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Here under this title, we have listed all possible issues with their solution so in future you will not suffer from any problem and can solve it on your own. We have listed the various troubleshoots methods in order, and we recommended you to execute it in the same sequence as we have set it from most common to rare one. If you are not able to get your FaceTime worked properly, and no know the precise reason that prevents you from making and receiving calls then the first thing is to check it is enable or not. Before going to any advance troubleshoots, first make sure that the server of FaceTime server is not down or else what.

Many times we follow many troubleshooting steps without checking the app server and invent more additional problems. From here you will get assured whether the FaceTime is down due to some issues or any other reason causing connectivity problems. The main aim behind the check is to make sure that the service itself is down and we do not do much more to fix it and wait until it gets set entirely and back to the working track.

In such cases, you need to try a different way of verifying the current system status by checking it from the third-party service status websites.

Use FaceTime Audio for Free International Phone Calls From iOS7.

Currently, one of the best third-party verification websites is Down Detector which will help you to get the most up-to-date status report for your apps. The remarkable feature of this site is, it will get you to compile data of past 24 hours in the form of a graph, and you can also check the date of the recently resolved issues.

Due to some other reason like your data pack is exhausted or the wifi is not on or any other the FaceTime failed to work. Nevertheless, you can make sure that your internet is not creating any problem and working fine by opening or surfing other sites randomly. Another way is to refresh the network connection with airplane mode. That is turn off the airplane mode and then turn it on, and check app start working or not. Sometimes Apple will not let you use FaceTime for pc if the software of your device or software is not up to date with the latest version of it.

Despite, whether you are getting problems using services or not, you should always get your device updated to get no future trouble. To check it, follow the path given below: If your FaceTime app gets stuck displaying the previous message, then there may be some temporary system issues. This simple step will refresh your connection to the Servers of the app and help you connect without any issue.

If you set up the phone number and e-mail for FaceTime then check is it correct or not? Make sure that you did not enter the wrong information while setting up this earlier. Furthermore, you need to verify both of them to use them. It will tend to cause you an issue while making or receiving calls if either of one gets wrong. Accordingly, always ensure that you have the given correct details and are checked in for reaching you using the same.

The caller you might try to connect has the FaceTime for Windows compatible device or not? Let us tell you if you are trying to connect the person not having Mac OS X It also happens that you block some user and you forgot it and tried to connect with them. It happens that you are facing problem at the time of calling a particular connection, then check the block list. There is an option of block calls that allows you to prevent any of your FaceTime contacts from calling and texting you.

This app emerged first as the audio and text messaging app. But eventually realized that it would have to add new features to sustain in the quickly evolving market of Android apps.

FaceTime Download App: Android APK, iPhone, & PC Windows

The best feature of this app is its decent and smooth design. Unlike the Skype and Hangout form to be a desktop legacy, this app is made to integrate with the mobile devices. Its only drawback as other apps is that users cannot communicate with people outside the Viber channel. Few apps use the SMS tool to outbound the messages through the cellular networks yet this app has sustained a trust among its more than million users.

FaceTime For Mac 1 3 8 Crack Download For Free MacWindows

Another great alternative that has risen since its launch in has similar features to offer like the Facetime app. The hardware optimization on this app is considered to be at its peak. This has lead to better calls quality and a smoother interface. The services provided by this app include image chat, text messaging, video calling and audio calling. It is free to use the app and the sign-up process is quick. This app surrenders its services in video calling, audio calls, text messaging and SMS services through its network.


Google Duo App. Google has recently launched this app for both IOS and Android users for similar use. It allows users to make calls between the same or to different devices. So this increases the connectivity among different users. Hence, with so many alternatives in-line, Android users do not need to loiter the internet for Facetime app. If you are an Android user then go and grab your best alternative from the above-given choices and join the network with your friends.

Try any of these and join the networking media with your friends and family now.

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We will keep updating the information given as per upgrades in the market and especially on FaceTime for Android , we will be back with more. If you have any query, then please send us your message at FaceTime App. It is the ultimate video conversation app developed for the IOS users. Though integrated to the IOS system, many third party stores and sites are trying to provide the versions of different OS Softwares. FaceTime for Android. Facetime for PC Windows Download.

Provide your number and your contact list sync authorization for the system to search for other users of this app. Sign in with your Apple ID so that it would be easier for updating the apps when required. Set your caller ID with your other email ID's through which people can contact you easily. Apple will verify your details like email authorization, mobile number, and location details.

To make calls, tap on the contact list and search for the contact first. Then select the type of call you want to make, that is, Video call or Audio call.


During the video calls, you can switch the cameras as per your choice. FaceTime for Windows. Right-click the mouse tab and select 'open with' option. Look for Bluestacks as the option and click on it. Your FaceTime app shall run its installation setup through the Bluestacks program. Finally, you will find the app icon in the 'All apps' section of the Bluestacks application. Features of Facetime.

Video Calling It is the simplest video calling app that is bound to single tap direct call interface. User Friendly The user can be at two different places at one time through FaceTime app. Access You can run the call in the background when you have to access other features of your iPhone.

No Timer The timer of FaceTime does not count time against the regular minutes of data calls. Camera Orient FaceTime app can orient to both the cameras primary and secondary as per user's choice.

iPhone FaceTime Calls for Free International Calls

Regular Update Latest upgrades of the app have extravagant features and visual quality. Secure FaceTime developers are making the app completely freeware, and suitable for Android and Windows system. It allows you to keep in touch with friends and family on Apple devices via video chats. Open Facetime and you'll immediately see yourself on screen and you must sign in with your Apple account to get started.

Once done, FaceTime will sync with your address book, allowing you to immediately call anyone with an iOS device.

How to Make Free International Phone Calls from iPhone with FaceTime Audio?

FaceTime is an excellent chat application that's certainly the best option for communication between your Mac and friends or family using Apple devices. Image quality is excellent, and the display is pleasantly free of distractions. If the iPhone is rotated, the image also changes on FaceTime for Mac, from landscape to portrait and back. All round, it's a very smooth, simple and comfortable video call experience. Although much will depend on your internet connection, the quality of calling on Facetime is generally better than Skype.

FaceTime is not perfect though. While integration with your contacts on the iPhone makes perfect sense, on the Mac it's less useful and some users may find contacts get duplicated or confused on their Mac. This is complicated by the fact that you can't add contacts to FaceTime directly, but have to do it via Address Book so if you don't use Address Book, you'll have to start. It would also be nice to have FaceTime open without constantly seeing video of yourself!

Works just about fine.. Great app for socializing. I love it cos of the video and audio quality. Not s upported on other devices. Connectivity issues. FaceTime is the best video chat application.. FaceTime is by far the best way to video call somebody owning an iDevice.

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It offers a far greater quality and stability than competitors like Skype, especially in low-speed networks, FaceTime remains clear while Skype gets all pixels and the sound gets delayed.