Mac cosmetics recycle program uk

If you don't live close to a MAC , you can do the same thing online.

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  2. 2. Trade empty containers for FREE lipstick, lip gloss or eyeshadow.?
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  4. MAC are offering free makeup if you return your old containers?

Go to their website , select the six makeup containers you're donating, pick out your top three lipstick choices, then mail in your containers. They'll send your lip color right to your front door. In addition to their year-round recycling program, MAC is also giving away free lipstick next week, in honor of National Lipstick Day.

Want to get a free MAC lipstick and MAC makeup discounts?

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How to get a MAC makeup discount:

Are the Jonas Brothers Really Reuniting? View this post on Instagram. A MAC lipstick is an essential product for anyone still looking for a brand that delivers long lasting coverage in a huge variety of colours. Getting a free MAC lipstick is simpler than you think and it helps the environment!

How to get MAC lipstick for free + sneaky MAC money-saving tips

All you need to do to get a free MAC lipstick is recycle! Full size obviously! So you can feel good for doing your part for the environment and know that every time you make a purchase you are earning your way towards a free lipstick! But, have you overlooked the Goodbyes tab?

FREE MAC MAKEUP!? - meegsdun

This cheeky little number is the place MAC lists all of its products soon to be discounted. If you are ever undecided about whether to listen to the hype and switch to a MAC foundation or primer, what better way to decide than to try before you buy?