answer helpful? Score 9. Most Helpful Answer. For me it worked with a simple SMC reset whilst the machine was turned on: Worked like a charm! Thnax worked for me.

    That worked fine but why this problem is appeared? Macbook Air 13" Frozen keyboard and trackpad My mothers MacBook Air 13" suddenly became unresponsive with both the keyboard and trackpad. Using external keyboard and mouse, run a full OS restore. This was LION I then figured the last option was to update to Mountain Lion It's only After running the full update she now has her wonderful baby back and it's even running faster.

    Resetting SMC: Shut down the computer. Plug in the MagSafe power adapter to a power source, connecting it to the Mac if its not already connected.

    2. Check Relevant Settings

    On the built-in keyboard, press the left side Shift-Control-Option keys and the power button at the same time. Release all the keys and the power button at the same time. Press the power button to turn on the computer. Locate the following keys on the keyboard: You will need to hold these keys down simultaneously in step 4. Turn on the computer. Press and hold the Command-Option-P-R keys before the gray screen appears. Hold the keys down until the computer restarts and you hear the startup sound for the second time.

    Release the keys. Thanks a lot! Upgrading the OS X helped. At least for now ;- Sequence of events that happened in the situation with my machine: Machine is the first version of MacBook Air from Processor 1. MacBookAir1,1 Had no problems at all until the original Factory installed apple battery decided to expand and swell the housing of the keyboard and trackpad. At least on my MBAir. Chances are, dislodging a crumb is probably what bending the chassis did for another poster.

    I'll leave it up to you to consider if that course of action is preferable. Feb 5, 4: I found the same with my MacBook Air where the trackpad didn't click or even move when pressed left or right. I then gently tapped all over the trackpad, especially around the outermost edge, and eventually started to get some movement and clicking when the pad was pressed.

    My suspicion is a bit of dust or other extraneous material had got down around the edge of the trackpad and was preventing it from depressing correctly. Jun 4, To be more clear on the problem I'm having, the trackpad itself is a click anywhere pad, but its only making an audible click sound when i click on the right side of the trackpad.

    When I click on the left side, it's like hitting a surface, there's no response, whereas on the right, the pad goes down a bit and you hear a click. Page content loaded. Jun 3, Navigate to System Preferences - Trackpad and ensure tap to click is selected. If it already is then try doing a SMC reset. I don't think so at all, I'd be a little surprised if it's a hardware problem. Jun 4, 6: You seem to think it's hardware so if you're right no manner of tinkering on your part is going to fix it. It's still covered by warranty which is good.

    Dec 7, Jan 1, 1: Hi Jonathan - you probably have a bent frame as I do.

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    I confirmed this by bending the frame back very carefully!! It's the physical thin design of the Air that's probably hard to make rigid enough - if you put the machine on a level table, you can see that the TouchPad area rests in the air, supported by the two plastic "feet" or bulges at each corner of the bottom.

    Each click on the TouchPad puts a stress on the material, which in the end gives, jamming the click mechanism. They should at least take the bulging black feet out of the bottom. Jan 1, 2: Jan 21, 9: Dec 11, 3: Dec 17, 3: I removed the hardshell casing on my Macbook Air. I stood the Macbook on its left side on the bed. And I tapped or rapped lightly the back of the macbook behind the trackpad.

    Whatever mechanism that was stuck fell into place. When I checked on it, the left side of the trackpad clicked normally. I assume this can work on the right side as well. Feb 2, Feb 3, 1: Hardshell as in hardcover case, to protect it from scratches. If you don't use one for you Macbook air, then disregard it. Just rap the thing in the back. Macbook air touchpad not clicking. It makes an audible click when you press it on the right but not the left More Less. Communities Contact Support.

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