Opi the show must go on vs mac bad fairy

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OPI The Show Must Go On Swatches & Review

Wacky Laki. Musing On Beauty. My Lucid Bubble. I'm finding that a well edited collection makes me so much happier. I also bought a smartph Liquid Jelly. Waite a Little.

OPI Burlesque Collection for Holiday Swatches, Review & Comparisons : All Lacquered Up

Just a warning this post is going to be a little bit all over the place but I hope you all with bear with me! I'm not sure who actually keeps up Nail of This Week. Playing With Polish. I think this warm su Shout-out to Wordpress Followers!

As you might already know, Mostly Sunny was moved yesterday to its own domain. Hooked On Polish. Perilously Pale. Show 5 Show All. Total Pageviews. I love the green tinge. I wonder how this compares to Rescue Beauty Lounge Locavore?

Hopefully I get my hands on that one soon so I can compare! Show It and Glow It! This one is mostly magenta and silver but also contains blue, yellow, orange, and green.

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Possibly my favorite of the collection, but it's hard to choose! Simmer and Shimmer. Mostly blue and silver, but also has magenta, yellow, orange, and green. I'm wearing this today to the Dodgers game later! I love glitters so it's no surprise that I really like all of these! I love that they're so multicolored, being able to see all the different colors makes you want to look at them all day.

Be sure to click on each image to show the full-sized version, you can see the glitter in much more detail. I have shown three coats of each and they were pretty much opaque; any bald spots you see are my own fault.

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I didn't use any topcoat for the swatches but they were gritty so you will probably want to use one. Topcoat also intensifies the sparkle! Drying time was fairly quick and the consistency was pretty easy to work with. I would definitely recommend all of them! Be careful when removing them. Either place remover-soaked pads on your nails and wrap with foil or press the pad against each nail for 20 seconds and a time before swiping it away.

OPI v Mac The Show Must Go On! v Bad Fairy Sunlight copy

It was pretty easy to remove using this method, but make sure to have plenty of pads on hand and use a clean section for each nail. The bottle excited me because I could see a pinkish-reddish and orange duochrome. But the color is like a lemur pretending to be a lion.

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OPI is known for putting out tons of reds in almost every collection. This is an unnecessary red. Had it been brighter or darker, it may have won me over. But this was too much middle-of-the-roadness that it makes me fall asleep! The formula on this baby was perfection.