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Can you try launching PS while holding the Shift key to launch without 3rd party plug-ins? You could test to see how well PS functions with 3rd party plugins shut off. So perhaps some font troubleshooting would be necessary here. For the love of god, put pastes like this in a gist or other pastebin, if someone wants to read, they will click the link, the rest of us should not be forced to scroll through pages of irrelevant, useless text. The crashlog indicates that your FontExplorer plug-in is causing the crash.

Please update the plug-in or remove it to avoid the crash. I was just on the phone on hold for an hour and a half only to be told, I need to wait weeks to get an update from Adobe for Mountain Lion. Wait weeks for an update? How is that helpful? BTW, I use this product for my j-o-b.

Guess who will spend less time downgrading his OS and reinstalling everything? This guy. Thanks for nothing Adobe… Good luck to the rest of you getting answers. What are you trying to accomplish Thomas? Need some help? Are you trying to discredit what he said? If the Adobe representative told him just that, in order to get rid of him, that person needs to find a more appropriate job, and it seems a bit comtemptuous of you to say he made that up. Not a cheap shot at all. What the problem is? How can we help? All of those questions are neither cheap shots, not contemptuous, apology if you read into it that way, it is not the intention of the words.

I can access it through photoshop and lightroom. I have to workaround by importing saved file into Lightroom then parsing it out again. She has been seeing and issue in PhotoShop where every time she closes and reopens the app, all of her tool preferences, brushes, gradients, swatches, etc. In the case of the switches, I backed up her swatches from CS5 when it was running on Lion, so once I moved to Mountain Lion, I simply loaded the swatches file into PhotoShop and the swatches appeared. Would be a good thing to reset the preferences — info here: Does the same thing happen in a new admin user?

Try removing or updating the plug-in to correct the problem. My wife just got a new Mac Book and also purchased Photoshop Elements 10 to use with it. Are there compatibility issues between Elements and Hi, I am thinking of upgrading from Mac OS Does CS3 run under You could look at http: Note that sometimes the notes are out of date, so take them with a grain of salt. If I upgrade to OS No, CS2 will not run. Apple has removed Rosetta in newer version of OS X. It will probably work! Best bet would be to post to the user forums for Premiere assistance: I have upgraded to mounitain lion could their be a compatibility issue?

Adobe Illustrator [] Path: X86 Native Parent Process: VM Regions Near 0xa9b Flash Player. AdobeCrashReporter 2. LogTransport 1. LinguisticManager 3. Action Action version FrameworkServer Framework Server version ArtConverters ArtConverters version ToolSelector Tool Selector version GeometryS Geometry Suite version Photoshop Adapter Photoshop Adapter version Flatten Transparency Flatten Transparency version Rasterize Rasterize version BrushManager Brush Manager version ControlPalette ControlPalette version KinsokuDlg KinsokuDlg version PlanetX Live Paint version PaintStyle Paint Style Palettes version Scripting Support Scripting Support version CoreAudioKit 1.

SwatchLibraries Swatch Libraries version SymbolPalette Symbol Palette version TracingSuite TracingSuite version VariablesPalette Variables Palette version Mojikumi MojiKumiUI version DiffusionRaster DiffusionRaster version Deform Envelope and Warp version ShapeS Shape Construction Suite version PathfinderS Pathfinder Suite version ExpandS Expand Suite version AssetMgmt Asset Management version DocInfo Document Info version Penguin Eureka version LinkPalette Links Palette version Snap Snap version Colors Colors version Crop Marks Crop Marks version Distort Free Distort version DropShadow Drop Shadow version EraserTool EraserTool version TwirlTool Twist Tool version Simplify Simplify version ShapeTool ShapeTool version Segment Tools Segment Tools version GlobalAdjust Reshape Tool version ParticlePaint Symbolism version Magic Wand Magic Wand version Liquify Liquify version Lasso Lasso version KnifeTool Knife Tool version Flare Flare version BoundingBox BoundingBox version Advanced Select Advanced Select version TypeCase Change Case version TextSmart Text Smart Punctuation version TextColumns Split Into Grid version FindFont Find Font version PhotoshopImport Photoshop Import version PhotoshopExport Photoshop Import version TextExport TextExport version AdobeSangam AdobeSangam 4.

