Mi mac esta lenta lion

While the cache can speed up data access and loading times, a large cache can actually have the exact opposite effect, and cause your Mac to run more slowly.

22 Reasons Why Your Mac Runs Slower Than it Should

If a particular application has started to lag, or your Mac seems to be struggling in general, then it may be time to clean out the cache. Rather than deleting entire folders, you should open each folder in turn and remove their contents, for example if you want to delete the Safari cache then you should open the com. One cache-cleaning app that you can download for free, is CleanMyMac 3. If it feels like your browser is starting to slow down, then it may be time to give it a bit of a spring clean!

Admit it: Every file on your desktop is a window with an image in it. And if you really do need easy access to a file, you can always create an alias on the desktop and then store the actual file elsewhere.

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While Dashboard widgets can provide quick and easy access to your most frequently-used apps, having a bunch of widgets running in the background can also put your Mac under some serious pressure, which will have a negative impact on its overall performance. After running those commands you will need to restart those programs by typing the following in Terminal before they take effect: When you customise an app, that app saves your settings to a dedicated preferences file.

Just be aware that you can only remove custom preferences. Sure, they look pretty but animated or slide show wallpapers take up a lot of system resources. Resist their charms and opt for a simple-but-classic, static wallpaper instead. After the desktop, the inbox is the other thing that many Mac users actually, most computer users let spiral out of control. Try to get into the habit of going through your Mailbox from time to time and deleting messages you no longer need — or, alternatively, why not get Mail to do all the hard work for you?

If after investigating all the other reason your Mac may be running slow you could try resetting the SMC System Management Controller , which may resolve issues related to fans, lights, video, power and can improve performance in certain circumstances. As iCloud becomes more and more an integral part of macOS machines operating with slower internet connections may struggle to stay fully synced and run smoothly. If you think your internet connection is holding you back have a look at our post here.

To change the default folder in all new Finder windows, in the Finder menu click preferences and choose a new folder under in the drop down menu. Sufficient disk space is essential for apps, music and media content, as well as being used for virtual memory should your physical memory be insufficient. Some problems with applications launching slowly or just generally acting weird may be remedied by repairing permissions.

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Mac OS X Lion terriblemente LENTO!

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Cómo formatear un equipo Mac para instalar macOS o OS X

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1. You need to purchase more memory

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