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You just need as many syllables as possible. Mac's mother, Helena, shuddered at that thought and said she just hoped her first grandchild would be healthy. The sixth season of Always Sunny premieres Sept. Olson's pregnancy has been written into the last half of the season. Skip to content. Mac and Dee of "Always Sunny" have a son. September 2, Axel Lee McElhenney, 8 pounds, 7 ounces, was born Sept. McElhenney and Olson were married in September Post updated. September 2, - 5: Michael Klein. Let's Eat. They would much rather lead their lives as insensitive, self-centered people.

'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Cast Explains Why Working With Their Spouses Isn't All That Bad

The one good-natured thing that comes out of the show is that all the fans get to experience all the hijinks and laugh about it all. Against all odds, It's Always Sunny has broken boundaries as a show. From humble beginnings, it has officially become the longest-running live-action sitcom in television history. Despite its cruel subject matter, it has garnered a cult-like status amongst fans. A show that is helmed by a group of friends and family is surely going to be just as crazy behind the camera too.

Producing a television pilot worthy of staying on the air must be very nerve-racking for show-runners. However, it must make it seem more viable in the eyes of producers if it was dirt-cheap to produce. When Rob McElhenney brought his vision of It's Always Sunny forward, he knew that competing with other big budget sitcoms would be difficult.

In order to reduce costs considerably, none of the actors were paid and McElhenney operated the camera himself. The show has certainly grown in production value since then, but watching a show grow from such humble beginnings is very satisfying. While the season one cast of Charlie Day, Kaitlin Olson, Rob McElhenney and Glenn Howerton were hilarious, the network did not have much confidence in their ability to garner ratings.

In order to secure a second season for the show, they were asked to procure a "name" to star in the show. Due to the network's demands , if DeVito had not agreed to join the show it would have been canceled.

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Considering that DeVito has stuck around for the past eleven seasons, it is safe to say he is enjoying his time as part of The Gang. Some artists do some crazy things to their body in the name of artistic expression.


This case is certainly one of the strangest. Ron McElhenney transformed himself in to "Fat Mac" in an effort to prove a point on social commentary regarding actors being too good-looking while on screen - and cites Ryan Gosling and Chris Hemsworth as prime examples. Alternatively, he thought it would be more entertaining if an actor began to let themselves go instead.

Over the months, McElhenney slowly gained weight over the show's episodes, leaving him fully out of shape. His transformation became complete when he unveiled his brand new look during the season 13 preview. The reign of "Fat Mac" is over, and he has been replaced by washboard abs. Why did he work so hard on a muscular body this time? To prove a point that it doesn't make sense for every character to be incredibly muscular either.

Following watching an episode of It's Always Sunny , the viewer is left with an image of the show's production company. Most network shows end this way in order to show off who made the show. Not only is there a logo following the show, but gibberish is also heard following each episode. While some may chalk this up to some more silliness by the show-runners, true fans know what is really happening.

If the saying is played backwards, it actually reveals hidden audio messages from the cast. Whether it be an inside joke from the show or an insult to the audience, it is certainly an innovative way to get people talking! With the show being entirely based on the immoral actions of bar owners, it stands to reason that there would likely be alcohol flowing on set at all times.

While this may be the perception, it is actually the exact opposite that occurs. Kaitlin Olson revealed that there is an absolutely "no drinking on set" rule that must be obeyed. Since the show is near-and-dear to each of the main actors' hearts, they would never to anything that would jeopardize the show. This includes creating a potentially dangerous situation by drinking on the job. Kudos to the everyone for thinking responsibly here - the last thing anyone would want is for this show to go under for something so silly.

Weiss titled "Flowers for Charlie". Following their writing credit being released, fans began clamoring for "The Gang" to appear in Westros and to hang out with Daenerys Targaryen. While it has not happened yet, it was also revealed that it was certainly discussed.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia has created true love!

This needs to happen immediately! Hopefully the possibility is still on the table for Game of Thrones ' final season. Charlie Day may be one of the most hilarious people on the planet. His ability to combine improvisation and musical talent is next to none. While some point to Wayne Brady as a musical genius, Day could give him a run for his money.

While competing to win the " Philly Best Bar Award", Charlie performs a musical number to draw attention. What fans did not see were the numerous takes that he did before this, which resulted in everyone on the cast and crew cracking up. While most of the stunts seen on the show such as Rob falling off of a building onto mattresses is used by a stunt actor, Olson is known for performing most of her own stunts. Olson is the first to put up her hand to complete the stunt-- evn when it is something like running herself head-first into a parked car. Perhaps she is a glutton for punishment or enjoys the risk, but either way she should be commended.

There are very few actors in the world brave enough to do those stunts themselves in the name of comedy. Following the recent premiere of season 13, It's Always Sunny became the longest-running live-action sitcom in American history, edging out Ozzie and Harriet. While this is an incredible accomplishment, the show sure would appreciate some award recognition to go along with it. Despite the show's rabid cult following, it has never accomplished much during award season.

In fact, the show only holds three Emmy nominations, and they are all for Stunt Coordination. While it may poke fun at award ceremonies, the frustration of the cast and crew is evident at their lack of recognition. Shows of this caliber cannot run forever, and hopefully they get the recognition they deserve before it is too late.

While filming a scene which involved each member of "The Gang" being stuck underwater, it required DeVito to be weighed down. While the shot itself went off without a hitch, he was not able to swim up along with the others once the cameras stopped rolling. After panicking, safety divers were able to jump in and rescue him. Ever the professional, DeVito allegedly just calmly walked off set for the day once he was saved. Things could have certainly go awry here, but medical personnel saved the day.

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The whole gang may see it as a special treat, but there is no way that someone would actually eat this on their own, right? Being the fearless comedian he is, Charlie actually tried it, but later lamented that " it was disgusting.

It is not uncommon for television markets outside of North America to create international versions of popular shows. There are numerous iterations of international Big Brother reality shows, for example. Who would have thought it would happen to It's Always Sunny? In an effort to create a homage to the show, a Russian version called It's Always Sunny in Moscow was created for fans in Russia.