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Alice's hair says a lot about her character.

Ahead of the release of his new album, Phases , Brad Byrd's latest single effortlessly captures the feeling of life's euphoric, fleeting highs. Helium , Homeshake's fourth album is a further exploration of Peter Sagar's inner musings, and it may be his most honest record, as it sounds lonelier and smaller than any Homeshake LP to date.

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Silences is an album greater than the sum of its genre-related parts, a masterpiece of musical control and an outstanding next step for Adia Victoria as storyteller and singer alike. While Grace and Frankie is as fun as ever, season 5 suggests a sadder path for a show that has often pushed its sadness to the periphery. Nashville folkie Gabe Lee makes a mark with gritty, resonant vocals on "Alright, Ok" as he reflects on perceived flaws and mistakes. Cole Guerra returns to music after extended hiatus, and questions how we are led and mislead by those oh-so-loud voices.

Murnau on Blu-ray.

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A new compilation shows how three teenaged girls helped pioneer the musical articulation of black consciousness in England in the s. After a decade-long gestation, a collaboration between Detroit rapper Mister and UK producer Curt Cataract is bearing fruit. Hear their latest track "Holding It Up". Animals of all kinds have featured in fiction for as long as we have produced fiction.

The Hair Makes the Woman in 'Alice: Madness Returns'

Here are five engaging stories about cats, dogs, herons, and cows by Sarah Orne Jewett, P. Wodehouse, R. Maizes, Parashar Kulkarni, and R.

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  8. Madness Returns'. I am recently starting to try to game in Linux as well with all this upcoming excitement with SteamOS and all. I'm running Mint I too installed Alice: Then, when you load the game from Steam you login to that same account and the authentication should work.

    My problem now is I can't get the game to run. I've tried running Steam under different versions of Wine that apparently work for this game but I keep getting a message coming up that says "There is a problem with your game's setup.

    Moving Pixels Podcast: The Grotesque Wonderland of 'Alice: Madness Returns' - PopMatters

    Please reinstall your game. Edited by Greekanadian.

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