Jpeg Jpeg version DxfDwg DxfDwg version ZigZag Zig Zag version Tweak Tweak version ShapeEffects Shape Effects version Scribble Scribble version Saturate Saturate version Round Round Corners version Roughen Roughen version Punk Punk version Pathfinder Pathfinder Plugin version Overprint Overprint version OffsetPath Offset Path version MaskHelper MaskHelper version Inverse Inverse version FuzzyEffect FuzzyEffect version Find Find version Expand Expand version Cleanup Cleanup version Adjust Adjust version AddArrow AddArrow version AddAnchor AddAnchor version Workspaces Workspaces version WelcomeScreen WelcomeScreenn version TransparencyPalette Transparency Palette version Transform Transform Each version TransformPalette Transform Palette version StrokeOffset StrokeOffset version SmoothShade Gradient Mesh version Scripts Menu Scripts Menu version Print Print version PathSuite PathConstruction Suite version Navigator Adobe Navigator Plugin version LiveBlends Live Blends version FlattenS Flatten Suite version Layers Layers Palette version FlatteningPreview Flattening Preview version ColorHarmony ColorHarmony version ArtStyle Art Style version Align AdobeAlignObjects version ActionPalette Action Palette version WebKit — WebCore — AppleFSCompression 49 — 1.

Hi, can you post this crash report and any other pertinent details for the team on the Illustrator forums? There is absolutely no good reason the rest of us should need to be flooded by your irrelevant report. New to this site, but looking for some advice.

OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) Compatibility

I have Snow Leopard with CS4 and all works well. I want to upgrade to Mountain Lion principally for iCloud use but wondered if CS4 will still work okay before committing?? Printer Epson Stylus Photo R recognises communication but does not accept file — terminates without printing. Im having the same problem, just bought my 27 inches iMac, spent a lot of time upgrading and installing my software and drivers for the epson and when finally tried to print something out, my printer began to work but nothing turned out, it just start to process but no image is printed.

I download all the updates adobe and apple said but now Im stuck. Please if someone knows how to make it work, help us all. Or we will go back to PC. I am using CS3 with Mountain Lion. In the past, I have always clicked ok. I end up having to force quit the application, lose any changes, and start over. If I do not hit okay to update the text layers, I am okay to work for a little while, but the application still crashes eventually. Try restoring your prefs: So, is Photoshop Elements 8 also working with Mountain Lion or are there known issues or limitations?

Any thoughts? Problem solved. Needed Adobe updater and Camera Raw updates downloads. RAW files read in PS, all is good. I seem to be unable to run any of CS6 applications on No matter how I structure the allowed path for applications, none of the CS6 applications will run. I get permissions errors related to the following programs:. Adobe chat support gave this gem: I am sorry to inform you that in order to run Adobe products, you need to have admin previlages to your account. In this case, you can create an local admin account in the shared systems on which you want to run the product.

So that Adobe products runs fine. If not a solution, does anyone have any ideas? Did you use the Creative Suite Enterprise deployment? I have snow leopard which works great with Photoshop CS3. What is the current status of compatibility? Thanks for your advise. Am I to assume that the issues that everyone was experiencing up until then had been resolved with an update to the OS?

I am running Photoshop CS5 on an iMac with Mountain Lion and get serious issues with pictures pixilating and shadow across them. Also, when I put text on them it vanishes if I try to move it, as if there are invisible layers! I use dual screens, one is my iMac screen and the other an HD Cinema display. When I move the pics across to the cinema display all the pixilating vanishes, as does the shadowing effect and the text can be seen again! I will come back if it goes funny again.

Every time I am editing an image. It is VERY frustrating. The only way to get the pointer to reappear is to click on something outside of the program window. This happens a few times every minute and obviously elongates my editing time an unreasonable amount. We do not have a fix for this yet, it seems to be between MountainLion and Wacom.

Do you have Wacom drivers installed? Users are discussing the issue here: Thank you for responding. No, I am not using Wacom, just a simple mouse for edits. I look forward to a fix in the near future. Thank you for the additional link also. Make sure Photoshop is Up-To-Date: I am not using a wacom either. My photoshop cs5 is up to date and i am on mountain lion. Everytime I try to print something from illustrator I get the beach ball and it crashes and says it will send a report to adobe. The same thing happens in several places Home and Work different printers and it use to work fine.

Any Suggestions? Or report a bug to the Illustrator team: The performance with Illustrator CS6 was so poor with screen lag that I returned the machine. It also had a soft grey bar along the bottom of the screen. Apple Care said that there was a hardware fault. The second iMac arrived — no improvement with Illustrator so I returned that one also.

Seems to me that this iMac should run pretty well the CS6 suite. I have an iMac with 16 gig of ram but my elements 9 says I only have 4 gig of ram. On advice from apple I lifted my pref from 70 percent to percent of available ram to speed things up. Now elements freezes up i am assuming to lack of ram Is there some way to free up more memory for elements to use? I have had the Mac about 14 months from new with last update last week. I have an iMac with As these are my main working softwares, will they work when i update to Mountain Lion?

All of them are running fine now. Do you know the correct way I can change this? Thank you very much. Dear Pete — are you still there? Or did the spammers drive you off? And I sort of live by that functionality — in the middle of major projects. So I wondered if you had any experience with Mountain Lion and this configuration? Mountain Lion and CS5. My wife and i ended up being now contented that Chris managed to conclude his research with the ideas he obtained using your weblog. Thanks for the whole thing! The operation could not be completed.

