Change processor mac mini 2011

All other test results in the above chart are in seconds; lower numbers are better.

What hasn't changed

Reference models in italics. Best result in bold. How we tested: We used Handbrake 0. We ran a timedemo in Call of Duty 4 at a resolution of x with 4X anti-aliasing turned on. When it comes to graphics performance, our benchmark results were mixed. Newer games, such as Portal 2, perform much better with Intel integrated graphics processors. The lower-end mini had no problem playing p video when connected to an HDTV.

New Mac minis deliver serious performance

It will certainly help if you tend to run many applications simultaneously. When it comes to the Mac mini line, the biggest questions have always focused on options and upgradeability. As with most recent Macs, your build-to-order options for the entry-level model are limited: As with previous Mac mini models, you bring your own peripherals.

To be fair, few people are going to max out their Mac mini with all these options. New Mac minis add Thunderbolt, lose optical drive.

Mac Mini goes Sandy Bridge: Specs, details and our thoughts

Core i5 MacBook Airs approach perfection. Change Apple Watch app grid to list view. DonMigs85 Member Jul 23, Sep 3, 26, 2 33 Philippines. I dunno if that's a deal breaker yet, but it certainly puts a kink in my buying plans. Still, it should serve you well enough for the next few years as an all-around computer as long as you're not doing any heavy gaming, video encoding, etc. Sanjuro Member Jul 23, Nov 19, 98, 0 1, DonMigs85 said:.

Jun 22, 4, 0 0 Munich. Tobor Member Jul 23, Sep 15, 41, 0 0. Macs have great resale value. You upgrade by selling it and paying the difference for a new one. ReBurn Member Jul 23, It imagine the motherboard configuration is custom enough that an attempt to upgrade the CPU in 3 years would be a futile exercise. Jo Shishido's Cheeks Member Jul 23, May 22, 8, 0 Was waiting until these got upgraded CPU's before considering to buy one but now they have it's the lack of disc drive that puts me off.

 Mac mini mid 2011 Heat Sink Replacement

Tobor said:. Jo Shishido's Cheeks said:. R2D4 Banned Jul 23, Dec 22, 6, 0 0.

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Not going to happen. Whatever I buy, I'm gonna stick with it for several years because I'm not one to upgrade every couple years like some of these wackos.

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Stumpokapow listen to the mad man Jul 23, May 21, 17, 2 0. RE resale value, I took a scan of eBay to try to get some representative samples of what Mac Minis sell for I don't personally have one, so I had no idea: Nov 5, 5, 0 0.

Lightning and Thunderbolt

What're you going to use this thing for? Bboy AJ My parents were murdered by a 3. Dec 17, 14, 38 1, Bboy AJ said:. You just said you wanted to upgrade. MrHicks Banned Jul 23, Dec 2, 7, 0 0. R2D4 said:. Yeah why upgrade to modern hardware when you can sit on the old shit for a decade? Fuck progress.

Mostly Photoshop and Premiere. Its size would make it highly convenient so I can easily take it to work with me.

Hellsing Member Jul 23, Oct 1, 13, 0 0. Reselling it to get the latest model will probably be about the same price as buying a new retail CPU. I guess he prefers upgrading individual components over buying a whole new machine every few years. In the past this has worked well for me because I have been able to find triple-digit costing CPUs about three years later in the double digits. If you have a competent motherboard, you can really stretch it for a long, long time. Well, as we said, that's not possible with a Mac Mini.