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Been a Vuescan user since its development. Thanks so much. Now I can use both. You rock! Just got off the phone with Canon, they were no help. Now with your fix I can scan direct from Photoshop just like before. Many Thanks. Works well, but only in text not in color. The method described in this post requires the scanner drivers to already be installed.

How exactly did the driver installation fail? Thank you! Like Fabrice, my MP Navigator still opens then quits after 10 seconds. But at least Image Capture works! There were no installation or operational problems at all and the scans are high quality. I have not heard a single word of someone not getting this to work on Yosemite, so it should probably work. Are you having problems?

No luck. Good news! Canon updated its driver for Yosemite. Works great! Thats good to see. I think they only do this for the more recent scanners. Which scanner are you using? This is great, Jam, thanks so much for finding the fix. Awesome work! Several people in the comments have reported that this fix also works in the Yosemite beta, so for now all seems good: It is possible that twainbridge might be deleted in the update, so a reinstallation should be attempted if it stops working.

Do you know of a work around for this, or maybe I need something else that you know of other than the Canon driver. Do you know where all of those folders should live? Are they just loose in the Library directory, or inside something else? You could also try the VueScan, I think it is easier to accomplish, as it is only the application. You will however have to use the application for scanning, and it is not freeware, still worth a try though.

I wish you the best of luck. Uncompatible drivers and old devices quickly becomes a PITA. I was hoping that the SANE pieces would be a workaround, but evidently not. Oh well. I recently got a LiDe 80 working with Mavericks using Sane. It also works with Vuescan now with the Sane backend and the twainbridge and twain-sane plugins. In order for this to work I had to compile the latest sources from their git repo. LiDe 80 support was added into Sane relatively recently.

I can scan now using the command line or image capture, etc. Image capture scans come out distorted, though. Did you try ExactScan? Was this meant for me or in response to someone elses comment? It is also pretty native. Thank you so much. You made my day. Many thanks for making this installer package available. After 6 hours of searching the net and trying out insane things well above my abilities this has finally done it. I appreciate you taking the time to figure this out for the rest of us. Thank you so much for this — I do now have to go a different route to get my scanner to work but it does finally seem to be operational again a Canon MP — ok not exactly up to the minute but it does what I need and I would be annoyed to have to buy a new one unnecessarily just because of the software upgrade.

This brand new all in one should just work out of the box as it is supposed to be Mavericks compliant but no dice. I had a similar problem with a very Old Epson scanner where it scanned blurry with apple drivers and ok via VueScan. Either Apple needs to make better drivers of the OEM scanner makers need to provide them…this is not acceptable. Any suggestions or workarounds would be appreciated!!! Yeah this is stupid. But new devices where compatibility is claimed should be supported. I see they have an ICA-driver on their website listed for Mavericks and Yosemite, did you try installing this one?

Working perfectly using Image Capture. Suddenly, the beast came to life just minutes before a no net swish into the trash can. Nevertheless, thak you for your work! Yeh, it seems the the drivers for the canoscan f are very old. Did you try other solutions such as VueScan or Twain Sane? Thanks for this solution. What did work was Adobe Acrobat Pro. After figuring out how to specify the geometry for cropping , it produced very nice scans.

Acrobat Pro is not free, but if you have it, it removes the need for installing any fix. Thanks for the tip! Hope it helps someone else! Dear Br, it looks like you have exactly the same laptop and printer as I do, which gives me hope. Where have you found the drivers for CanoScan NU? Or, which model drivers are you using? I will post a link from my blog. Thank you for the fix!

I think some scanner turns up as available if you run Photoshop in bit mode. I guess this would pose some more memory limitations ie, like maximum 4gb for Photoshop. Theres a note note 8 on how to this here. The native Brother application does work. The Brother drivers can be found at: I was thrilled to see this discussion since I have a Canon P scanner that I could no longer use due to switching from a PC to an iMac.

Confirm whether it was installed properly. Any suggestions would be great appreciated. I tried the suggestions in the link provided but nothing. Still get error message as follows: I mean what application you are trying to do the scan from? It sounds like you might be using a Canon application for scanning, you should give Image Capture a try. There have been several people reporting success with the P, so it should be possible to achieve this. Amazingly simple fix. Thank you for clarifying and saving me a few hundred dollars. I liked the P scanner so much but had given up hope until I stumbled across your discussion.

Thank you for your patience and going another round with me to finally resolve this. How pleased I am! A quick google search lead me to this: The scanner has been working with my PC, but not with Mac. Let me know if if works for you. Thank you for the response. Sorry for the delay. I will update in a bit. But thank you for the suggestion. Surely there is a fix. Others seem to be having success with running the P on their iMac. Na tym blogu jest tylko jeden wpis.

