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Internet Download Manager easily identifies all sort of download links, no matter which browser you are using. In addition to that, every downloaded file is very well-organized in different folders based on file types.

How to install Internet Download Manager IDM on Mac 2018

Internet Download Manager downloads files in different sections and later combines them. Consequently, even if your PC crashes or your internet connection gets interrupted you can easily resume where you left your downloads. Free Download Manager is another impressive open-source ,free-to-use download manager.

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This download manager identifies all sort of download links and works seamlessly with both Windows and Mac. Newer version supports torrents as well. The next generation UI in the latest version complements with the interface of newer version of Windows like Windows 8. I have been personally using this one for over a decade and rest assured, it is one the best download manager for Windows that is available in the Freemium ecosystem. You can even add torrent and magnet links in Free Download Manager.

FDM allows users to set the bandwidth allocation for all downloads. Free Download Manager can be used to preview or convert audio and video files even before they actually download. The next download manager on the list is Internet Download Accelerator. This download manager works seamlessly with Chrome, Opera, Safari, Netscape, and can be integrated as a toolbar with Firefox. Internet Download Accelerator drastically increases the download speeds by dividing the downloading file into different sections and then downloads these small files at the same time.

Internet Download Accelerator can automatically scan for viruses and auto-download files with certain file extensions based on your preference. JDownloader is another popular download manager that has a massive collection of more than plugins. Furthermore, its one of the most secure download manager that can create a password protected encrypted file consisting of download links. As mentioned earlier, JDownloader supports plugins so you can increase the functionality of this download manager. It is one the finest download manager for free.

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JDownloader is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Furthermore, it supports every major browser. Lastly, JDownloader also offers every basic feature like pause and resume downloads, set bandwidth limitations, auto-extract archives, and much more.

Chances are that you might be confused with the wide variety of choices here. Ninja Download Manager possibly has the best user interface available out there. The material theme helps this download manager to stand out from the crowd. Ninja Download Manager downloads files in a sequential order from start to finish, so you can preview or play media even when the download is not completed.

Link can be added to NDM by simply dragging and dropping. Features like multiple downloads, schedule downloads, download queues, speed control, and connection control make NDM a feature rich download manager. GetGo Download Manager is the next simple to use download manager for files. You can use GetGo for either batch downloads or simple drag and drop uses.

This download manager offers impressive download speeds.

Best Download Manager For Windows PC, Mac OS[Top 10]

GetGo organizes all of the downloaded files into different folders based on the file type. JDownloader Beta 2. Download Alternatives to JDownloader. Thanks for voting! Download Alternatives to DownThemAll.

Download Accelerator Plus 2. Download Alternatives to Download Accelerator Plus. Download Alternatives to iGetter. Progressive Downloader 1. Download Alternatives to Progressive Downloader. Download Shuttle 1. Download Alternatives to Download Shuttle. SkipScreen 0. Download Alternatives to SkipScreen. Speed Download 5.

Top 10 – Best Download Manager For Windows PC, Mac OS [2018]

Download Alternatives to Speed Download. Folx 5. Download Alternatives to Folx.