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Put in the correct form of the words. There are a lot of regional different. Can you drive more slow. My brother plays badminton skillful.

Serious air pollute. While Hoa eat dinner, the telephone rang. Look at those black clouds!. It rain 8. We not see her since we be on holiday in Ha Long bay. Huong not finish her home work yet. They practise their music lesson at 7 oclock last night. Mary stay with us at the moment. She be my sisters friend. Nowadays, many history places are being destroyed seriously. John travel to England tomorrow. We never watch that TV programme. Easter is a joyful festival which celebrate in many countries.

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Huy is nominated as the most effect activist in the town charity program. The tradition food that people eat at Thanksgiving is turkey. David Beckham, whose wife is a singer, is a famous football play It rained heavy last night, so we decided to stay at home. Every one felt tire and hungry, so they sit. He is always willing to give other people what he has. He is very generosity The aodai is the tradition dress of Vietnamese women.

The bride and the groom would pray, asking their ancestors permit to be married. You should give up drink too much. My mother is a caring woman. All Library Resources. Print Resources. Digital Resources. Online E-Resources. Advanced Search.

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Browse Search. Search Limited to: Scholarly Unified Discovery Library resources Print resources Print materials comprise vast collections of print books, theses and dissertations, journals, periodicals, maps, etc. Digital resources This type of collection comprises TDTU-owned intellectual properties in formats of textbooks, theses and dissertations, conference proceedings, research outcomes, etc. Online E-resources Electronic materials comprise both purchase-to-access resources and free access resources. Course materials Course Materials are a collection which is built through syllabus, lecturer's requests for every particular course.

Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Views of nature of science questionnaire: Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 39 6 , — Revising instruction to teach nature of science—Modifying activities to enhance student understanding of science. McComas, W.

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The role and character of the nature of science in science education. McComas Ed. Rationales and strategies. Kluwer Academic Publishers.

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The nature of science in international science eduction standards documents. Mccomas Ed. Rationales and strategies pp. Nguyen, C. What are the perceptions of Vietnamese students in approaching the teaching and learning process in Australia? Impacts of socio-culture on the development of autonomous learning: A lens of Vietnamese context. Journal of Studies in Education, 1 1: E2 , 1— Thanh Nien Online. Retrieved from http: Niaz, M.

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Nature of science in general chemistry textbooks SpringerBriefs in education Vol. Quality Assurance and Testing Department. Retrieved June , from http: Quang, V. Schleicher, A. PISA Assessment framework: Key competencies in reading, mathematics and science. OECD publishing. Retrieved March, , from https: Stephen, W.

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Observatoins on undergraduate education in computer science, electrical engineering, and physics at select universities in Vietnam. Taylor, P. Development of an instrument for assessing constructivist learning environments.

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The constructivist learning environment survey CLES.