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At the heart of the new Mac Pro is the thermal core, a unified heat sink around which the processor board and two graphics processor boards are attached. Where the previous Mac Pro had eight separate fans, the most recent Mac Pro only has one. It draws air through the base and out through the top of the casing, over the heat sink that stretches from the top of the Mac Pro to the bottom. Naturally, this means it runs very quietly.

The Mac Pro is designed to be used on top of your desk, not underneath it, and its quiet running, attractive casing and minimal footprint means it's welcome to do just that. Apple is known for its delightful design features, and the new Mac Pro is no exception. Turn the Mac Pro to get at the expansion ports around the back as far as a cylindrical casing can be said to have a 'back' , and they all light up.

Even if the Mac Pro isn't currently powered up, the ports are lit so you can plug in or disconnect peripherals. Leave it still for a few seconds, and the light fades to off again. Most of the Mac Pro's main expansion options are geared around external peripherals, so it has an excellent range of data ports. There are four high-speed USB 3. These are based on the Thunderbolt 2 protocol, which combines the two 10Gbs channels offered by first-generation Thunderbolt into one 20Gbs bi-directional channel, making it ideal for streaming large amounts of data, such as 4K video.

With a unique design and tremendous power, this is the workstation to beat

As up to six Thunderbolt peripherals can be daisy-chained to each port, the Mac Pro can support up to 36 Thunderbolt devices at once. He used a BitFenix Prodigy case , a great choice. The last Mac Pro I reviewed was in Little had changed externally since the PowerMac G5 I bought years ago.

Apple Mac Pro (Late 2013) - 3 Years Later!

I was a late adopter for the notebook as a desktop usage model, but a lack of progress on the Mac Pro drove me away from the design. From left to right: You may be able to swap out a drive or fiddle around with some sticks of DRAM, but no one is adding discrete cards at least internally to a notebook. The situation for Mac desktops is even more cut and dry. That leaves other PCIe devices that get cut out if you go to a design with less internal flexibility.

In the spirit of the of the MasterCard commercials: You can do roughly 1. I wanted a huge desktop. The argument for even building a high-end desktop is easy to make. It all boils down to TDP. The bigger the device, the greater your ability to remove heat and the more performance you can unlock.

Apple’s latest Mac Pro is powerful, but it isn’t always a clear upgrade.

The thermal core is in the shape of a triangular prism, with each lateral surface attaching directly to one of the three processors. If the desktop market is to not just stick around but grow as well, it needs to evolve - and that also includes design. Mac Pro Thermal Core - iFixit. The new Mac Pro is a dramatic departure from its predecessors. The chassis is still all aluminum with the exception of a plastic cover over the fan but it features a dark anodized finish vs.

The surface of the new Mac Pro is also incredibly smooth.

Review: Apple's redesigned late 2013 Mac Pro

There's a heft and quality to the design that is at odds with how small and portable it is. I'm hardly an art critic but I do feel like there's a lot to appreciate about the design and construction of the new Mac Pro. PCMag reviews products independently , but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. Terms of use. Pros Dramatic departure from boring, boxy designs. Cons Expensive, even for an Apple product. Bottom Line The Apple Mac Pro is a powerhouse in a surprisingly small package, leveraging innovative design and extreme connectivity to completely re-imagine the professional desktop workstation.

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Apple Mac Pro review (): small, fast and in a league of its own

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