Cant mount external hard drive partition mac

Digital camera SD card corrupted itself? Don't despair — here's what you can do to recover your files on your own. Some users have reported success in getting their previously missing drives to show up by rebuilding the macOS launch services database. You can rebuild the database by downloading and installing free maintenance app OnyX. Launch it and input your administrator password so that OnyX can make changes.

The app may ask to verify the structure of your desk; click Continue and wait if so. OnyX will appear unresponsive while the process completes. Once OnyX comes back to life, click on the Maintenance tab followed by Rebuilding. Make sure that LaunchServices is checked you can uncheck the rest then click Run Tasks at the bottom of the window. While this happens, Finder may become unresponsive. Once the process is complete, restart your Mac. Try reconnecting your missing drive once it reboots.

1. Connect Your Drive and Check /Volumes/

Some older drives require USB leads with separate power connectors. You can try switching out the cable for another and seeing if that makes a difference. You can confirm whether or not the drive is faulty by trying to connect it to another computer, if you have one. One potential solution is searching online for your particular brand and model. Manufacturers may have included Mac drivers as a separate download. If you have outstanding updates to apply, try applying them and trying again.

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In particular, some firmware updates relate specifically to peripherals and devices that connect via USB. Launch the Mac App Store app and head to the Updates tab. Read More before installing major updates or upgrading macOS to the next major version. The only way is to reformat it. Reformatting will erase all data on the external hard drive, please make sure you have backed up important data.

Click the icon of the unmountable external drive on the left part of the window. Complete the related information name, format, scheme , then click Erase button. Store current Mac Data Recovery. Windows Data Recovery. NTFS for Mac. Cannot mount external hard drive on Mac, how to fix? Free Download. Still have questions? Contact us. How to fix Toshiba external hard drive not showing up on Mac? How to fix external hard drive not mounting in macOS Mojave? USB flash drive not mounting on Mac, how to fix it? How to recover deleted files with Mac Terminal?

Free Mac undelete software to undelete files on Mac How to fix "volume header needs minor repair" error?

disk utility - External Hard Drive Won't Mount - Ask Different

How to recover file from a deleted Mac user account? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. So I was trying various methods mentioned on this forum https: The HD under the indented section on the left panel would be in grey.

Nothing worked until I tried the most crude method mentioned on the forum as my last resort: Hope this is helpful. Thanks a bunch Xira!! Your method is the only thing that worked. A friendly interweb hi-five to ya! It seems to unmount a mount my USB3.

I would have died if I lost everything on my external hard drive. You saved my HD many times because of this tip alone. Thank you thank you thank you. Hi my external HDD is not getting mounted. This is what the results say:. What am I doing wrong or what is the issue? I need mount disk1s2. It is an external HDD with an Apple file system. I am trying to retrieve my personal data. It crashed due to the Yosemite upgrade.

I have the same problem!!! The SSD is a faint gray color in the disk utility: For the trick with unmounting and remounting a drive, just in case anything were to go wrong in the process, it would be better to replace the inner semicolons with double-ampersands that way, the remount is only attempted if the unmount were successful, and the success message would only be echoed if success actually occurred: How I can unlock my disk please help me out M in very bad situation and my drive is a fusion drive. My external drive is now greyed out in Disk Utility though the repair function works and says the disk is OK.

Unable to mount external hard drive on Mac, how to fix?

The disk permissions option is missing. Nothing seems to work. Also, it shows up in my disk utility in grey. Is there a way to at least get the files off of it if it is damaged? Thanks man! This saved my Harddisk it wouldt come up at finder only disk utility.

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Now its reconized, going to make a big backup and send it back: Hi, thanks for this! I do not see the external dvd writer listed. I do see it under disc burning and I can see the player with toast but cannot mount anything, data or dvd discs. DU says to repair disk and then try mounting again.

Mount & Unmount Drives from the Command Line in Mac OS X

This definitely does work, it just takes some time. If the light on your hard drive is blinking or you can hear the motor spinning, that means you Mac is trying to read it. It may time out, so you have to continue to prompt the disk utility to unmount, even if it says that the disk is already unmounted.

Mine finally unmounted after about ten tries. Then I typed the command to mount and it did. You have to be patient and stay at it. Remember that you are working with a machine. I have two simple shell scripts to make this easier because I can never remember the detail: If you want to fully automate the process of ejecting the disk based on a partition name, this should do the trick:.

If you connect a damaged disk, and the light indicates heavy activity but the OS does not immediately complain or appear to mount the disk, it is likely running fsck in the background. However, after a very long time it would sometimes mount the disk in read-only mode, and tell me that the disk could not be repaired and I should copy files I needed as soon as possible. I found that if I killed the fsck process, it would skip right to mounting it as read-only which, if you have a damaged disk, is probably the best you can hope for.

Note the second column a number will be the process ID e. Use that number not to kill the process:. Great advice — found the fsck process in Activity Monitor, killed it and very shortly after, the drive mounted. I have tried everything that has been mention on the above comments, and were now trying this but i am not sure what number i sould use?


The disk that will not show up is the one reffered to as disk2s2, and i could see the fsck activity as you mentioned. When i ran the comando this came up:.

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I just had the same problem. Tried disk repair, tried First Aid. It would say all good, but the drive would NOT mount. Doing it now. I should also add — DiskWarrior was the first program I tried.