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This guide will take you through the process of constructing a building underwater using the Poncho Pack mod in Minecraft 1. What's your Minecraft world's landscape missing?

An enormous creeper maybe? Check out this video to learn how to build a huge creeper in Minecraft. Why take the stairs when you could use the Minecraft pistons mod to build an elevator? Watch this video to learn how to build a piston powered elevator for your Minecraft home. Get from point A to point B without losing your breath. While this tutorial shows you only how to install a custom skin for your Minecraft avatar, you can use this procedure to install nearly any skin and mod in your Minecraft game.

Make everything look more interesting in your game! Not long ago, we saw the amazing Water Shader mod. But we have never seen its true capability until now. This video captures the beauty, and sublime impact it has on the Minecraft player. Minecraft Info: Water Shader Mod: BuildCraft Mod enhances everything about fuel and making things run.

Minecraft | How to Install Aether Mod on Mac

Not only that thought, BuildCraft Mod adds new and awesome things inside it! Like all those pipes, quarries, and energy makers. Well all those things will help you enhance your same old Minecraft! Some Mods a Minecraft is a great game as it is, but there are many mods out there that make it even more fun to play. Installing these mods may seem difficult, but with a little practice, it becomes extremely easy. You will need: Each presented their vision for a game that fit the prompt "Bigger than Jesus: Minecraft mods modifications are additions to the game that change the way you play.

They include texture packs, shaders, changes in gameplay, additions and subtractions and everything in between. Some of this information is very basic, other bits might help you along if you A minimap is a small inset box on your game screen that can show you the immediate area for your Minecraft island. This is a mod for your game, and the video shows you where to get it and how to install it. Jeb just announced a great new feature that will be added in the 1. This map format, titled "Anvil," will open Minecraft to so many more possibilities with the new update to mod compatibility.

This tutorial won't necessarily work for multiplayer mode, but you can set up a hack in Minecraft that will let you instantly create a block of whatever substance you are trying to get. This is a very easy mod that anyone can do. Why stay with only what you've been given by the basic game? Make your MineCraft game more exciting by giving your character a different skin, and downloading new texture packs for your game.

This is an incredibly easy mod for your game. Is that House? Built in Minecraft? Well, time to cross out one more item off my bucket list! As inspiration for this week's Minecraft-themed Tuesday Giveaway enter here to win an awesome Minecraft Pickaxe! The great WonderHowTo is a how-to website made up of niche communities called Worlds, with topics ranging from Minecraft to science experiments to Scrabble and everything in-between.

Check in every Wednesday evening for a roundup of user-run activities and how-to projects from the most Is this what you think it is? This was something that was there only in the Baby Animals mod but now WonderHowTo is made up of niche communities called Worlds. If you've yet to join one or create your own , get a taste below of what's going on in the community. Check in every Wednesday for a roundup of new activities and projects.

Minecraft | How to Install Aether Mod on Mac

Thanks to all of our active moderators and The Carvable Pumpkins mod is a brilliant new mod that lets you craft a new kind of pumpkin. One that can be manually carved. You no longer have to settle for the same old pumpkins in Minecraft, now you can carve your own. You simple create the new pumpkin, place it d This is going to be guides on the Bukkit plugin and Minecraft Mod.

WorldEdit is an in-game world editor for Minecraft, supporting both single player and multiplayer. It is easy to use, extremely flexible, and actively developed. Links; Wiki: Hey guy's, hope everything's going well! Here's a snippet of a few cool things and the latest news on Minecraft. Minetroid Mod This might just be the mod longtime Metroid fans have been looking for in Minecraft.

Literally every aspect has been changed: Welcome to Minecraft World! Check out our tutorials, post to the community corkboard, and come play on our free server! Are you looking to clean up the look of your Minecraft with something other than a simple texture pack? Do you sometimes experience lag spikes that drop you Check out our advanced tutorials and come play on our free server. Welcome back to Minecraft World's Ultimate Survival guide! A few days ago, we reviewed a good way to start off right when you spawn, plus a small rundown of the mobs.

Now we will co It allows you to set up permissions for groups, and add users to these groups. The result is you can have multiple tiers of access to commands. This is useful for most Minecraft servers, as it lets you More amazing community contributions this w Here's the trailer for the "Skyjacking" Terrorist vs.

