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Overall, the app is a good alternative to Paint, and is very similar to what Microsoft offers with Paint on Windows. Paint X Lite comes with tools like the pencil, color picker, fill bucket, and even a text tool. Paint X Lite even comes with a huge number of shapes that will definitely make it easier to create shapes like stars, polygons, and a lot more.

The app itself is available in both a free, and a paid flavor. I chose to go with the free option, to test it out, and it works really fine. Otherwise, the app is a perfectly good option to be used as a Microsoft Paint alternative on Mac. However, there is no option to explicitly create new layers in the app; every time you create new object on the canvas, it is automatically added to a new layer. You can freely move the layers up and down, or add multiple layers to the same group, for easy manipulation.

The app is available for free, but you can upgrade to the full version with an in-app purchase, which will add a couple of other useful features to the app, including colour adjustment. Download Free, with in-app purchases 5. The app comes with an interface highly reminiscent of Microsoft Paint , and with all the tools that Paint included, along with a couple others.

Where Acorn really shows its true power is in the amount of editing options it offers.

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  • 1. Adobe Photoshop.
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You can create multiple layers in Acorn, and perform a plethora of edits on each and every layer of the image. You can perform colour correction, add blur, perform colour adjustment , add gradients, stylize, sharpen, and do a lot more. Acorn is a paid app, but you can download a free trial from their website.

Top 10 Best Free Graphics Design Software (2019)

It is a beautifully designed app, and can perform a plethora of functions that will definitely make you fall in love with the app. Tools like the sponge tool, warp tool, blur and sharpen tools , along with a pen, and a freeform pen tool.

Basic doodling app for Mac

There are a lot of other tools, as well, and one that I really like is the slice tool. Thanks to the layer support in the app, you can freely create complex artworks in a manageable, and extensible manner. With GIMP, you can utilize the full power of all the tools, filters, effects, and customizable brushes of the app. You can even add a weight to the brush, to get a smooth stroke, when you need to draw smooth curves, and avoid jitters.

The app also supports layers , and you can even use layers to create animated GIFs, if you want to. Also, if you know of any other apps that deserve to be on this list, do let me know about it, in the comments section below. Trying to apply this to preserve your family tree was great and they Windows took away a few tools like the ability to take the image out of the box without a background.

Did you know there’s a hidden paint app on your Mac? Here’s how to find it

Every new computer should have a good Word Processesor, Paint and Image Program, Calculator, Browser options along with the ability to save as in formats that interface with Windows and Mac machines. All the image formats can be used by both or most, if nessasary you can always email a document, email by email if necessary like I had to do with the Steel Dos. It is an easy-to-use image editing tool equipped with powerful editing features.

It has all the basic functionalities of Paint with some tools similar to Adobe Photoshop.

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You can use it to insert texts, change color backgrounds, create layers, zoom images, crop photos, add effects, and many more. Seashore is free to use and it has several versions openly available for downloads. The most stable version is the 0. There are many programs that functions just like Microsoft Paint for Mac , some of them are free while others are paid.

If you only need basic image editing, it is advised to use free online applications that need not to be installed. They have a very similar functionality as with paint and it will not slow down or bulk up your system. Premium software are good as they are packed with extra features but why splurge on them when you can have free applications that works just like Microsoft Paint. Review of Top Programs like Paint for Mac 1. Scribbles Scribbles is yet another Microsoft Paint for Mac.

Pixelmator For a more advanced graphic editing tool, Pixelmator is a must to try. Related posts: Last updated on June 11, Leave a Comment 2 Please input your name! Please input a valid email address! Please input review content! Submit Cancel Reply. Comment 2. Lisabetter Great article.

Best Drawing Programs for PC and Mac

Digital artists will be interested in a wonderful Mac paint tool named MyBrushes. It is a very good alternative to Paint on Mac.

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