Ftp client for mac el capitan

ARCHIVED: For Mac OS X, what native FTP and SFTP clients are available, and how do they compare?

Results 1 to 12 of Check out Flow. Cyberduck is pretty solid as well. Important Links: Community Guidelines: Use the reputation system if you've been helped. M-F Blog:: Write for the blog Writing a Quality Post. I also like Cyberduck. Transit is really good too.

FTP - OS X El Capitan: The Missing Manual [Book]

There's also Forklift. I also use Cyberduck. Very nice program.

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Personally I've used Fetch. I just prefer it to lots of others. Any priest or shaman must be presumed guilty until proved innocent. It is very customizable and has a strong feature set.

Captain FTP

Perhaps its most useful feature is its ability to move files between directories and servers without using the hard drive as an intermediary. Visit the NetFinder web site at:. It is shareware available from JomoSoft. You may download it from:.

It is a commercial product developed by Robert Vasvari. You may download a demo from the RBrowser web site:. Although its interface doesn't attempt to mimic the Finder, it is straightforward and uncluttered.

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Transmit offers a compact and attractive interface that lets you view remote and local directories in the same window. Developed by Panic , Transmit is available as shareware from:. It has fewer features than the dedicated FTP clients, but its downloading capabilities are better than Netscape's or Mozilla's. Mozilla is the open source web browser upon which recent versions of Netscape are based.

Client comparison table

It is updated more frequently than Netscape, but its feature set is more experimental. It is less functional than dedicated FTP clients, but has the advantage of combining several functions in a single application. Visit Mozilla's web site at:.

El Capitan Server Part 8: DNS

It has fewer features than the dedicated FTP clients, but has the advantage of providing several services in one application. Visit the Netscape web site at:. For a side-by-side comparison of the clients discussed in this document, refer to the following table. Aside from the standard functions of FTP and SFTP, all clients allow you to bookmark sites and offer at least limited support for drag and drop.

Both remote servers must support this feature.

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