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It was running OS X However, I also wanted some virtual machines to run on this machine. I used VMware Fusion first, and according to several instructions in the web, I reached out to have them start and stop when the server starts and stops. The other times, I got severe problems with the VMs. No way to have that construction as a productive business environment.

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This made me pretty curious, and so I started to research if the Mac Mini is capable to run that stuff. And I found several pages, which made me hope. The only problem and I was warned by the pages I read: The server does not particiapte in the network, because of missing drivers. Put it into the superdrive. Mount it. Tried around several possibilities, but no change: The funny thing is: Next try: Use a USB stick. Have one, formatted with FAT well, one of its partitions.

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Put drivers on, stick it into the Mac Mini. The stick is recognized by the vSphere system. On the way, there was another problem to solve: Here again, I learned something new about my Mac: You can press the CTRL key while the drive selection is on the screen. This way, you can define one of the drives to be always the startup drive.

Um das gleich vorauszuschicken: In meiner Apple-Umgebung habe ich enorme Probleme bei der Konfiguration. Nun aber trat ein weiterer, im Netz bereits intensiv diskutierter Effekt auf: Die Kopieroperationen sind seeehr laaangsaaam. Dies ist ist relativ schnell und einfach erledigt. Hier wurde es etwas tricky. Dies hat aber nicht sauber funktioniert, und die Zeit und das Know-how, hier in die Tiefe zu gehen, habe ich leider nicht.

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VirtualBox mit der virtuellen Maschine. Mit der voreingestellten Konfigurationsdatei von OpenSC hatte ich einige Schwierigkeiten, die durch einige Anpassungen behoben werden konnten:. Entries und Kommentare feeds. Hardy's Blog. Blog Wer bin ich?

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Juli um The step-by-step solution: This is a SMS server daemon, which you can use to send messages pretty easily: Well, although the machine went fine, there were some problems that turned out during operation: The management was only possible through the Windows client. There is a Web admin interface, but only with the payed version of vSphere. This forced me to always have a Windows VM running on some other machine.

The integration of the vSphere server with my Eaton Battery was not directly possible. The backup of the vSphere server turned out to be a problem on the tooling side. Januar um Why isn't this lower? Rank in: How is this calculated? Report Last Updated: Refreshing the report could take a few minutes.

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Bin sehr zufrieden. Dieses ist nun schon der zweite Reiner SCT den wir Markus P. Gute Verarbeitung, und Installation unter Win10 kein Problem.

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Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem ProduktIch bin sehr zufrieden Es funktioniert zumindest unter Einfach Top. CD rein und Rolf L. Bisherige Nutzung Unverified Purchaser Reviewer: Jean-Pierre H. Critical Reviewer avg. Ich habe die letzten 3 Jahre jedes Jahr einen Reiner Tom B.

Debian - details of package libifd-cyberjack6 in stretch.

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