New mac mini at wwdc 2014

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October Event 2018 — Apple

Newton Mail Is Back! Showing support for the LGBT community, there will also be a new rainbow-themed band and watch face. Dolby Atmos object-based audio is coming to the Apple TV set-top box, bringing you overhead sounds as well as standard surround sound provided you've got compatible Dolby Atmos speakers , of course , making Apple TV 4K the only box that's both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos certified. If you've got existing titles that support Dolby Atmos in your iTunes library they'll automatically be upgraded to support the new audio format.

The animated screensaver 'Aerial' is getting upgraded, letting Siri offer locations and info on places of interest from across the globe with a tap of the remote, as well as a high-altitude Earth cam filmed by astronauts stationed on the ISS. Apple has already started toying with original content, with Carpool Karaoke as an example. So it may be holding back a little bit more information for further down the line.

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What kind of content can more than a billion dollars create? Deadline recently reported Apple's plans for a new animated series called 'Central Park' with some star power behind it. Moving from the mountains inspiring recent Mac software updates to the deserts of the Mojave, Apple's new MacOS release has been revealed, with lots of exciting new features for Mac fans. But perhaps the biggest feature of all will actually be coming to developers in , with new features letting iOS apps be easily ported to Mac. It was simply a tease at this stage, but Apple's already putting it to work with its own first-party apps.

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It's long been rumored, but come this time next year, expect the worlds of iOS and Mac to be more closely aligned than ever before. A new 'Dark Mode', which makes all Apple first-party apps take on a darker hue, is also on the way. Easy on the eyes for late night use, it'll also be useful for photo editors and developers, with the former often preferring the punchy colors against a darker background, the later taking advantage of the more clearly visible color distinctions in code groups during Xcode usage.

Messy desktop? No problem in MacOS Mojave — it's introducing Desktop stacks, which group together related icons into piles, auto-tidying your desktop, expanding with a tap. You can also scrub through a stack with gestures to scroll to an individual file that you're seeking out. Your desktop wallpaper can be set to change over the course of a day too — new Apple-designed options of, say, a desert panorama, will change from morning through to noon, evening and the dead of night as time in your local location changes.

Who wants more metadata? You do, that's who. The Gallery View will now give quick actions that you can instantly fire up contextual information. For instance, Finder will now have customizable buttons that could add a watermark automatically to PDFs, once set up. Screenshotting gets improvements too. You'll have greater control over magnification settings, while you'll have to option to screengrab from within a video too. It's also getting some useful stuff, including News and Voice Memos, both of which are essential mobile apps, making the jump to your laptop and desktop too.

Home, controlling your HomeKit enabled smart home gear, will also be coming to Mac machines. Safari is doubling down on privacy features — unsurprisingly, given the year's Facebook scandal and Europe's newly introduced GDPR requirements.

WWDC 2018 brings iOS 12, macOS 10.14, watchOS 5 and more

Social media and commenting platforms won't be able to drop cookies on your machine automatically any more, while site-to-site tracking, known as 'fingerprinting', will be harder for nefarious ad firms to carry out. These Safari features will carry over into iOS 12 , too. With the keynote wrapped up, here's some of the predictions we made that didn't make the cut for WWDC But we're still waiting to see Apple can't force everyone to get a smartphone with a 5.

That never arrived.

WWDC 2014: The pre-show Mac lineup report card

The Eurasian Economic Commission had a number of new iOS 11 devices registered with it recently though. There's a strong record of products leaked by the agency launching within a couple months of registration with the agency, but WWDC proved not to be a grand stage for something to launch. It would be highly unusual for Apple to launch a successor to the iPhone X so soon, especially since the iPhone X itself launched late into That's why the odds are in favor of the device registration pointing towards a new iPhone SE 2 in a variety of sizes and colors.

Though we've been waiting over two years to see an update of the iPhone SE, we may not be waiting much longer. But it didn't have its day at WWDC today. There were no new iPhones at the keynote, or even hints of one. Apple is likely saving any phone reveals for September when it historically launches new iPhones. The latest rumors suggest that three models of the iPhone XI will be coming this year, with one expected to have an extra large 6.

Neither will be cheap, and it's been suggested that they may switch from running on Qualcomm modems to ones made by Intel. But we're still waiting. Anyone who goes for the new Mac Pro will be looking for a quality display to use with it, but the 5K LG monitor that Apple currently sells may now feels dated.

Look out, Apple is running out of MacBook Pros.

WWDC 2014 - Predictions

That's a big hint that it could be updating to a new line of laptops. But if it is, they weren't revealed at WWDC We're eventually expecting to see new MacBooks and an at-last updated Mac Mini. The MacBooks may only get minor updates , with upgrades to some of the internals and an increase to the maximum supported RAM. Updated MacBooks may also come with those new co-processors expected to show up in a new Mac Pro.

MacFixer - WWDC Highlights

Pricing is expected to line up with the prices of the MacBook lineup it would replace, and we believe it could arrive as early as April. A new MacBook Air may be joining it while Apple announces new computers. All the same, the small and affordable desktop option is still running on Intel Haswell processors which are a few generations old , and is at least as due for an update as any other computer mentioned here. But Apple has chosen to hold it back for another time.

We're still expecting an announcement later this year. Rumors suggest it will come in With any luck, Apple will also take steps to make the new iPad Pro in more of laptop replacement than earlier models have managed to be. Now, all points to a release separate from WWDC. See more Mobile phones news.