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To place the number in the clipboard: HostID for PCs with wireless adapters If you plan to install on a PC with a wireless network adapter, you should report the physical address of both the wireless and the Ethernet adapter.

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If your sales representative asks you for the C: Type in hostname. This is the current host name of the Mac.

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Optionally, the server name is equal to the IP Address that corresponds to the hostname found from the hostname command. Use the results of the hostname command and enter this host name into the network address to ping field under the Ping tab of the Network Utility. Press the Ping button, and you'll see the IP address in parentheses after the hostname you typed.

The HostID is the digit number after "ether".

For older Linux versions the digit number will be listed after "HWaddr". For newer versions of Linux distributions, consistent network device naming has been deployed. This means that the Ethernet adapter can have a different name than eth0.

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I receive a new drive and it has the problem of not accepting the CD into the slot. I want to run wireless on my Pismo laptop?

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