Some users have reported success with the F, so it should be possible to get working. Do you only get a solid color when doing preview scans also? I have read some people have problems with certain file-formats. Did you try your scanner on another computer making sure it is not a hardware problem? Could the lamp or something be failing?

For another user reinstalling the scanner driver from the cannon website helped sort his issues with garbled scanning. Thank you, will give that a go…. Hi, many thanks for your help. I was so annoyed when I discovered that my PM is not opertional under Yosemite, but with your solution it works. Really cool: And altough the drivers from Canon were only listed up to Mavericks, it works for me on my iMac with Yosemite installed from last week. I see that the drivers are now also listed up to Yosemite, the Probably not too many changes to this in Yosemite.

I see they also have an ICA driver ver 3. Also out of curiosity, did you have both the twain driver, Thank you so much Janegil. It was looking bleak for my old Pixima MP with no drivers available on the Canon website after the Yosemite upgrade to my iMac. Scanning has now resumed as normal thanks to your efforts and that natty little Bridge for a Thing Without An Interesting Name.

I hate discarding a working tool before its time. I managed to get my new MacBook Air I really appreciate it. It took me all day, but I finally found your page. Thanks a lot!!!!! See good scan under Mavericks here: Any ideas? One user has reported here that a scan produced only one solid color after upgrading to yosemite. Can I ask if you upgraded or performed a clean install of Yosemite.

If not, did you use the package from my site in Mavericks as well? Or in case do it manually. Sadly I only discovered it this morning. But I tried it in an old Mac still running Mavericks. Could change it, if I had different ones. Although I did not know how to uninstall the existing drivers, I followed on your tip that it might be caused by the drivers, so I installed new ones on top. The driver on Canons webpages are not made to work on intel processors. The printer also does not seem to be compatible with VueScan or TwainSane.

A workaround could be to figure out which OS this scanner could be used with, and install a virtual machine to scan through. Not the most user-friendly, but it would probably work. I think only bit windows versions are supported. Thanks a lot, it works great for my Canon MP on Yosemite. I downloaded the olds drivers for Lion on Canon website. My multifonction printer is fully fonctionnal. Mon imprimante multifonction est maintenant parfaitement reconnue. I am having a similar problem with my Microtek scanner. Microtek says they no longer support my scanner after Snow Leopard.

I have been tearing my hair out for the last week trying to get the scanner to work. Do you think this fix would work for me? Would be great if you drop an update if you try it out: Lack of customer support here. Theres also a SANE solution you can try. Check out this post by macmanus. Thanks janegil. I tried the Mavericks one but it said it was not compatible with Yosemite. Still trying! Thank you very much, Jan! Using this I was finally! You just save me a couple of hundred! My Canon Imageformula P now works under Yosemite. It had previously worked under Mavericks but the Yosemite upgrade rendered my scanner inoperable until I read about your fix.

I had previously spoken to the Canon support help-line but they were completely useless. It makes you wonder just what is happening within that organisation…. Trying to sell new equipment so they can make more money: You should put your ass on that scanner to show them what you think …. Folks will get wise to such behaviour whether it be a sales ploy or just incompetence. It can now be seen by imagecapture. Many thanks. I was only able to scan from within Adobe Acrobat Pro.

That worked, but was inconvenient and limited my options. When I recently installed Yosemite, I lost even that capability. Thanks again! A big thank you for supplying this information. This solution has worked beautifully. And so simple! My Canoscan Lide 20 is still not recognised by Image capture. Can anyone please tell me what to do? You need a driver in addition to this package. It seems Canons drivers are too old for this scanner to be used with Yosemite, some other people commenting here has had success using it with the SANE drivers, and this package.

It works independently and through Photoshop. Many thanks, it works very well with my Samsung SCX My husband and I have been working on this since upgrading to Yosemite last week. I have been practically tearing my hair out with frustration! This upgrade to Yosemite has been extremely painful, but thanks to you I have a working scanner again!

I upgraded from Mavericks and I think the transition to Yosemite has been one of the most painfree updates I have done with OS X this far. I skipped Mavericks and have been having the worst time.

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We are now telling clients to go to Mavericks and then Yosemite. Always better to do a small upgrade! You have no idea how much your sharing the fruits of your hard work has meant to me. I have and old Notebook laptop with Windows and have to use that if I want to scan and print…sigh!! Then I came upon this thread.

