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Its a zip file.

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Extract it. And double click to open it in Photoshop. Photoshop ask you a question you can choose NO or Update. Use NO option.

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You dont wanna update. Now you can write from right to left in this template. Keep the orginal layer and duplicate template layer Right click on layer and select douplicate layer option and try to modify it as you desire. Save this template and everytime you need something new. By the way you need to choose one of the Arabic font which is available as standard in photoshop to be able write in Persian. If you dont like standard Arabic fonts from Photoshop then search by google and install your favorite Persian font and install it.

I personally prefer to go to behnevis. Copy the text from this site and paste it on your Photoshop right to left template.

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By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. For instance: JohnB Cyrus Kazemi Cyrus Kazemi 21 1 1 2.

How to install Persian Keyboard in Windows 7 افزودن زبان فارسی به ویندوز

The latter enables the right-to-left direction in the paragraph panel. Guy Guy 1.

Persian fonts in Word 2016 for Mac

Alan Gilbertson Alan Gilbertson 45k 5 64 Yisela Arash Arash 21 2. Hi Arash! Welcome to GD. Any chance you can add information from the video to your answer? Videos can go down, so we try to keep the answers valid by themselves. Link-only ones are generally discouraged. Sure Yisela. Here it comes: To do this, Set right-to-left text, bullets, and numbering for the editing area and enable the keyboard layout. You can change the text direction from within a Microsoft Office program by choosing the Right-to-left paragraph button in the Paragraph group on the Home tab this only appears if you have a right-to-left language enabled.

Even after changing your display to appear in a right-to-left language, you must have the appropriate keyboard language enabled to enter text in that language.

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If your usual display language is English but you want to change it to an Arabic dialect, do the following:. In the Choose Editing Languages table, make sure the newly added Arabic dialect is highlighted and then choose Set as Default. When you set the newly assigned editing language as the default, it becomes the default for all your Microsoft Office programs. To type using a particular language's native keyboard, you must add the appropriate keyboard layout.

For instruction on how to add an additional keyboard language see Change the language of Microsoft Office. After adding a keyboard layout for another language, a language indicator called the "Language bar" appears on the taskbar, next to the clock, and displays the current keyboard language. For example, in Windows 10, the language indicator for Hebrew is. The Language bar appears automatically after adding a keyboard for at least one language in addition to English in the Text Services and Input Languages dialog box in Microsoft Windows.

Unicode Cuneiform Fonts

You can choose a character from one of the right-to-left or left-to-right language font pages, copy it to the Clipboard, and then insert the character in your document. For more information about how to use the Character Map to enter text, see Using special characters Character Map. Depending on which languages you need, you may also be able to enter small amounts of text by using the Symbol gallery, see Insert a check mark or other symbol.

When both left-to-right and right-to-left languages are enabled, the Left-to-right and Right-to-left paragraph buttons are enabled on the ribbon in most of the Office programs. When you click these buttons, you can change the direction of text when entering and justifying text. Text in a cell or field can be left-aligned, center-aligned, or right-aligned. In some programs, such as Access and Excel, text can also have Context text direction. You can override Context text direction and switch to Left, Center, or Right text direction for individual objects.

Many right-to-left or combined right-to-left and left-to-right programs apply context rules that control text direction and the reading order of text. Boxes, lists, and other elements control the context rules for the text that they contain.

If the first strong character is left-to-right, the reading order is also left-to-right, and the text is left-aligned. If the first strong character is right-to-left, the reading order is also right-to-left, and the text is right-aligned. If only neutral characters are typed, both the reading order and the direction follow the paragraph direction which can be either left-to-right or right-to-left until the first strong character is typed. Any time you change the first strong character from a left-to-right language to a right-to-left language or vice versa , both the reading order and the text direction change accordingly.

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In Word and other word-processing programs,you can select, find, and replace individual diacritics and individual Arabic characters regardless of whether they are ligated. Each ligature and diacritic is managed as a discrete unit of a right-to-left language word. The following example shows selecting an Arabic word that has a three-character ligature as each character is selected.

For example, the Match case and Find whole words only options do not work for scripts in these languages. However, these options can still be used to find matching Latin characters in the same document. Find-and-replace features search text in the order in which the text is entered in the Search box, instead of the order in which it is displayed. Therefore, you can search for strings of right-to-left text, regardless of the direction of the paragraph. You can also search for matches of characters with or without kashidas Arabic only , Alef Hamzas Arabic only , or diacritics, such as the Hebrew niqqud.