Pc to mac ethernet file transfer

How to Connect My Mac to a PC for File Transfer | Your Business

Log in to the Mac and select the "Go" menu, and then select the "Connect to Server" option. Obtain the network address for the PC. Click the "Connect" button to connect the Mac to the PC. Follow the instructions to set up the PC work group.

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Then, choose a user name and a password, and finally, choose the directory on the PC to access. The PC volume or directory will appear on the Mac's desktop. Double-click the PC's volume to access its contents. Drag and drop files or folders from the PC volume to any location on the Mac's hard drive to copy the files. When finished, drag the PC volume icon to the Mac's "Trash" icon to unmount the connection.

Share on Facebook. Step 1 Plug a standard Ethernet cable into the Mac's Ethernet port.

Transfer Files Between Mac & Windows Using Ethernet

Step 2 Turn on both computers and allow them to fully boot up. Step 3 Obtain the network address for the PC. What will you do? Will you use USB? No, USB will be so slow. We have successfully modified the settings in Mac.


So we need to share these folders first. On your Windows Machine, right click on the folder you want to share.

Transfer Files Between Mac & Windows Using Ethernet Cable At 100 MB Per Second

Click on Properties. Now click on Sharing. Then click on Advance Sharing. Check mark, share this folder. Click on Permissions. Click on Add.

Type in the name of the user account. Then click on Check Names. Click on Ok. Once this is done, go to security and make sure the user account you shared the folder with has the right permissions. Click here to cancel reply.

You must be login to post a comment. Log in now. Procedure Ethernet — First we will need an Ethernet Cable i. I have Cat 5e. One end of the Ethernet cable has to be connected to the Mac and the other end needs to be connected to Windows PC.