Pc vs mac for professional photographers

New computers will certainly run photography software faster, but older computers really anything released in the past years will still run programs like Lightroom and Photoshop. It seems steep, but a great monitor will really help make sure your prints look the way you intend. For this amount you should get some kind of monitor either included separately, or as part of the computer — like an all in one iMac, or Dell Inspiron.

Desktop or Laptop?

This price might not include the cost of a monitor and you probably should be looking for a proper color accurate display to add to the computer. When shopping for a new computer make sure to pay close attention to the following features. Your computer needs something to store its operating system files and programs on. Right now computer manufacturers are transitioning from hard disk drives HDD which store information on spinning magnetic platters, to solid state drives SSD which have no moving parts like the type of storage used in your cell phone.

Solid state drives read and write data much faster than traditional hard disk drives. The downside is that solid state drives are often small in capacity and cost more to upgrade.

What Computer Should You Get For Photography?

Your computer will be much faster with your operating system running on a solid state drive. I strongly recommend upgrading to a solid state drive even if you have to settle for a lower capacity drive. The performance of these drives seem pretty good, the main disadvantage seems to be when moving large amounts of files larger than the SSD can cache , then you end up with the super slow HDD speeds. For the average user I think this is a fair trade off.

This is probably the second most important feature to consider when purchasing a new computer. RAM stands for random access memory.

Mac vs. PC for Photographers: The Ultimate Guide

For example editing multiple high resolution images is going to take up more RAM than editing a couple of text documents. A video card is what outputs images and video from your computer to your monitor. You might even be able to get by without a video card in which case the GPU is integrated into the motherboard or CPU. Processors can also have multiple cores.

Differences Between the Platforms

The more cores a CPU has the more operations it is capable of performing simultaneously. Photography programs like Lightroom and Photoshop will benefit from a faster processor speed. That said you may not need the fastest processor out there. It will simply take your computer a bit longer to perform some tasks like exporting photos, or generating preview files. Generally when it comes to processors the higher the GHz, the faster the computer, and the more cores the processor has, the more capable it is of handling professional applications. My recommendation is against creating a hackintosh because they take more work than either Macs or PCs to setup and to maintain.

I really enjoyed experimenting with hackintoshes. We originally built them at the time when it seemed like Apple was discontinuing the Mac Pro and we badly needed to upgrade our current Mac Pros. The hackintoshes allowed us to build very powerful computers quite cheaply. Fast forward to today and those Hackintoshes are now quite old.

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We ended up getting two inch Apple Retina 5Ks. We upgraded to the 4. This first computer is definitely overkill at the moment. So basically the only difference between the computers is the amount of RAM, the size of the SSD, and the video cards. For both computers we ordered the additional 3 year warranty Apple Care. We use our computers professionally for hours everyday, so our choice of upgrades are a bit on the heavy side. The 27inch screens for the Apple 5K are beautiful. Photos look absolutely stunning on this display. The color and detail from this screen is mind blowing.

Text looks razor sharp. We do still have a color accurate display for print work , but for our primary screens I much prefer looking at the the ultra high resolution 5Ks. I would also consider a slower processor. The 4. We tend to upgrade our computers only every years Computers are expensive so you want to make sure you get good value out of them!

I also want to stress the importance of peripheral devices to your photography.

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  4. I wish I had gotten a nice photo printer sooner we paid for our photo printer with our very first print order! If you already have a computer I would recommend getting a printer before a new computer. One final tip: You can purchase refurbished computers directly from Apple which even qualify for the 3-year extended warranty.

    When we were first getting started with photography we purchased one of our first laptops used, so check your local classifieds for deals! If you have any other tips for buying a new computer for photography feel free to leave a note in the comments below! I love all things photography: You will lose your photos some day - make sure they're not gone for good. Create your perfect backup system the simple way - and save money with this fairytale eBook.

    I have used Windows system earlier.

    What I found was over a period of time it tends to get slower. Thanks for sharing all your helpful info. We're The Photography Concentrate Team: Daniel, Jill, Kaitlyn and Kristal. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.

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    Is Mac or PC Better for Graphic Designers?

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