Install mac os x on pc from retail dvd

How to install Mac OS X Snow Leopard on a PC

The third reason is related to the challenge of getting the Mac OS running on machines not designed or approved to run the OS. I have always wished someone would give Microsoft some competition and the Mac OS, if ever released to run on general PC hardware could challenge Microsoft for the desktop. The two most likely reasons we would never see it happen, PC hardware manufacturers have so many different combinations of CPU's, chipset's and devices in their machines that Apple would have a hard time trying to make the OS work with all the possible hardware out in the wild.

The second more plausible reason is that if Apple released the OS to the masses what compelling reason would anyone have to purchase Apple hardware?


If you remove TPM issue and create an EFI workaround then the OS will install on any system, obviously these problems have been overcome or this article would not be possible. Before you attempt this you should understand that it may not be easy unless you happen to have the exact hardware that an existing Mac uses as Apple only writes drivers for hardware they use.

1. Ensure Your PC is Compatible

To ensure a success you should try and match your hardware as closely as possible to what Apple has used in any of their various systems. Hardware compatibility lists do exist but keeping them up to date is next to impossible as new hardware and revisions are always being released. You also require a DVD Drive to perform the install and most video cards should work in VESA compatible mode but you may not have accelerated graphics. Other devices may not be recognized so you may not have internet access right-away.

Lastly anyone who is planning on having a dual-boot system with Windows and the Mac OS should read the Dual-Boot section below to prepare correctly, click Here to jump to the Dual-Boot section. If possible in Windows XP or Vista open the 'Control Panel' then open the 'System' panel from here select the 'Hardware' tab then select 'Device Manager' now you need to select each piece of hardware then right-click and go to it's 'Properties' from this window select the 'Details' tab and you will see a long string like the one below, record the whole string as you may need this information.

I have successfully installed Mac OS X on several Desktop PC's and two Sony laptops I have also had some failed attempts at getting these systems to install correctly and I will cover the specifics a bit later.

The first step is to decide which install disk to download, I have had good success with the 'iAtkos 4. Be patient as you may have to install or try various versions before you have your very own 'Hackintosh'. I also strongly suggest to use the MD5 information of the release to verify you have an exact unchanged copy of what was released as using a modified or corrupt.

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Obviously purchasing a copy of Mac OS X is required to legally run the OS, currently the license agreement only allows installing on 'Apple Hardware' but this is being brought before the courts as unfair so until the dust settles you may be breaking the license agreement. The good news is that Apple doesn't seem to be going after individuals who are attempting this so you should be fine.

As mentioned above I used iAtkos 4i for most of my installs and I will be covering the install using that specific install package but rest assured the others are fairly similar. If you wish to have the ability to Dual-boot with Windows XP or Vista it can be done quite easily but I suggest you only attempt this after you have successfully installed Mac OS X and are happy with the configuration.

Obviously you need to be willing to sacrifice the data on your Hard drive because you will need to create new partitions or format to complete the install. Let's begin Nov 6 If you wish to try the new 'Boot' method mentioned above you'll need the Boot Burn the. The major difference is that you must use a GUID partition table which makes dual booting with another OS harder and a bootloader will need to be installed you'll need the Chameleon installer so grab it from Here.

So after you have downloaded and confirmed the MD5 of the install disk you will need to burn the. The last step before you try and install is to enter your PC's 'bios' it should be the [Delete] key but on some systems it can be one of the [F1] to [F12] keys. Once you access the Bios you will need to browse through the menus and check if you have the following options, if you do set them as indicated:. Insert the Mac OS X install disk into your DVD drive and restart the PC if everything worked you'll see a message asking you to hit any key to boot the install or press [F8] to enter any options, hit [F8] and at the command prompt enter '-v' without the quotes this will enable 'verbose' mode so if the system stops we can figure out where it stopped, if using other cpu's than the recommended ones mentioned earlier then you may need to use these commands at boot:.

How to install Mac OS X on Windows PC without the help of Mac?

Install screen Great you managed to reach the install screen, click that [OK] button and wait for the next screen to load, we need to partition and format the disk before we can start the actual installation so click the top bar where it says 'Utilities' and from the drop down select 'Disk utility'. Once the Disk utility loads select the 'Partition' you wish to use or change.

If you plan on changing the existing partitions you can do this here but make sure you apply any changes. Most users you will simply want to use the 'Erase' option to format the hard drive, when formatting make sure you select 'Mac OS Journaled' and give the volume a name I suggest 'leopard' just don't use any non-standard characters or spaces in the name or you'll have problems accessing your drive if you have to use the command prompt.

The Easiest Way to Run Mac Software on Windows PC

Hit 'Erase' and when complete simply exit the application, you will be returned to the set-up screen, hit [OK] and agree to the license to continue. If you partitioned and formatted correctly you should see that drive available to install OS X, select the drive and hit [OK], on the next screen select the [Customize] button so that we can select our install options. If you see the 'waiting for root device' error on reboot then try the SATA driver that is closest to your hardware and try again.

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Now you need to alter setting of three categories as shown in picture below. Now when you will boot your system you will see an error for sure. So insert Boot USB drive which we created above and restart the system. Now you see the option with the same name you gave above. Select that and press enter. Now after the first setup just go to Safari and download tool named Multibeast. Launch Multibeast and do the required settings. It will be different for each system as you will have different hardware for sure.

After the whole process, eject Boot USB drive and restart the system. So which things you did first after installing Mac OS X. Do tell us in comments below. Your email address will not be published. TechWalls uses cookies for Google ads. Read about what we do with the data we gather in the Privacy Policy. Comments how can i run the mac software on a pc in the first place IE unibeast you dont explain that at all. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.