There was a problem with the selected file or folder. It might have been moved, removed or deleted. Error Code If I go into Finder and right click an image and select Open file with Photoshop, the file opens just fine. This issue also affects Illustrator CS3. Any suggestions?? Have you installed all of the updates for CS3 and Version cue?

AFter that, try running the permission repair from Disk Utility. Illustrator CS5 now will not work on my Mac Pro running mountain lion Same thing…. Kev, See this document for other troubleshooting steps worth performing in MacOS: If you go through the steps in that document and still have trouble starting Illustrator, please post on our illustrator forums for support from the team.

The file referenced did not exist in my directory so I did Option 2 which was to use the Adobe Uninstaller to remove Illustrator, then reinstall, and then run the update for I still got the same error. It is not. It fails every time. Please post on our illustrator forums for support from the team. Do you offer guest writers to write content available for you?

Again, awesome weblog! Do you mind if I quote a couple of your blogposts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your website: OS X Please make sure to let me know if this is okay with you. Works perfectly. I will also purchase more RAM to help the computer run smoothly. I currently have cs4 on the computer. Will my Photoshop cs4 open? Will I be able to do this minimum amount of work? If I have to purchase something what would be the most current and most compatible version of Photoshop? Thank you for your help.

Every time I try to move a layer, Photoshop crashes. I am happy with CS4, but right now it is impossible to get any work done. Before you spend any money you can download and try Photoshop CS6 free for 30 days: You could also Try restoring your prefs: I have problems with printing from an open file with InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop. If I create a pdf and open that, then I can print it. I checked if my printer has an updated driver, it does not.

If I already have InDesign open and try to open another file in it, nothing opens. Also, been having problems with InDesign and the palettes like, Character, Paragraph, Swatches, seem to freeze. Will Photoshop Elements 6 work on Mountain Lion? It will be I hope! Give it a try! Since I installed mountain lion, I am having some difficulties with my CS3.

Now I need to eyedrop then wait a second or two before the stroke. I have a question for you all. I was using a very old version of CS. When I updated to Mountain Lion this past week I was unable to open the older version.

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So went out and got a CS5. What is going on here and does anyone have any ideas to help? I was working on a project and now can not finish it. I am trying to run CS4 on my new retina macbook Since no dvd drive I shared the application folder from my old computer. Bridge will open fine. Photoshop will not open at all. Hi all.

It keep hanging for several seconds after any small mouse action. Any clues? Sometimes during the upgrade process preference files can become corrupted — on next PS start — reset your preferences and see if that fixes the hangs: This website was… how do you say it? Finally I have found something which helped me.

Using Migration assistant. Did not work.

Talks about no longer licensed. I perhaps left some critical files behind in the main master library, as I initially only copied the user account and applications. Have since copied that other stuff, no difference. Interested to see that others have a problem as well, and with so many releases, and all in different ways at different points of installation or use. So does one wait awhile or how does one problem solve such a diverse set of problems? Are there other web sites with good problem solving guidance or information that people know about? Hrm… There could have been some trouble using the Migration assistance rather than the reinstall on the new machine — you could have run into the gatekeeper blockage during the install — see if this document helps: Could have been coincidence?

Maybe another application was doing something at the same time as Premiere and the OS was chiming about it. Not sure what the exact cause was though — glad it is behaving! I found this specific page while Googling for compatibility between Adobe and Mountain Lion because I wanted to keep updated on the OS, even though Snow Leopard is doing just fine and working nice with CS5. E said it had lots of issues and including most important issues with Adobe apps.

So here it is. What do you guys recommend?! Is it ok?! And is it worth it?! The comments here scare me! Will I be able to put the disc on another, 2 year old Mac that I have as well? This last is a registration question. Is gonna be back frequently to check up on new posts. I have mountain lion, CS6 and Epson printer. When I try printing from iPhoto it works as requested. Do you have any solution? How large are the prints are you printing that are failing?

Do you get an error? Or do they sit while spooling? Have you tried downloading the latest driver for the ? I am currently operating with Leopard I have just upgraded to Mountail Lion OS The instructions are only for OS When will this be updated for OS Not sure what my options are. I just upgraded from OX I am having issues with CS3 Indesign crashing when I go to print. You should still be able to print, I wonder if you still have this trouble if you were to create a new user and try printing from that user in ID? If still having trouble, please post directly to our InDesign forums to get further assistance with printing from ID — http: I really like your writing style, wonderful info, regards for posting: I like this website very much, Its a rattling nice office to read and receive information.

I love this forum, and thanks for any advice in advance. I have a Macbook Pro running The only thing is the gatekeeper in Upgraded my MacMini All my CS4 programs have serious problems —. Photoshop CS4 The MMDocumentTypes. The application will exit now. Flash CS4 You may need to reinstall Flash. It sounds like some files or permissions may have been affected during the OS upgrade process.

