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Mac Users' choice Ableton live 7 download mac Ableton live 7 download mac Most people looking for Ableton live 7 mac downloaded: Ableton Live 8. Ableton Live. Ableton Live Intro. New premium percussion packs Session Drums and Drum Machines round out the content. Performance on both machines was excellent.

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You'll need to budget roughly 50 GB of hard-drive space to install all the content including the premium packages, but Live now lets you maintain alternate libraries on different hard drives. You have browser access to only one library at a time, but Live songs can use data from multiple libraries as long as the hard drives containing them are mounted. Drum Racks combine the features of an Instrument Rack with a drum-machine-style trigger-pad front end see Fig.

You drag audio clips or virtual instruments to Drum Rack pads to add chains to the rack. If you drag a clip, a Simpler is inserted in the chain with the clip as its source. You can extend chains by inserting MIDI effects before and audio effects after the virtual instrument. By default, a chain receives only the note corresponding to its pad, and the chain responds by sending note C3 to the devices in the chain.

But you can set any chain to send a different note or to receive and send all notes. For example, you could drag a virtual instrument with a tuned-percussion preset to a pad, set the resulting chain to receive all notes, and then use a Pitch plug-in to restrict the note range within the chain. You could then use pads outside that range to trigger other drum sounds.

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Drum Racks accommodate as many as six send effects. Once you insert an effects plug-in in the effects section at the bottom of the rack, all chains sprout a send-amount slider. You can route the return to the rack output or to any of the send buses in the main mixer. Both Instrument and Drum Racks have a foldout Session-view submixer with a channel for each chain in the rack. The channel strip controls mirror the controls in the rack's Chain list, but it is often more convenient to view and use them in the Session-view submixer. You can drag submixer channel strips to a new track to split off individual chains, and when you do that with a Drum Rack, the notes in any MIDI files on the main track that apply to the dragged channel will follow, creating new MIDI clips on the new channel.

A convenient slider to the right of the pad display selects which pads are visible.

Ableton Live Suite 9.7.2 Overview

In a nice touch, if you use a MIDI pad controller with native Live support, its pads will follow the slider selection. One of the best things about Drum Racks is the use Live has made of them in two of Ableton's premium content offerings. Drum Machines, by Ableton content developer Puremagnetik, is a collection of Drum Racks sampling classic drum machines from Roland, Oberheim, Sequential, and others. At the other end of the percussion spectrum, Session Drums is a sample collection of multimiked acoustic drum kits that have been developed in collaboration with Chocolate Audio.

Like Drum Machines, these are delivered in well-crafted Drum Racks. Each kit includes samples played with sticks, Hotrods, mallets, and brushes. These kits do not come with embedded MIDI files, but you can download a free collection of live-played grooves by session drummer Shawn Pelton that utilize the kits see Web Clip 2. The Essential Instrument Collection 2, developed in conjunction with SoniVox and Chocolate Audio, contains one kit from each of these drum collections for you to try. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

See questions and answers. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Showing of 2 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

Sequencer for live or studio sessions

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Verified Purchase. I'll apologize in advance for the very lengthy review, but I want to cover all the points that made this program worth the rather hefty cost for me, an amateur music producer. Music production is only a hobby for me, but as a professional programmer with 22 years experience I feel confident in saying this is one of the most useful, stable pieces of software ever written.

Even the Windows version has an Apple Mac-like ease of use, with all the menus and controls logically laid out in a "show me just what I need but make it easy to dig deeper if I wanna" manner. The different time stretching modes have handled loops from my library that have choked demos of competing products. My favorite feature is the ability to place what Ableton calls "devices" -- tools like reverb, parametric EQ, panning -- into "chains" that can be saved and recalled and applied to future projects.

I've built several "Trance effect" chains for my fave style of music and it saves me hours of trying to recreate a sound I liked earlier. In the age of shoddy Microsoft operating systems, it's a sad fact that a major feature in any product is that it doesn't constantly lock up the software or the entire computer, but so be it. I've owned Ableton Live for 6 months now and I use it extensively -- it has crashed only 2 times in that time period. Weak points: Ableton advertises the single-window interface as a feature, but that is a hugely flawed interpretation.

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Anyone using dual monitors will be staring at one empty screen when running Live. An example of why this is so bad can be seen with the new Spectrum Analyzer device.

Ableton Live 10 Suite includes:

To make the SA display large enough to be useful, the user is forced to click a mulitude of "resizing arrows" which shrinks other parts of the interface to a size that makes them unreadable. Anyone used to placing their spectrum analyzer on a 2nd monitor while monitoring is "S. Truthfully, my Nu-Gen Audio "Visualyzer" plugin leaves every other analyzer I've used in the dust so the Live limitation doesn't hurt me too badly.

The only other annoyance is "screen clutter" when your project has more than a dozen or so tracks. The only solution is to deal with it and scroll constantly back and forth looking for a particular track. Sony Acid Pro blows Live out of the water on this one, allowing users to create folders where they can tuck away groups of tracks such as Percussion, Backing Synths, Leads, etc. Again my apologies for such a long review. Ableton Live 7 - Windows / Mac: Musical Instruments

Hopefully it can help another shopper in the same boat as I was. I've been using Ableton for about 4 years now Its definelly my first choice for a sequencing software! See both reviews. Pages with related products.