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Find your IP Address via the Mac OS X Terminal

If you find the above gives you more than one answer, save the following to a script, and run it instead. Type ifconfig or ifconfig -a.

This command shows you the list of interfaces along with their IP and MAC addresses the latter one only if applicable. You can also type ifconfig en0 or ifconfig en1 for the configuration of a particular interface only as someone said in their answers, en0 is typically the wired Ethernet while en1 is the WiFi interface. As an alternative, netstat -i will list all interfaces and will show you the IP addresses you have assigned to each of them. Typically, when you have SSH daemon running on a box, it will listen on all available interfaces, ie.

If you're after what the OS calls a Primary interface and primary IP address, you can use the scutil command like this:. Please note, that the above, even though is a command-line command, is also interactive so you run scutil and then enter its own commands into it.

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The first show command tells you the name of the primary interface for the OS i. The second show command takes State: You're looking for the address in the Addresses array, the other two entries are broadcast addresses and the netmasks. It should work even when you have multiple interfaces active, even when you have interfaces you don't know which one is actually the default gateway. Just for the record, you can make a bash script with the following content which gives you your external IP address. Thank you for your interest in this question.

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Find your IP Address on a Mac

How do I find my IP Address from the command line? Ask Question. JShoe JShoe 1, 6 19 This shows my internal to my router IP address e.

How to Find the IP Address on a Mac

As do most of the other answers below. Didn't work for me: The following works for me on Brad Parks Brad Parks 1, 11 The should be the accepted answer in my opinion since it doesn't require any wired vs. Ah, I retract then. I added a script that should hopefully address this issue..

Copy this information from the command prompt screen into a notepad document: Right-click anywhere in the command prompt window and choose Select All. Press Enter to copy the text from the Command Prompt screen. Right-click and choose Paste to put the information into the document.

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Save and Print the document and keep it with your important papers. At the Terminal Prompt, type ifconfig and press Enter. This will list all of your network settings, including the physical addresses of your wired and wireless hardware. Keep this document with your important papers.

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