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It can be used to setup the weather station. This Weather Station is a high quality, easy to use weather monitoring system that reads, To install the "EasyWeather" software onto your PC, the minimum.

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Download EasyWeather for free. EasyWeather - This program remotely displays meteorological information provided by the ProWeatherStation.

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Easyweather on Windows V Software. Customize the parameters of functioning weather stations, set up alarms and schedules, export collected data for analysis, etc.

weeWX: open source weather software

The program's installer is commonly called imunalun. Easyweatherplus ; Easyweather download; Easy weather plus Best weather software. PDF, User manual.

I also had a mulit-day, multi-hundred gig cloud backup started two days ago pulling on my system resources, so I wouldn't be surprised if the combo had somehow caused the trouble. We'll see. As an aside , I highly recommend CrashPlan for cloud backups. I run a Pro install at work we're our own cloud , and separately use CP's consumer cloud solution at home. Works seamlessly. Note on both WeatherCat and WeatherSnoop: If you're like me and have a Mac mini in your entertainment center, and you also use this as your interface to your weather station, beware!

I don't understand why they don't just add in scrollbars for those of us with the TVs, but I understand we're an edge case. It's running OS X I found on the WeatherSnoop FAQs that you should update the driver for that data logger to the newest version available from the OEM , newer than Davis offers from their support site. December 19, , TheBum Member Posts: Weatherlink does have one important use that none of the other applications do: It cannot be done with any other software package I'm aware of.

That's the only reason I keep it around. I would steer well clear of WeatherTracker.

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I was a long time user and it had some good things going for it, but twice the developer went AWOL, the last time seems to be permanent. It kinda irks me that he's still selling it. I'm currently using WeatherSnoop and have been generally happy with it. It's pretty well supported and does the job it's intended to do. March 05, , Marz's logger discussion split off into separate thread: AfterTen Member Posts: WeatherTracker from AfterTen is back up and running. Now on version 1. TheWizard Member Posts: I'm also really angry about WeatherLink for Mac.

Weatherdata Member Posts: G'day Thank you Steve very helpful. I was wondering whether the WeatherCat software can show ET as well? Same for WeatherDisplay and the other 3rd party software. Thank you.

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Hi New in here and to weather watching. Just trying to set up a vantage vue with weather link data logger etc. I have the same problem as highlighted by smorris in posting Any help you folks can give would be great. All the best Mercedes. PaulMy Forecaster Posts: Just wanted to update that CumulusMX now in beta has Mac support http: Quote from: I believe Weathersnoop will work as well: This application is not affiliated with AcuRite. Check it out on the Mac App Store: Ackwaves Member Posts: New member here. It came with Weatherview 32 software that runs on a PC only.