Perhaps you could help me by describing how you got yours working OK. Regards Derek A. You need to use the installer from this page together with the old Canon driver. Another satisfied customer! My ancient LIDE35 which I love for both the image fidelity and the extremely low profile seems to once again be in the land of the living. This works perfectly with my Canon P Thank you thank you! Would someone help me finding the driver. It seems the comment earlier refers to SANE, which is another package like thing of drivers.

It can be found here. I dont think it supports Yosemite yet though, hopefully this will happen soon. If you are not running Yosemite, a post by MacManus has a short howto , and I think will also be updated once Yosemite is released. Thanks so much for all your dedication. All I got was gray when scanning on my trusty Canon Lide F. Canon does not provide a driver for Thanks very much. I also have a Canon Lide F and has a new Mac desktop.

This fix worked for me, using the driver on the Canon website made for the Thank you for doing this work. Take care. I tried the driver for Then found this site from a Google search. Works like a charm! You still need the Get the TWAIn bridge app. Install all 3. Open toolbox and scan something. In any event, how do you implement your Fix once it has been downloaded and installed?

I have not tried my solution with any of the applications provided by Canon. This worked perfectly for my Brother DSmobile Thanks so much for your help! Works great with Yosemite, Canoscan F. Finally ditched the crappy Canon scanning software! Thanks for clear headed thinking, simple solution. I was amazed at the threads and misinformation around this topic. The solution reinstalling older Apple executable while using most current scan driver is really a safe way to go. It works for my Canoscan F with Yosemite I can use the scanner buttons again!

My open questions are now: Why Apple deny the access to the scanner? Are the buttons of this scanner working with Yosemite without the usage of the old TwainBridge App? And if so, why? What is the Yosemite way for writing scanner drivers which are listend into digital image app? Not getting many hits googling for that though. I use mostly the buttons when i work with the scanner. If so, then the root cause is at the side of Canon. My CanoScan Lide 90 is back up and running. My CanoScan F works again! Thank you so much for saving me the cost of replacing a perfectly good and expensive scanner.

It works great now!!

Thank you, Jan Egil, so very much! I spent several hours and tried all sorts of advice from the Xerox forums and elsewhere with no success. This, however, was easy peezy! Again, many, many thanks. Hi Janegil, You are a star, thank you very much for providing this installer package and link to the drivers. When I recently upgraded to Yosemite I have just installed the last available driver fosxen for this scanner from Canon for Lion?

I have scanned some photographs and all the previous functionaliy seems to be there. That is a minor inconvenience though, most importantly I have my scanner with slide scanning capbi;ity back. Again, thank you very much. Fixing these kinds of problems are way beyond my capabilities and having people like you doing it is wonderful. Unbelievable that a simple piece of kit like a flatbed scanner can get shot down so easily. It seems the drivers for the Lide are pretty up to date from their date on Canons website.

Try reinstalling their drivers. I would possibly try the ICA driver listed there first. Yeah it seems like the drivers for this scanner is pretty old. Thanks so much! My CanoScan F works now with mac I am happy now, that I can use my well working scanner. Hate to throw away things which are still good! You did a great job for sustainability! I feel the same as everyone else, why for the sake of a bit of software writing, are we expected to throw out working equipment. You also have to download a twain driver for one of the older OS X versions.

Not sure if the scanner appears in system preferences. I have mostly only tried with Image Capture. I just moved to Yosemite, and your patch was a real lifesaver. Worked like a charm for my Canon Lide I just reactivated a Canoscan F under Thank you soooooo much! I can communicate with my Canoscan F after the fix thanks a stack! Any suggestions will be most welcome. Try note 7 here. My iMac can now see the scanner as a device in applications, I can use the buttons — as well as assigning different functions to those buttons.

It no longer does so. Is there some way to set scanner preferences? According to this source: My scanner then showed up in my available devices in Photoshop. Thanks a bunch! Thank you soooooooo much! Thank You! Contacted Canon about my older but still working well Pixma MX and they said as did their website that the MX would not be supported.

But PS5 still does not recognize the scanner? Thank you for this fix! I just migrated my files from an old MacBook Pro to a new model running Yosemite. All the basic options are there, cropping, resolution, file type, etc. Best regards! Then installed the latest driver for OS It now works fine using Image Capture. Thank you very much! MacBook Pro RD , 2. Thanks all for the right path. THANX so much — it works on my f scanner! After 2 years!!! Works with OSX Shame on Canon not to have posted this kind of update! Lots of thanks for you Jan!

I blundered about so much that my comments may not be much help to others. First I installed the Twainbridge pkg, restarted the iMac — no luck. At some point I reinstalled the I tried the SANE package, no luck. Tried disconnecting the USB interface and reconnecting, no luck. What a relief! I had lost use of both the printer and scanner about a year ago when my new laptop came pre-loaded with Mavericks not a fan.