So 2 things. See if that helps. Follow the instructions on this page to download the CreativeSuite Cleaner tool, and run this after the uninstall of CS4 as instructed on the page , then reinstall CS4. Recently moved from Windows 7 PC to Mac. First time using Photoshop since the move, when I go to Print, there are no dialogue boxes to enter the paper type or the printer requirements Best, Draft, etc. The tests I conducted come out very muddy looking, poor colour and no vibrance. I went to the HP site for the latest Drivers, but it referred me to Apple. Tried the Software Updates, but it said all software was up-to-date.

Never had this problem on the PC!! Thanks, John. Double-check them, then click Print to begin the print. I had a 3 year old imac with CS3 installed, which has failed. Is this true? Is it the OS thats too new or the hardware? You should be fine working with CS3 on the new machine.

Mac OS X Lion -Photoshop Elements Quick Fixes

If you have trouble getting the installer to run, you may need to change the gatekeeper permissions first — http: Would you like to check for and install one? The software is currently unavailable. I keep receiving this message when I try to open either photoshop or indesign. This has only happened since uploading Mountain Lion. I am running Photoshop CS4 on Lion. Try resetting your preferences: I have problems with printing from an open file with InDesign or Illustrator. Nothing happens. I restored my preferences in Photoshop. Seemed to help it. Is there something I can do for InDesign and Illustrator?

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I sent these through to report as a Bugs also. You should still be able to print, I wonder if you still have this trouble if you were to create a new Administrator user on your system and try printing from that user in ID? I am hoping that a new install of CS4 to my new iMac with At least Adobe seems to be saying it will work fine here. I have Lightroom 2. I am planning to update the OS to Mountain Lion My question: We have 2 Mac Pro4,1 machines running OS I recently bought a I currentl have photoshop element 10, i be going to collage soon and i despretly need a new computer and planning to get mac will it be compatable with the mountain lion?

All the reviews here are indicating that ML has huge problems with CS products. Have apple and Adobe addressed these problems or would I be mad to upgrade? When using Photoshop CS4 as soon as I try to move layers it hangs with the spinning pinwheel. I have been using CS3 for some time, and just upgraded my system to I have trashed the preferences and it still does it… any ideas would be very helpful. You may have have a bad font along with a stale font cache: CS5 PHotoshop clone stamp, healing brush and spot healing brush tool duplicate a whole picture. Is there an upgrade to Photoshop CS5 Please help?

Kids in college kind of throw you for a loop, financially. One option that I have thought of is loading the entire CS4 and uninstalling Photoshop. Will that work? So, my question is: I realize that I would have to have my external hard drive to us the software. Installation of the update was also broken.

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  5. That is the update kept on terminating before it could the applied. Formatted and reinstalled the mac OS. Then reinstalled Adobe master collection, now all installed completely except that the update is still broken. The Problem with Adobe and other old software that is continuously crashing is that they are 32 bit applications that we are trying to run in a 64bit environment which are calling invalid memory addresses.

    Moral of the story is if you want your Professional tools to work, you have to Buy the latest versions that were extensively designed to work with later iterations of Appledom. Keep running older versions of both the OS and Adobe wares or Upgrade them both via wiping your drive and a fresh install. It may not have anything to do with running a 32bit app on a 64bit OS.

    I have OS When saving to PDF from the drop down in the print menu it saves a blank document. Previously I was able to right click on a document and save as PDF in adobe but no longer. Please advise. Hi Doug, I would check with our Acrobat experts here: Last time I was able to open Photoshop was yesterday. This am after starting up my computer. Trying to open up photoshop I received this error.

    You may need to reinstall the application. Be sure to install any available updates for the application. I downloaded the ps From the v. OS X El Capitan v Photoshop Elements 13 has been added as an applicable associated application. The following new media have been added to [Media Type]. Photoshop Elements 12, and Photoshop Lightroom v5.

    OS X Mavericks v Photoshop CC Creative Cloud has been officially supported. The ICC profile v4. The PRO-1 firmware v2. The following update has been made for the PRO-1 firmware v2. To enable the above update, the latest printer driver must be installed. All images are selected. All selected images are cleared. Supported OS: Digital Photo Professional v3. The other versions of the ICC profiles cannot be used.

    OS X Mountain Lion and Adobe Photosh… - Apple Community

    Installation into 32bit OS environment is not available. The number of images that Print Studio Pro can process is maximum pages. When printing the image over 2GB, the printed image may be corrupted. Download the file. For the location where the file is saved, check the computer settings.

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    Double-click the downloaded file and mount it on the Disk Image. Double-click the mounted Disk Image. Double-click the packaged file in the folder. Installation starts automatically. Canon Singapore Pte.