If you want to give the PvP map a try, you can download it here. The goal is to defuse 3 bombs within 10 minu Hello, everyone. We were featured on Kotaku, RockPaperShotg What happened to please and thank you? Phillip Chan, a yahoo network contributor wrote this back in Welcome to Minecraft Heaven Minecraft has been out nearly two years now. Next Page Prev Page. Hot Latest.

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Apple Set to Release iOS Apple Just Released iOS Google Releases ARCore 1. Warner Bros. The Aether is an amazing realm that is infinitely high in the sky , as opposed to the Nether , which is infinitely deep underground. Its main features are large floating islands and formations of Aeroclouds. There are many new mobs, items and blocks in the Aether, some being entirely different from those in the overworld, but few are similar to overworld mobs.

To get to the Aether one must first make a nether portal formation out of glowstone , and place water with a water bucket at one the bottom corners. When you step through the portal for the first time your portal will spawn in a randomly generated Aether. Normal torches and Fire cannot be used in the Aether, although water brought from the overworld works properly.

When a player falls off of an Aether island they will not fall into the void, instead they'll leave the Aether and be spawned high above of their original portal in the overworld and fall straight down, so one is advised to put water around their portal or they will die of fall damage, unless they fell too far away from their original Aether spawn, they'll fall far away from their overworld portal. The Aether can be used to unreliably use fast travel through the overworld much like the nether.

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There are many "dungeons" bronze, silver, gold scattered across the Aether. Each contains bosses, special mobs and structures, after the boss es are defeated there is usually some special reward in a stone chest, that can only be opened with the key each boss drops after defeating. There are plenty of types of new blocks in the Aether, including nature blocks, ores, plants and so on. In the aether island, the terrian is mainly made up of Aether Dirts. And they're covered with Aether Grasses. And under the aether dirts is Holystone.

There're also many plants which do not exist in the Overworld. For example, skyroot trees and golden oak trees. The tools are made with the same materials as the weapons. The Gravitite tools usually push back enemies and blocks, when they are sand or gravel, are pushed back. When TNT is ignited it will break rather than prime. The Altar is used to enchant the tools and weapons.

The enchanted tools are generally more durable, and in the case of swords, more deadly. For armor, enchanting it generally makes it able to withstand more damage. Dungeons in Aether are much more complex than in normal world. Each of them will have a boss which has to be defeated to get the key required to open the gray chest located inside the dungeon boss room. Blocks which make up the main structure of the dungeon cannot be destroyed or obtained until the boss of the dungeon is defeated.

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The entrance of bronze dungeons are located on the sides of normal islands. Bronze dungeons can have a varying number of rooms. Some of these chests are mimics, however. The boss of this dungeon can't be attacked with a sword. It can, however, take damage from any tool pickaxe, shovel, etc. The boss room's walls are only minable once the boss is dead. These dungeons are located within Parthenons in the sky.

These have multiple floors, typically 3, each with multiple rooms. Most rooms have chests inside them, and while the majority of the chests are fake Mimics , others contain some items.

Silver dungeons are inhabited by Valkyries, which only attack when the player attacks them. When playing on Peaceful, Valkyries still appear, but will teleport away when you try to attack them. Killing a Valkyrie yields a single Victory Medal. The boss of this dungeon can only be attacked by presenting it with 10 of the medals, which can be done by right-clicking on it with the medals in hand. The Silver Dungeon boss can be attacked with any weapon. Gold Dungeons are located within spherical islands with many Golden Oak trees growing on top of them.

The boss cannot be killed by attacking it directly and must be killed by hitting the white object he throws back at it multiple times. Every time it is hit with the white object, it sends out a smaller version of itself to kill you. Once you kill the Sun Spirit, the sun will finally set in the Aether.

Before you kill the Gold Boss, the sun will never go down. Neutral mobs will not attack the player unless provoked. The act of provoking neutral mobs varies between mobs. Boss mobs have more complicated attack patterns and movements. They also have a large amount of health and may require special means to kill. The Aether attempts to achieve maximum compatibility by existing libraries where possible.

Most mods which work with Forge will therefore be compatible with the Aether.