I have to use Image Capture now for my scans, but it sure beats having to run to the store and pay for copies of important documents. Thank you so very much for saving my MP Developing this software and making it available to folks for free was a really kind thing to do and will help a lot of people that are in a jam with this frustrating issue. I could unearth my Canon f without problem.

Great to hear your scanner is working. Hope you didnt bury it under too much earth. Are you saying they wrote about this solution in that magazine? I stupidly updated to Yosemite The laptop definitely recognises that the printer is there and can print but no option to scan within Ps, Preview or Image Capture. Still no joy. The only thing that did work was downloading VueScan which managed to preview and scan the document but then put stupid watermarks all over it and asked me to pay for the software.

That sucks. Make sure you try reinstalling both the driver and the twainbridge application. A restart first and then one after might also come in handy. I assume you installed both the printing and the scanning driver for your printer, as they are separate. Hello…i have been reading about the problems with drivers and OS Yosemite.

I have a caon f scanner. I am using Photshop CC. Any help.. Is this a photoshop plug in you are talking about, or the scanner driver or TwainBridge installer? Hi Roman, I have a Canon P Can you please explain me how you got your canon work with OSX v The P does seem to have a driver for I guess you should be able to just download and install that one.

Peter Hi! Very simple, 3 steps: Thanks so much for creating this fix. I seem to be halfway to getting it to work. Image capture app on my mac But no further. Am I missing something? I also downloaded the canoscan toolbox 5 and got a bit further. If you did some additional steps it would be great if you would share, as someone else might also benefit from it: I downloaded a whole bunch of drivers that never worked before your maverick fix.

Your fix enabled the scanner to be seen by imagecapture app. I then downloaded canoscan toolbox 5 even though they say it is for earlier versions not ios After checking this box it worked. Thanks again, Jena. Hey thanks so much man. Downloaded your Twainbridge fix and reinstalled the Canon driver. The scanner always has worked and still does work perfectly with Photoshop Elements.

You should only have to install the TwainBridge fix from my website and the driver. Also, a restart might be required in order for it to start working. Ah, thanks janegil, the restart did it. All fine now, and thank you so much for the fix. Good work! I do actually need to use all three apps at various times. Is there a way to have all three apps working? Happy new year! The drivers for this seems pretty old. You could try with the TwainSane drivers, MacManus has a guide here , make sure you need the latest drivers that supports mavericks from ellerts own webpage.

If that doesnt work theres the option of VueScan, which is a standalone application you would use for scanning, this solution will not work with Image Capture. Give me a word if you try any of these and figure something out: I never used the twain-sane solution myself, but I think it should be a good one. I just needed to fetch the twain plug for Photoshop and run it in 32 Bit mode. No hope, then? I have a canonScan F. The scanner was recognized with image capture.

I can see it on the top left corner. I did also restart. Have I something? I know also VueScan which I have used until now. But I was curious to see what happens with this one. Maybe you have to do the overview scan in order to do the fullscan? If not I have not seen anything else like this. VueScan just hangs on start. Latest drivers available installed.

Here are some things you could try to do: With the updated version 3. Trying to adjust the calibration parameters of the backend gave better results but still not convincing. Does anyone know the correct setting? You made my day!! Canoscan F works with Yosemite using Scan Gear Running When I launch ImageCapture the scanner does not show up. Any help? Seems there was another guy with the Lide 80 who couldnt make it work. I cannot see any ways possible now to make it work. Thank you so much, your twainbridge.

Running Mavericks on iMac. Saw this fix — and installed. Scanner Canoscan lide 70 fired into life after about 10secs. No further action required. Did you try the ICA drivers from the canon website? I think they should be working natively without the TwainBridge fix. Thanks for the tip, I just did and scanner is functioning again — still need to unplug it from USB to have it be recognized after each use, but better than nothing!

As I contemplate buying a new scanner, should I be looking for a non-twain model? And if so, what AM I looking for? Jan you are like a god to me. I was going to chuck my Cancan LiDE 60 but now it works again. One caveat — it does not appear to work with the CanoScan Toolbox app, which I kinda like, but it does work when importing from Preview. I shall learn to live with that! I have not however had the pleasure of using it — they sold it as Mac compatible a few months ago although this does not seem to be true… accept here.

So generous! I installed it and Imgaecapture still does not recognize my scanner. Is there an alternate way to download drivers? I did find the driver at Canon for the P scanner I installed it on two In both cases the computer does not see the scanner. I tried Imagecapture on both and the Canon P program on one. Sometimes you have to restart the computer in order for it appear. Reinstalling drivers might also help. There have been several success stories about this. The things you should have to do is install both the printer twain driver and twainbridge from this webpage.

