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There isn't much separating the clock speeds of the two Intel chips, so we are attributing most of the difference in frame rates to the generational IPC improvements made over time. Laminar research says that X-Plane is multithreaded and they split out what they can onto additional threads to try and free up processing time for the main thread. We tested this using the Ryzen 7 X by limiting cores.

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We saw increasing performance for each additional core up to six active cores, but there was no additional gain for activating the seventh and eighth cores. This improved FPS was showing that extra cores allowed tasks not associated with the primary rendering thread to be offloaded.

X-Plane 11 is currently being ported from OpenGL to Vulkan, which has several features that allow for significantly improved multithread performance. Frame rates on processors such as the X will likely increase after this happens. X-Plane 11 is a powerful flight simulator which can push high-end computers to their limits, and this makes it well suited to benchmarking.

It nicely complements our standard test suite of games since it runs in Windows on OpenGL, rather than the more common DirectX. The reliance on strong single-core CPU performance also makes it stand out from many other games and helps to highlight the importance of a balanced system when running simulators.

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Performance scales well when resolution, graphical quality, and objects are dialed down, showing that those without a top-end PC can still get some enjoyment out of exploring the digital world. If you are building a PC to play X-Plane 11, the advice from previous iterations of picking a CPU based on single core performance still holds strong. Meanwhile, the port to Vulkan later this year will likely reduce the reliance on using a single thread for rendering and improve frame rates on multi-core processors.

Rating all settings low med.

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The simple but customisable graphics tweaks. No relation to our benchmark presets. Default X-Plane 11 Boeing overhead panel. Laminar Research. Default X-Plane 11 Vancouver airport. Default X-Plane 11 Miami airport. To run the benchmark using the same settings as us, navigate to your X-Plane install folder and copy the input command. X Plane 11 high p — Resolution: X Plane 11 med p — Resolution: X Plane 11 low p — Resolution: To perform each benchmark, we run the following strings via the command line: Low p. X-Plane CPU Scaling. Appendix I. Graphics Cards.

Show Restrictions Restrict Benchmark List: Test systems. Please share our article, every link counts! Craig Ward - News Editor. I grew up in a family surrounded by technology, starting with my father loading up games for me on a Commodore 64, and later on a In the late 90's and early 00's I started learning how to tinker with Windows, while also playing around with Linux distributions, both of which gave me an interest for learning how to make software do what you want it to do, and modifying settings that aren't normally user accessible.

After this I started building my own computers, and tearing laptops apart, which gave me an insight into hardware and how it works in a complete system. Now keeping up with the latest in hardware and software news is a passion of mine. AMD Radeon Pro Intel UHD Graphics Intel HD Graphics Intel HD Graphics Haswell.

Stutters — This game is very likely to stutter and have poor frame rates. Based on all known benchmarks using the specified graphical settings, average frame rates are expected to fall below 25fps. May Stutter — This graphics card has not been explicitly tested on this game. Based on interpolated information from surrounding graphics cards of similar performance levels, stutters and poor frame rates are expected. Fluent — Based on all known benchmarks using the specified graphical settings, this game should run at or above 25fps. I've seen it discounted on Steam a few times, but some people don't like that platform.

I got mine from Laminar and it's probably a bit easier to have multiple installs that way i. I purchased thru Steam with no issues at all.

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I have a very fast fiber optic line so the DL was no issue. If your DL speeds are just average , it might be worth it to buy direct from Laminar and get the disk's for install. Yep me the same and not regretting it so far. I've been seduced by the look of cities and some landscapes in X plane, that I've been considering it. You can buy XP11 for that and then you will be addicted to the new sim.

Its extremely better out of the box than P3D. There are features that will amaze you. It only has one season, summer but there are addons you can add free which will give you seasonal textures. But I would wait as full seasons textures are apparently coming this year. There is an amazing system where folks can build airports vet them through Laminar and then they will be added free to your sim during updates.

And other folks are making ss freeware airports that are commercial quality. The sim updating process is so simple and easy to do, press one button and it does files checks, updates those required for the latest version and its done. No more ridiculous downloading client, content and scenery. Then go here: There are a bunch of must have addon's Do some flying, have fun, learn the differences in setup etc of any hardware stuff you have like pedals, yokes whatever.

Good stuff fellas and thanks for the responses. I'm downloading from Laminar presently with all available scenery 60gb.

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  • I now purchase X-Plane as a digital download from X-Plane. You can choose how much scenery you want to download and I start with North America, as my download speed is relatively slow. You receive a digital license required to take the scenery out of demo mode. You can download a demo with limited time of operation 10 minutes I think which disconnects your stick at the end of 10 minutes. If you like X-Plane you can purchase a license and activate X-Plane out of demo mode, no need to redownload the application.

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    When you start X-Plane it will notify you if an update is available and manage the update installation, only updating the files that have been changed, so the Steam function of automatic updates is not needed for easy updates. Just finished the full 60gb download, did a little training and wow! Ground scenery and default Cessna look great. I'm already hooked and tomorrow will start looking for add-ons.

    The bonus is 3 Aerosoft airports. My Initial impression is. I love the GUI. I bought World Traffic 3 which is quite complicated to get installed and use in my opinion. Interesting point. I think Orbx could just make all of their stuff suitable for X-plane I think they'll find the way to honor this and handle it avoiding clients suffer this situation. They are interest in gaining clients not in loosing them. Best way to get rid of reshade once installed is to install it again in a temp file on your desktop then open it and use it as a list of the files you have to remove.

    Open X-Plane root directory and remove the files shown in the temp file from it. Hi IanS. Probably could have left it alone and it would have been all right. Anyway thanks. Plus thank you John, so might have a look at that later. For me there are several outstanding features that make XP11 very attractive, but one of the best is the helicopter flight model. Combined with the upcoming scenery from OrbX, and once the VR support is fully developed, that is going to be one of the big selling points I'm sure.

    It is a smoother sim, no stutters and lags etc. Its been designed 64bit right from the start. In terms of scenery for me there are two essentials The latter you can either create for yourself or there are places such as ZonePhoto where you can download ready created ones. All entirely free, of course; the only issue you are likely to run into is having a big enough drive to store everything. Saves a great deal of frustration and expletives when you find that running the sim has re-ordered it!

    Hi John. I could not fly without it. I'm using ReShade 0. It really changes the visual. That looks much too blue for me Filou, but I am curious to know why you are using Reshade 0. Do you mind sharing the download locations and. If it does not cause you CTDs then it's worth exploring for sure. I've just tried your trick JV.

    I actually really like it that way more than my efforts with Reshade. I just downloaded the version available from the org said to be the last XP11 compatible version 3. Indeed it doesn't crash on exit and there's no FPS impact. It brings out just that extra bit of colour lacking while still keeping the "realism" of XP11's atmosphere. That's all it needs, for my taste anyways. Because i have no problem with it and i use it for years.

    Yes indeed it's a little too blue. I'm fixing that and it's much better.