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Hollande on Friday said during a trip to India that French jet manufacturer Dassault Aviation had been given no choice about its local partner in a deal with the Indian administration. The French government said Sunday it feared damage to its relations with India after former president Francois Hollande stirred controversy about a major deal to sell fighter jets to New Delhi.

Hollande, who left office in May last year, said Friday during a trip to India that French jet manufacturer Dassault Aviation had been given no choice about its local partner in a deal with the Indian administration. The nationalist government of Narendra Modi agreed to buy 36 Rafale jets from Dassault, which announced afterwards it was partnering for the project with billionaire Anil Ambani rather than India's public defence conglomerate HAL.

Hollande's announcement that Dassault "did not have a say in it" added fuel to claims from India's opposition that the New Delhi government had intervened to help Ambani, who is a supporter of Modi and hails from the same state as him. Hollande made the comments to defend himself from accusations of a conflict of interest because Ambani's Reliance conglomerate had partially financed a film produced by his girlfriend, Julie Gayet, in The choice of Reliance for a highly strategic contract to upgrade India's ageing fleet of fighter jets had caused surprise at the time because the group had no previous experience in the aeronautics industry.

Hollande's comments were front-page news in Indian newspapers on Saturday and it was the top trending topic on Twitter. Rahul Gandhi, head of the main opposition Congress party, who is seeking to replace Modi and his rightwing Bharatiya Janata Party BJP in elections next year, went on the offensive. It's a question of the dignity of the office of the prime minister," he told a news conference in New Delhi. Read more on rafale. It is noted that after crashing on Earth she developed a fear of heights. Her identity is made top secret, and she protects the president and her cabinet as an SP agent in government.

She has a tendency to be quiet and shy of strangers and a girl that leaves a fleeting impression in some respects. She can be a natural airhead that takes jokes seriously and does hysterical things. Ell is the younger sister of Starship Jeremiah, better known as Remi, the two share a rivalry because Remi is jealous that her creator Ku Little Little seems more prideful of her newer creation Ell than herself. Her design and personality as well as artificial nature are very similar to Hatsune Miku.

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As a mysterious woman with an obscure private life, she also works part-time at a Chinese restaurant while serving as Yukino's Chief of Staff. She is the former student council president, currently undertaking the role of student council advisor. She constantly provides various intelligence by making use of her wide connections. She is the person that recommended Yukino to become student council president. She mostly takes care of domestic affairs, and the president and internal staff depend on her.

She gives instructions to the staff while serving them her delicious Chinese cuisine. Out of the main female cast, Ran has the largest bust size. Kuon is a very sincere and decent person. She is completely devoted to Irina who is her mistress and wishes for nothing but her happiness. She is on good terms with everyone in the series as long as they don't try to harm Irina, she shows a lot of jealousy towards Junichiro in Irina's Route and falls in love with him in Ran's Route. She wears a maid's attire. Morita is a man with light brown hair and glasses, behind them are blood red eyes.

He often walks around without a shirt on for an unknown reason, Morita is actually a space detective who administrates a secret agency named Coalition Headquarters. Quo is very aloof most of the time, even after vaporizing the leaders of Nippon she didn't seem to care or just didn't show that she cared.

She is very proud of Ell, due to her being her latest and most productive creation, she is fond of Junichiro and loves to tease him in situations where he's at conflict with himself, but also helps him in situations where he is with any of the heroines. She loves to play video games, spending hours a day on several games rather than trying to finish a device that will turn the world back to normal.

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In the fan disc, she and Remi are date-able characters. Starship Jeremiah, better known as Remi, is the older sister of Ell, despite her noticeably short stature and bust size. It is revealed in Ell's route that she is jealous of Ell, because Ku Little Little takes more pride in her newer creation, Starship Ezekiel. Remi seems to have a lesbian attraction to Yukino, which bothers Junichiro a great deal. She is associated with Guardian, making it her mission to kidnap the president of Nippon, Yukino Ohama. She has a habit of saying the phrase mokyu a lot. In the fan disc, she and Ku Little Little are date-able characters.

His actual name is Psion. Despite his appearance, Saionji is a colleague of Guardian. Though he takes the form of a panda, he is Ran's father.

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A strange-looking elderly man who is an accomplice of the co-operation Guardian. His clothes seem to be foreign, around his neck is a necklace with a red jewel of some kind. We sincerely apologize for the trouble. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions regarding this issue. About This Game You are the protagonist! Because of a business trip, your dad has to leave you and hire maids to take care of you.

You find out that your 3 childhood friends got hired to be your maids! However, your Dad tells you that you can only choose 1 maid when he returns!

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Yui Miyazaki She is a university student. Great with all household chores. In particular, she enjoys cooking and baking snacks for you. She took care of you when your mom died. Because of her warm personality, she became your first love. Amane She is your innocent and clumsy classmate. Mina confessed to you when you were still kids, but you were too young back then. Because she still wants to get closer to you, Mina decided to apply as your maid.

Kim is a terrible cook, but she has superior cleaning and laundry skills. System Requirements Windows. Vista Processor: Version 9.

OS X Any 64 bit processor Memory: See all. View all. Click here to see them. Customer reviews. High Volume of Reviews Detected: Overall Reviews:.