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Keynote , on the other hand, is better than PowerPoint in many ways. It lacks some of the technical abilities of Microsoft's offering, but it's impressively powerful and creates amazing-looking presentations, winning it the Editors' Choice for OS X.

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Overall, Apple's suite is quite good. As a whole, however, Office trumps it.

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  • Office 2016 for Mac review: the productivity suite Apple users have been waiting for?.

Interface The Ribbon interface on the Mac closely matches that of the Windows version, with the same tabs and features on both platforms, though with slight differences to match the operating system—for example, the Mac version supplements the Ribbon with a top-line menu, like the menu in all other OS X apps, though the Windows version has only the Ribbon.

Word and PowerPoint get threaded comments—comments that can be linked to earlier comments to create collapsible discussion threads. Word for the Mac finally gets the one feature I've wanted forever—the ability to click on the blank space between pages and hide the page header and footer, so that text flows from one page to the next with only a thin line between the pages, not an inch or more of blank space. I noted one first-release glitch when I originally looked at Office for the Mac when it first released in The problem has been fixed in the latest update, however.

Microsoft Office 2016 (for Mac)

If you're choosing an office suite, the choice is clear for anyone who needs advanced features. Bottom Line: Microsoft Office for Windows.

Standardized look and feel

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Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 review: At last, a modern Office for OS X

Terms of use. Pros Excellent performance. Cons Requires OS X Bottom Line Microsoft Office for Mac is by far the most powerful set of productivity apps for Apple computers, fitting smoothly into OS X and offering strong cloud support. Microsoft Office may have started life on the Mac before it ever came to Windows, but for many Mac users it feels like that was the last time we ever had anything Office-y before our Windows-using brethren.

This release of Office for Mac, then, is mostly about closing the gap with Windows's Office , in terms not only of feature parity and document compatibility but also by harmonising the interface across Mac, Windows and mobile. It mostly, if not entirely, succeeds in this, and what's more, importantly, it looks and feels like a contemporary Mac citizen; although Office the previous Mac version supported Retina displays, it had started to look very old-fashioned as the OS X aesthetic moved on.

Predictably, for example, there's no iCloud Drive integration; not a show-stopper since Microsoft's own OneDrive cloud storage provides some if not all of the benefits, but this might irritate depending on your workflows. And perhaps most egregiously, despite close parity between the iOS apps and new Mac Office apps, there's no support for Handoff between desktop and mobile.

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Hardly calamitous, and it may be coming in an update, but it's frustrating to see Microsoft dragging its heels over implementing exciting new Apple capabilities. Office isn't really about adding new customer-facing features — indeed, some features such as Word's audio-recording notebook view and PowerPoint's ability to export presentations as movies have been ditched — but there are some. Notably, Excel gets some high-end features such as PivotTable Slicers — to help sift through vast swathes of data — and an optional Analysis Toolpak add-on to aid complex engineering and statistical analysis.

PowerPoint's presenter view is improved, and the app now includes some new, less comically corporate templates which also have smart variants.

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Outlook gets handy little features such as the ability to propose a new time when declining a meeting invitation, and the option of defining different signatures for new emails as for replies, but there's nothing wildly exciting. For the first time on the Mac, OneNote, Microsoft's Evernote equivalent, joins the suite — though you have been able to get it free, standalone, through the Mac and iOS app stores for a while. Office for Mac isn't about features, then, but about improved cross-platform compatibility and feature parity, and it's great that both the UI is more familiar across platforms and that documents are more portable between them.

Note, however, that it's imperfect; although, for example, compatibility with Excel functions created in Office on Windows has been boosted not all are supported, which means that despite Microsoft's efforts to appeal to the Excel power user with this update, there is still friction in mixed-platform environments.

Most users will likely never do anything sufficiently advanced to run into this problem, but it's infuriating that differences exist at all today. Elsewhere there are irksome inconsistencies too; collaboration, for example, is still much weaker than with Google Docs and even iWork , and it's not applied evenly.

As with Word for Mac , however, there are some features missing.

Excel for Mac 2016

This means, believe it or not, that you have to close down your file if you want someone else to be able to edit it without having to create a copy. Come on, Microsoft: Despite the niggles, Excel for Mac represents a genuine step forward, with new tools for power users and ease-of-use improvements for everyone else. And, just like Word is great for big documents, Excel remains the best option out there for managing large spreadesheets with many thousands of rows.

There may be reasons behind the omissions, but it still feels a bit mean, given how long it has been since Excel for Mac was last updated. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. Secondary menu. Microsoft Office for Mac review: At last, a modern Office for OS X.