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I have a Canon NU, listed as supported using the plustek backend. The command "sane-find-scanner" finds the scanner, but the "scanimage -L" command gives an error. I tried editing the backend configuration file plustek. I have the original Canon driver installed. Maybe there's a conflict between the manufacturer's driver and sane. Keep up the good work. Jedi Knight:: I have the SANE backends installed on my mac they were actually relatively easy to compile - I'm surprised there wasn't a package already Now just need a release of Kooka KDE scanner software that will link properly I got much further after installing libusb from source from http: If you read the sane mailing list, you will see how beta this is.

I couldn't get my Epson U working either. The find utility sees it, but scanimage -L does not.

I played with debug levels because many on the list say that tweaking those affects timings and sometimes allows it to work. It didn't help me.

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Hopefully this will be solved some time soon. I suspect my main problem may be with the config file, but the documentation is sparse and I don't know where to go. I posted to the list, but it seems mostly Linux folks read it. It is available at http: Johan Kool. Thanks so much. I suspect I'm about your Dad's age so consider it tested again. Worked at and Auto, but at I got a very distorted image.

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Perhaps the answer is in a hint on Ellert's web page: This does not work on MacOS X and the backend should be reimplemented using pthreads instead. The right driver appeared, but didn't scan. Scanner is recognisable, but won't scan: It may or may not be supported by SANE. Try scanimage -L and read the backend's manpage. On a single occasion, scanimage recognised my scanner, many other times it did not: Further poking around has revealed the bug might lie somewhere else.

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Hopefully those working on the SANE project who know more about these things willl be able to fix it soonish. More detail is in the SANE bug tracking pages. But a glance here revealed a lot of negative posts, such as " I wanted to point out that, on Linux, SANE is the standard scanning system there isn't really any other and it works fine with the majority of scanners, little configuration, and good integration with the rest of the system.

It may not be so slick on OS X, but it was never intended to be. Firstly to say that I must have been imagining things when I wrote about negative comments. And secondly, to say that Mattias's Sane interface and distribution worked perfectly.

Installation was a matter of three double clicks, and there it was in the Acquire menu of the Graphic Converter. If I hadn't known that my scanner was supported in Sane from using it with Linux, and gone to see if Sane could be made to work with OS X, I would have concluded that my oh-so-graphical Powerbook could not be made to work with my scanner. The Adobe tech note, by the way, also carries this dire warning:. Not many scanner manufacturers have released bit versions of their scanner drivers, so you may not be able to use TWAIN.

Contact your scanner manufacturer for more information. No good.

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Still nothing listed under Import. So putting aside Photoshop for the time being, I try opening Image Capture. No sign of any scanners. The FAQ had some words to say about that as well:. This is a really weird application. If you succeed with this let me know, and I can add the numbers to the default list for the next release. There is a link in that paragraph on the FAQ, but it goes nowhere, the Apple tech note apparently long since destroyed. Oops, it looks like I skipped a package.

It installed without a hitch, but also without any indication of where. Now it exists. So I dig into the package and open up the Info. But what the hell.

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Well, since Photoshop and Image Capture are out, perhaps there is an app that will work? That was easy enough to figure out. The manpage for scanimage shows the options are gray, lineart, and color. After the progress bar completes, it asks me to save my file. It saves as a TIFF file by default. But I did select 50 dpi. That should give me more options for saving.

Image quality? Wish I had some kind of known-good reference image to scan and compare.

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So, is it worth it? For minimal scanning, maybe. If I did a lot of it, I might want to invest in VueScan just to gain the ability to scan into Photoshop directly. Show Calendar. Show Calendar Posts tagged with: Mac OS X.