Thanks, I did try that on 2 f the three computers. But I am going to give it another shot. Do I need to uninstall the drivers first or is it fine to just hit install? That makes the computer find the scanner. The scanner was recognized from Preview and everything worked right but hung up at saving the scanned file. Forgot to mention I am using OS X Brilliant — have been using an old laptop until I found this!

Works with Thank you very much. This will be a huge help to our graphics team. Wow, thanks!!

TWAIN Scanners in OS X Maverick (and Yosemite)

My F is back among the living. Glad I found your page. I have an iMac mid running I have been through this entire post and only see one reference to a F Vladimir. Has anyone out there tried this fix with my same setup? Any success? I would like to try this fix but with no successes mentioned here…. He will probably not see your comment and never comment on it. However trying to see if this works or not should be pretty easy ;.

This, in combination with the SANE backend found on http: Perfect for Canon F with Mavericks driver. I was about to buy a new scanner, Thank you so much! People are saying they have gotten this scanner to work using this solution. Make sure you try to reinstall the drivers, replug the scanner and do a reboot. Works with Yosemite v Very nice, thank you. BUT… If you start up the MacBook Pro with the scanner connected, new additional instances of TWAINBridge appear about every 20 secs or so, until you end up with hundreds of the little buggers, and the system starts behaving strangely and hanging.

CanoScan F - Support - Download drivers, software and manuals - Canon Europe

The solution appears to be to plug in your scanner after startup. Time was when Macs were the graphics computer of choice, but the big A seem to be chipping away at that piece by piece. That does not sound good. I tried recreating this issue here, but only one instance of TwainBridge is spawned with the scanner plugged in at boot, and it barely uses any system resources. Maybe theres a bad interaction with something else in your system: Works great.

So thanks Canon and thanks Apple for trying to screw me! And thanks for this site and the solution to that scam!!! Extremely grateful Best regards Bernd. I have only used it with the MPR though. Hi Jan! My name is Pablo and Im from Chili. I would like to ask you if you know some twain bridge to use my canonscan f with the Mac OS X There is a good resource for this here http: Hi Jan, I have downloaded http: Do I need to uninstall all the old canon MP drivers to get this to work? Is there a Yosemite Twainbridge fix? I use the drivers from the Canon website, together with the TwainBridge on this post.

Reinstalling both the TwainBridge and the canon driver might help you if you already have installed them. Woo hoo!!! Another perfectly good CanoScan F about to be replaced after getting a brand new MacPro and upgrading to Yosemite saved and working like a charm. You made my day, thanks! It does look ilke installing […]. Thanks so much for putting this together! Outstanding research and development work, Jan! How did you get it to run? Canon Lide30 on Yosemite You need the Twain scanner driver in addition to TwainBridge.

The Lide30 driver seems to old to be installed in Yosemite at all. A restart might be needed in order for it to work. Also, a reinstall of both has fixed issues sometimes. Thank you so much, everything works again like before.

Jan Egil on the internet

Just run the instaler and scanning is like you never installed Yosemite at all. Worked for me on CanonScan Lide Been able to save files scanned from an HP ScanJet — which had stopped working ever since Mavericks. Thanx a lot! Can someone please clarify something for me: Get Info says it is K and v 7.

Canon CanoScan 8800F

So what exactly does it do? The wrong assumptions can cause havoc on the answer. Hmmm, perhaps the file could be compressed. Just want to add to all of the thanks you have already received for doing this and making it available to us all. Your security problem can be solved by secondary-cliking right mouse button or two finger click on trackpad and selecting open.

If it does not work you should try installing the twain driver. Hide Details, Overview, and Scan are grayed out. I contacted Thorsten Lemke at Graphic Converter and he told me it was up to Canon to come up with a bit scanner software. This is a shame. That does not exist anymore. Did you try the ICA driver for Mavericks? Sometimes it helps to reinstall the Twain driver and Twainbridge if this is what you are using. A restart might also be necessary.

I love you! You made my day, week, month and a year. I have an age old Epson stylus DX that still works beautifully, and a brand new Mavericks. I could not get it to scan, but now I do, thanks to you. Will this driver be compatible with Canoscan F on OS Hope to hear from you again and thank you. This will be very helpful if this really works.

I have not seen this working with the F. Check out this blog post. Installed HP driver for OS Scanner not seen. Added your Twain from Lion, and viola. Image Capture appears to be working normally. Many thanks for this. The scanner of my Samsung SCX is working again thanks to you!