Comment couper une image mac

Darken only. Lighten only. Rectangle select tool. Ellipse select tool. Free select tool. Fuzzy select tool. Select by color tool. Outil ciseaux intelligents. Scissors select tool. Foreground select tool. Outil chemins. Path Tool. Color Picker tool. Outil de zoom. Zoom Tool. Outil de mesure. Measure tool. Move tool. Alignment tool. Crop tool.

Outil de rotation. Rotate tool. Scale tool.

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Outil de cisaillement. Shear tool. Outil perspective. Perspective tool. Outil de retournement. Flip tool. Outil texte. Text tool. Outil de remplissage. Bucket fill tool. Blend tool. Outil crayon. Pencil tool.

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Outil pinceau. Paintbrush tool. Outil gomme. Eraser tool. Airbrush tool. Outil de calligraphie. Ink tool. Outil de clonage. Clone tool. Outil correcteur. Healing tool. Outil de clonage en perspective. Perspective Clone tool. Outil de barbouillage. Smudge tool. Adoucir les bords. Feather edges. Coins arrondis. Rounded corners. Expand from center. Auto shrink. Shrink merged. Select transparent areas. Sample merged.

Contour interactif. Interactive boundary. Interactive refinement Mark foreground Mark background Small brush Large brush. Color Sensitivity. Selection from Path. Tracer le chemin. Stroke Path. Moyenne du voisinage. Sample average. Use info window. Auto-resize window.

Recadrer une photo au format carré sur Mac

Calque actuel seulement. Current layer only. Allow growing. Conserver les proportions. Keep aspect. Hinting Force auto-hinter Antialiasing. Texte le long d'un chemin. Texte along Path. Path from Text. Remplir via. Fill by.

Crop images

Estomper Longueur. Fade out Lenght. Apply Jitter Amount. Contour dur.

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Hard edge. Use color from gradient. Anti erase. Taux Pression. Rate Pressure. Ajustement Taille Angle. Adjustment Size Angle. Type Forme. Type Shape. Source Image Motif. Source Image Pattern. Modify Perspective Perspective Clone. Type Dodge Burn. Nouvelle image. Ouvrir en tant que calques. Open as Layers. Open Location. Open Recent. Enregistrer sous. Save As. Enregistrer une copie. Save a Copy. Save as Template. Envoyer par courriel. Send by Email. Mise en page. Page Setup. Fermer tout. Close All. Undo History.

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Copier visible. Copy visible.

Coller dans. Paste into. Remplir avec la couleur de PP. Fill with FG Color. Fill with BG Color. Remplir avec le motif. Fill with Pattern. Stroke Selection. Keyboard Shortcuts. Par couleur. By Color. Depuis le chemin. From Path. Selection Editor. Rectangle arrondi.

Rounded Rectangle. Toggle Quick Mask. Enregistrer dans un canal. Save to Channel. Vers chemin. To Path. Nouvelle vue. New View. Point pour point. Dot for Dot. Shrink Wrap.

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For details, see Adjust the crop widget. For any image, the crop widget is always rectangular in shape. Moreover, you cannot rotate the crop widget. For details, see Cropping options. Only on Windows bit and macOS. A default cropping box is then displayed based on this identified portion of the image. You can adjust the dimensions of this cropping box if needed. By deselecting this option, the default experience for Crop Image, Freeform gradient, and Puppet Warp is disabled.

At any point, to exit the cropping interface without applying changes, do one of the following: Do one of the following to reposition the crop widget:. To reposition the crop widget precisely, use guides and grids. Alternatively, specify the resolution in pixels per inch ppi. The maximum value that you can enter equals the resolution of the original image or PPI for linked artwork.

Reference Point. X and Y dimensions. Height and Width. If the width and height fields are linked, they maintain proportions when changed. Click the link icon icon to delink and modify the width and height values independently. For more information, see Customize keyboard shortcuts.

Crop images Search. Illustrator User Guide. Click the link icon icon to delink and modify the width and height values independently. For more information, see Customize keyboard shortcuts. Crop images Search. Illustrator User Guide. Select an article: On this page Crop an image Create a custom keyboard shortcut. Applies to: Illustrator CC.

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Use the Image Crop feature in Illustrator to crop a linked or embedded image. Crop an image. Do the following to crop an image: Do one of the following to crop the selected image: Choose Crop Image from the context menu. Do one of the following: Click Apply on the Control panel.

Click Cancel in the Control panel. Press the Escape key. Select any tool from the Tools panel, except the Zoom tool and the Hand tool. Adjust the crop widget. Scale the crop widget proportionally. Scale the crop widget about the center.